What is The High Score on the ‘Dunk Shot’ Game for iPhone?

Mobile basketball shooting games have become extremely popular recently which has spurred ketchapp in mobile gaming to release a game of their own. Dunk Shot is ketchapp’s newest hit game. Within this article you will find instructions on how to play Dunk Shot followed by the highest score ever scored in the game. 

What is The High Score on the 'Dunk Shot' Game for iPhone?

How to Play ‘Dunk Shot’ on iPhone – Tips and Strategies

Dunk Shot, like almost every mobile game from ketchapp is extremely simple to play and can be played with one finger. When the game initializes, players will be presented with this screen:

What is The High Score on the 'Dunk Shot' Game for iPhone?

On this screen you will have the option to change your ball, participate in a challenge, or start the game. To start playing Dunk Shot you will touch and drag where you are prompted, this will stretch the basketball net that the ball is being cradled in. Moving the net around will adjust the angle and speed at which the ball will leave the net. You will see a guide line appear that will show you the approximate path of the ball. You can use this guide line to help you get perfect shots and bounce shots that will give you extra points. The object of the game is to launch the basketball into the next hoop. Each time you get the ball to land in the subsequent net you will receive one point. If you can manage to get the ball into the hoop perfectly, you will get a perfect bonus, the first two times you get a perfect shot, you will get a plus two bonus, the third time in a row you will get a bonus of three points, this will continue until one of your shots hits the rim before going into the net. You can also get a bonus for banking the ball off of a wall or backboard; the bounce bonus is always a two point bonus.

What is The High Score on the 'Dunk Shot' Game for iPhone?

You also have the option to play a challenge in Dunk Shot. This game mode has the same basic controls as the classic mode however, it forces you to make a set number of baskets before you complete the challenge, as apposed to scoring as much as you can. When you complete a challenge you are rewarded with a new ball.

‘Dunk Shot’ Tips and Strategies

There are a few methods that you can employ in your playing of the Dunk Shot game for iPhone that will help you get a higher score in Dunk Shot. The first strategy is to try to get a perfect streak for as long as you can. If you can get fifteen or even fifty perfect shots in a row, you will begin scoring fifty points per shot which will make your score go out the roof. Try to focus on making baskets without hitting the rim, this will allow you to score higher than all your friends. Below you will find the highest score ever scored in the Dunk Shot game for iPhone.

What is The Highest Score Ever Scored in ‘Dunk Shot’ Game for iPhone?

There have been a number of great scores scored in the game Dunk Shot, however, there can only be one high score. The current record high score for Dunk Shot is 11,384. This score was scored in January 2018.

The current high score in ‘Dunk Shot’ is 11,384.

If you have seen or scored a score higher than this please comment below so we can update the world record high score for the Dunk Shot game for iPhone.

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