What is The Epic Night Utah State Live Story?

Snapchat live stories have been created for a number of different events. Holidays, sporting events, college campuses, and even movie releases have gotten their own live snapchat story where people can be featured.

What is The Epic Night Utah State Live Story?

Epic Night Utah State University Live Story Overview

On the night of May 5th, there was a live snapchat story released that is comprised of a number of different snaps from students at Utah State University. The story is titled Epic Night Utah State. This story starts off as a girl who is giving out movie spoilers but it then evolves into a guy named Trevor who is trying to meet up with a girl (Madison). This however is not the main part of the story. The story is supposed to be about spoilers vs. no spoilers. The whole story builds up until there is a dance off between no spoilers and spoilers in the Utah state university library. In the end of the story it seems that Trevor and Madison are getting a little closer and the spoilers win the dance off in the library.

This campus story started with one thing and evolved into a pair of students meeting up and a huge event in the school library. I think it would be pretty cool if this type of story could be created at every university across the country. The idea of a snapchat story that people can contribute to one collective story. If each person could contribute to a big conversation the stories would become extremely popular with the students. It would be similar to Yik Yak but in video form.

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3 thoughts on “What is The Epic Night Utah State Live Story?”

  1. Shit was pretty dope. Cool concept of it was indeed all random. Seems kind of scripted but then again who knows. A build your own adventure that includes basically everyone on campus and can be viewed on a social media platform that nearly every college student has or has heard of. I like ot alot. Cool way to interact with people near you that you probably never will otherwise.

    1. The Snap story was 100% not scripted. It honestly surprised all of us that were involved that it happened the way it did! When Snapchat made the story national, it changed the order of a few of the snaps (so that the story might make more sense) but it was hilarious to watch things come together as they did.

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