What is the High Score on the ‘Dune!’ Game for iPhone?

The mobile game Dune has climbed the rankings in the Apple App Store and is now ranked top five in the free game category rankings. Within this article you will find a brief overview of the game Dune along with some basic instructions on how to improve your scores. You will also find the highest score ever scored in Dune. 

What is the High Score on the Dune Game for iPhone?

Dune is the newest hit game from Voodoo. Dune is an endless arcade style mobile game that challenges players to try to make it as long as possible without landing on the upslope of a dune. This game is extremely smooth to play and the graphics are very crisp. Below you will find some basic instructions along with some tips to help you score higher in the Dune game for iPhone.

How to Play ‘Dune!’ on iPhone – Tips and Strategies

Dune is an endless arcade style game in which players must guide their ball as far as possible without landing on the upslope of a dune. When you open the app you will be presented with this screen:

This screen gives you some instructions on how to move your ball. To make your ball go forward you will hold your finger on the screen. As your ball moves forward you will reach a hill or dune that will allow you to jump and get air. To jump you will release your finger from the screen right as the ball reaches an upslope, this will allow your ball to fly into the air. There is a white line that you must cross in order to gain points so be sure to try and get as much air as possible. Once you are in the air, holding down on the screen again will cause the ball to dive and get more speed. The more speed you have the higher you will fly, and the pore points you will get. Be careful though, if you land on an upslope or the top of a dune, the game will be over. You must always land on downslopes.

‘Dune!’ Tips and Strategies

There are a few strategies you can use to help you achieve higher scores in the Dune game for iPhone. The first one is to try to land on the longer and more gradual downslopes if you are landing from a high jump. This gives you a greater chance of landing “smooth” which will give you bonus points and help you get a higher score. Another strategy is to link as many “smooth” landings as you can. This will make your ball fly extremely high and you will get a 4x bonus that will help you score higher. This will also cause your ball to fly higher. If you fly up to the moon in Dune, you will get a “to the moon…” bonus. This bonus awards you four extra points. Another bonus you can earn is the “and beyond” bonus which will award you an extra eight points. Try to fly as high as possible to get these bonuses.

What is the Highest Score in the ‘Dune!’ Game for iPhone?

In a number of advertisements for Dune, Voodoo challenged players to try to score over 100; claiming that it was extremely difficult to do so. Well, players answered and there are scores much higher than 100. So far the highest score ever scored in the Dune game for iPhone is 9201.

The current high score for Dune is 9201.

 If you know of someone or yourself have scored higher than the score listed above, comment below and we will update the highest score for the Dune game for iPhone!

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