What Will Be The Next Addition To Google+?

Google+ has had lots of new cool things added to it in the past few months. One of the most popular of these being Auto Awesome. This feature stitches photos into animations and panoramas. Another cool feature added is the photo editor. This enhances pictures and allows you to crop, adjust brightness, contrast, and add a filter to your photos. Who knows what the next amazing feature will be. Maybe it will be a way to share vine posts more easily. Or maybe they will incorporate the entire snapseed app. Maybe the next big thing will be a video editor. The possibilities are endless. I can’t wait for google  to come out with the next version of Google+. I have a feeling I will be pleasantly surprised. What do you think the next innovation will be?

Google has the capability to create almost anything they want. What will be cool is when they make sports more social. Watching sports from a live hangout would be amazing. Commenting live with your friends or member of your favorite sports community. I just hope this day comes soon. Would you rather watch the game on the television by yourself or watch it while hanging out with your friends on the same screen?