What is The Terminator T2 Snapchat Lens For?

A few weeks ago a Forrest Gump snapchat lens was released that raised some eyebrows. Nobody knew what the lens was for. 

Yesterday a Harry Potter snapchat lens was released alongside a terminator Arnold schwarzenegger t2 snapchat lens. I turns out the Harry Potter snapchat lens was for Harry potters birthday. But why was there a terminator snapchat lens; and why is it still there. Below you will find a description of the terminator t2 snapchat lens along with an image of the lens.

What is The Terminator T2 Arnold Schwarzenegger Snapchat Lens For?

For the past two days there has been a terminator themed snapchat lens that turns you into the terminator. The lens starts by doin a face swap with Arnold schwarzenegger then it adds sunglasses. Once activated there will be a mini explosion and the glasses will fly off and the metal skeleton below the skin will be exposed. 

Happy Snapping!