When Will Arrow Season 4 and 5 Be on Netflix?

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When it comes to streaming movies and television shows online, you have a number of different options. One of the most popular options is Netflix. Netflix offers its member hundreds of movies and television shows. Netflix is known for its television shows and original shows. One of the more popular shows on Netflix currently is Arrow.

Arrow is one of the most popular shows currently streaming on Netflix. Arrow is a show on the CW that depicts the life of a billionaire who returns home after being stranded on a remote island. Everyone in his life thought he was dead. Now he returns to reconnect with his family members. The plot of Arrow is kind of similar to the plot of batman in a way. There are currently three seasons of Arrow on Netflix. Although seasons four and five have been aired on the CW, they are not yet on Netflix. Below you will find the estimated Netflix release date for Arrow seasons four and five.

When Will Arrow Season 4 and 5 Be on Netflix?

Seasons one, two and three of Arrow are already streaming on Netflix. This is good because now Arrow fans can catch up on episodes from seasons one two and three before the release of season five on the CW. Season five will premier on October 1, 2016. So it looks like season four of Arrow will not be streaming on Netflix in time for fans to catch up before the season five premier. Although this is unfortunate, there is a reason behind this. Netflix must pay for the rights to stream a television show. The reason that season four and five of arrow are not currently on Netflix is that Netflix and the CW have not reached a deal that would allow Netflix to stream the show. This is because CW wants more money than Netflix is willing to spend. Another possible cause is the fact that season four is streaming on the CW website. Netflix may not see that it is worth their time and effort to stream a show that is already streaming on another website. Usually Netflix tries its best to get the previous season of a show on Netflix before the release of the most recent season. It is strange that they have been unable to get season four of Arrow streaming yet. Based on previous release dates of Arrow on Netflix there is really no telling when exactly season four and five will be on Netflix. I would say that season four should be on Netflix any day now, more than likely in October. Season five of Arrow will likely be on Netflix sometime around August or October 2017. Comment below if you want to see season four and five of Arrow on Netflix as soon as possible. Also let me know what your favorite super hero show is.


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