What is The Highest Score For Stairs Mobile Game? High Score, Tips and More!

Stairs Game for iPhone High Score

Ketchapp is at it again! Yet another top ten free game. Ketchapp’s most recent hit is the casual arcade game Stairs. This week Stairs has climbed up to the number 7 free game on the Apple App Store. I’m assuming that most of you can deduct that the game consists of Stairs; just looking at the name of the game. Here is what the gameplay for Stairs looks like:

Stairs Mobile Game High Score

There is not much more to the game than the goal of making it as far up an endless set of colorful Stairs as you can without landing on spikes scattered on each step. Land on one of these spikes and the game is over. The controls to this game, like almost every game from Ketchapp, require only one finger. To control your ball you simply slide your finger or thumb left and right to avoid spikes. Like so:

Be careful though, the controls are very sensitive.

Tips and Strategies to Get a Higher Score in Stairs!

There are a number of great strategies that players can employ when they play the mobile game Stairs. One of the best strategies is to try to land on the white dots on each step. These will give you bonus points and help you boost your score higher, faster. If you land perfectly on the white dot multiple times in a row you will get even more bonus points to go toward your score.

Do this and your friends don’t stand a chance…

What Is The Highest Score Ever Scored The Mobile Game Stairs?

Stairs has seen a number of great scores however, there can only be one high score. The current high score for the mobile game Stairs is 23,439.

The current high score for Stairs is 23,439.

Comment below if you have seen or scored a score higher than the score recorded above so that we may update the record!

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