When Will 3% Season 2 Be on Netflix? Release Date?

Netflix is a great website that allows its members to watch thousands of episodes of their favorite shows as well as their favorite movies. Over the years Netflix has amassed a huge collection of shows and movies that members have unlimited access to. Not only does Netflix stream movies from theaters and shows from television. Netflix also produces and streams movies and television shows of their own. Some of the most popular shows created by Netflix include: Stranger Things and Luke Cage. Now Netflix has released a new show called 3%.

When Will 3% Season 2 Be on Netflix? Release Date?
3% is a show about a dystopian society in which there are two main areas to live. On area is extremely poor and dangerous. While people are suffering there is an escape. The escape is in the form of an offshore haven. There is a catch though. In order to enter this offshore haven people must prove themselves. Only 3% of people on the planet will make it to this haven. 3% is newer show on Netflix that was just released in November 2016. There is currently only one season of 3% streaming on Netflix. As fans finish up the first eight episodes of 3% they have been asking the question “when will 3% season 2 be on Netflix?”

When Will 3% Season 2 Be on Netflix? Netflix Release Date?Ā 

There is currently only one season of 3% streaming on Netflix. Because the show is less than a month old, only one season is available to stream on Netflix. Whether or not there will be a second season of 3% is dependent on the success of season one on Netflix. So far people have been pleased with the show. In order to figure out the Netflix release date for season 2 of 3% we must look at Netflix’s behavior when it came to other Netflix Originals. Typically with Netflix Originals similar to 3%, it takes around one year for Netflix to produce and begin streaming subsequent seasons. The first season of 3% was aired in November 2016. This would put the release of 3% season 2 sometime in fall 2017. Check back in a few months for an update on the release date for 3% season 2. Comment below if you want a second season of 3% on Netflix ASAP!

53 thoughts on “When Will 3% Season 2 Be on Netflix? Release Date?

  1. Rose Marshall-Morris

    Great show. I look forward to season 2. Especially, seeing life on the offshore. Plus, I want to know if Fernando and ole girl will rise up and expose the truth about the process.

  2. Safiya

    3% is so good!! I love distopian shows because there’s so many parallels to our own society. The diversity in this show is also something I really appreciate. Definitely Hoping for a season 2!!

  3. bill

    I really enjoyed the first season of 3%
    The storyline, acting and directing was superb. It is thought provoking and reflective. I could not wait to finish the initial eight episodes and the final episode leaves much unfinished business.
    Bring season 2!!!šŸ‘ŠšŸæ

  4. Anna C

    Yes! Please do another season!

    The writers and producers were fantastic! I speak both English and Portuguese and was quite impressed with the story and the characters were very well done. Quite the adventure.

    Bravo! bem feto!

    Anna C

  5. sonic myhym

    Aweome show..grea at t story and top notch acting..finished last episode nd was bummed didnt getvto see the offshore…please dont leave us hanging like. Wayward pines…more please

    1. Miya

      I’m with you. Don’t let us down give us more. At first glance I thought well it could be good but it sucked me in and I binge watched the whole season in just today. I cannot get enough. Give us season 2 and 3 and 4…

  6. Dannielle Obenchain

    There needs to be a 2nd season of 3%!! I wasn’t sure if I would be able to watch because of the voiceovers in English but the story is do great that I never even noticed the lips. It’s an amazing show with an intriguing show that just captures your interest. I watched all 8 episodes in a day that’s how great it is!!

    1. Sally

      You can change the voice over to go back to the original which is in Portuguese. Just go to the audio and subtitles settings in Netflix. Chance the audio to Brazilian Portuguese and the subtitles to English closed captions

  7. Terri

    Loved this show!! Loved the characters!! Had to watch all available episodes in about a 24-hour period, because I just couldn’t stop!! Please keep them coming…

  8. ClarekC

    Can’t wait for Season 2 – hope they have enough budget to make Offshore truly original and memorable. Loved this show.

  9. Ivy

    3% was so good! The worst thing about Netflix originals is waiting for the next season, please make more then 8 episodes next round! So curious to see Life on the Offshore and how Fernando and Joana rise up!

  10. Onielia

    I absolutely loved this show kinda bummed they weren’t more episodes, even though I watched all 8 episode in one day. Hopefully netflix will launch a 2nd Season.

  11. Rhiannon

    I need more. What’s the offshore like? What do Fernando and Joanna get up to?? DO they rise up against the process?? WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?!?! I can’t wait for season 2!

  12. Kelly Allen

    Loved loved this show! There HAS TO BE a season 2! My hubby and I really enjoyed this show and was upset when it ended, we wanted MORE!!!!

  13. Brandon mesey

    What a great show. Two big thumbs up from both my girlfriend and I. Please, plz, plz make a season 2. Recommending this series for sure. Everyone in the making of this did a stand up job. I could go on forever talking about the series… Ill get some more people onto the show to hopefully make season 2 happen. Thx guys!

  14. Carlos Pereira

    I was not expecting much since its a foreign series, BUT I LOVE IT!! The script was original and I really hope Nextflix brings SEASON TWO!!!!

  15. Alexia

    I watched the entire first season of 3% in onenight, as did many of the fans of this incredible Netflix original. I have been following the CW’s series “The 100,” and I love these types of shows because they are so real, so close to things that could really happen in our future. Please give us season 2 ASAP! I’m dying to see what the offshore looks like & what happens to Michele at the Rest and Rehabilitation center?

  16. Debby Ng

    Beleza! This show is great! I am hoping for a season 2 with many more than 8 episodes and hoepfully sooner than one year!!

  17. Baboya


  18. Martene Willis

    Loved this show we need season 2 now so many plots to be revealed will the process go down how does offshore look can’t wait.

  19. Martene Willis

    What will happen seeing that there is two spys going off shore and how do we know for sure that the process leaders wife died they never showd her being pulled out the water.

  20. Johnny Allen

    This show has so much potential and it was cool af. Really dig this show and black mirror.. keeps me paying the Netflix bill.

  21. Johnny Allen

    Really enjoyed this show. Watched the whole thing today. Can’t wait for season two.. there better be a season 2 or I’ll cancel.. oh but I also like black mirror.

  22. Erik E.

    Awesome! So good I watched the whole thing in Portuguese even though English voiceovers are available. And I’ve NEVER watched ANYTHING in a foreign language in my life!
    More now please!

    #3% #MakeSeason2

  23. David W

    Very original Psychological thriller. Was it a Brazilian network show that Neflix picked up, are there other seasons already that just need to be translated? I know Netflix is trying to create a worldwide audience, but I also know what is new to US viewers is not always
    “New Content”. Thanks for any info.

  24. Taylor Noah

    This is the most interesting show I’ve ever seen. I cannot stand thinking about their not being a season 2. So if their is which I would be incredibly grateful for. Please let us fans know ! šŸ™‚

  25. OliviaRose

    SEASON 2!!!!!!! Super excited to see what happens, and if the ‘offshore’ is really as ‘great’ as they claim >.> Such a great show, bring on the next season quickly!

  26. Carly Marquez

    Wow! Started today and already done! Have to agree you dont even notice voices are not in English because the show is just that good! Please bring Season 2! Explosion of stars for the show, pulled the perfect 10! Thanks Netflix! Did I pass the test?

  27. Carmen Johnson Klassen

    Seriously?! I just binged an entire season with Chinese food and hidden leftover Halloween candy, and now YOU DON’T EVEN **KNOW** if you’re going to make a second season?!! How will I know if Fernando and Michele get back together? How will I know if Raphael and Michele get together??! Does Gersen find Joana? Does Joana stand up to Gersen?!? What does the offshore look like? WHicham group really is the bad guys, The Process or The Cause? I have so many unanswered questions, you can’t DO this to me!!! You HAVE to have a Season 2.


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