What is The White USA Visor Snapchat Lens Filter?

Today you will find a snapchat lens that gives you a white visor along with some atheleticglasses. 

You may be wondering what is going on in the most recent snapchat lens. There is a white visor, a pair of atheletic sunglasses, and once activated a pair of hands start rotating. This lens represents an Olympic event to find out what event it is continue below. 

USA Olympic Rowing Snapchat Lens 

The USA Olympic rowing snapchat lens turns you into an Olympic rower. The lens works by giving you a white visor with the American flag on it. The lens also gives you a pair of athletic glasses with clear lenses. You can find a number of atheletes in the Olympics wearing the same stuff. Once activated a pair of hands will begin to row and you will see the water splash. Comment below what Olympic event snapchat lens you want to see next. 

Happy Snapping!

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