When Will Atypical Season 2 Be on Netflix? Netflix Release Date?

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Netflix has grown tremendously since its early days as a rental DVD mailing company. Today, Netflix streams its content right onto subscribers’ electronic devices. Netflix streams movies and television shows of almost any genre you could ever dream of wanting to watch. In exchange for unlimited access to Netflix’s massive collection of content, subscribers agree to pay a small monthly fee. Most of the shows currently streaming on Netflix were originally aired on television. Despite this, Netflix has been working diligently to produce and stream some great shows of their own. These shows are known as Netflix original series. One of the newest Netflix original series is the show Atypical.

When Will Atypical Season 2 Be on Netflix? Netflix Release Date?
Atypical is a great watch for any Netflix subscriber who enjoys a good comedy series that also offers drama. Atypical tells the story of an adolescent boy named Sam who is on the spectrum of Autism. The show depicts his journey as he attempts to get a girlfriend. He must first try to gain a little independence from his mother. Click the link to see the IMDb rating for Atypical along with a more thorough description of the show. There is currently only a single season of Atypical streaming on Netflix. As subscribers wrap up the first and only season of Atypical on Netflix, they will begin asking the big question “when will Atypical season 2 be streaming on Netflix?

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Atypical Season 2 Renewed or Cancelled?

The Current Renewal Status of of Atypical is… Not Renewed (Updated 8/15/17)

As to when the renewal status of Atypical will change we must take a look at shows similar to Atypical and see how Netflix handled the renewal of those series. Luckily we have a few shows that are actually very similar to Atypical to compare. The most similar show to Atypical is the hit show 13 Reasons Why. 13 Reasons Why was renewed within a month of its release on Netflix. The other two shows that were similar to Atypical have actually been cancelled. So if Atypical is to be renewed, we can expect it to be right around September 11th. If Atypical is not renewed by this date it is unlikely that the show will be renewed. Leave us a comment if you think that Atypical should be renewed for a season 2.

Atypical Critic Reviews

Atypical has received a number of different reviews from every source you could ever want to see a critique from. Although the show has received mixed reviews, we believe the reviews are strong enough to justify the production of Atypical season 2. Below you will find a sample of reviews from various different entities.

IMDb rating: 8.5

Rotten Tomatoes: 78%

Overall the reviews find the story told by Atypical very interesting and entertaining. The only negative reviews mentioned were in regards to the main character Sam and how the show seemed to desperately try to convince viewers of the series that he is on the Spectrum of Autism. Despite this, we do recommend Atypical as a great watch for anyone who loves a great show that touches on a very interesting topic in today’s society.

When Will Atypical Season 2 Be on Netflix? Netflix Release Date?

Atypical is a great option for any Netflix subscriber who has an interest in television series full of drama and good laughs. There is currently only a single season of Atypical available to stream on Netflix. As subscribers finish up the first season of Atypical on Netflix, they will begin asking the big question “when will Atypical season 2 Be on Netflix?” To answer this loaded question we must take a look at how Netflix has handled the release of subsequent seasons of their original series in the past. If we can isolate a pattern in this data, we can approximate a possible Netflix release date for Atypical season 2. After conducting some research it has been found that there is typically a one year period of time between seasons of Netflix original series similar to Atypical. If this pattern applies to the release of season 2 like we expect it to, we can approximate a Netflix release date for Atypical season 2. Atypical season 2 should be streaming on Netflix by August 2018. Once we receive more data from our source at Netflix regarding a more specific release date this page will be updated. Comment below if you are excited to see Atypical season 2 streaming on Netflix as soon as possible!

13 thoughts on “When Will Atypical Season 2 Be on Netflix? Netflix Release Date?”

  1. Season 2 of Atypical should stream on Netflix as soon as possible. It is delightfully funny while dealing with a human condition that often has a negative impact on the lives of so many families.

  2. Atypical was well worth the watch. I loved the show and cannot wait to see season 2. Bring it back!

  3. Love Atypical! I have a son with autism so I was sure how I’d react. I find the show funny and entertaining! I’m anxiously awaiting season 2.

  4. Honestly I would love for a 2nd season of this series! As a parent to a teenage son with Asperger’s I fell in love with this show. And so did he. We watched the whole season together. I’m dying to know where this show and this family goes. So, please Netflix?

  5. Finally found a show that both my husband and I can enjoy watching together. We were both sooo disappointed to see there were only eight episodes! We want it to continue ASAP!!

  6. Yes, my entire family enjoyed this show. We found it educational in a very fun and loving way. It also depicted how a child with a disability can affect an entire family-both positively and negatively.
    We’re anxiously awaiting season 2!!

  7. Love the show bery much. Would be very disappointed is there is no season two. I would really love to know what happens with the parents?

  8. I would be really sad if Atypical wouldn’t return for a 2. season. It’s by far my favourite TV-show, not only on Netflix but in general !!

  9. Yes please renew Atypical. Can’t believe I watched them all. I find the show fascinating and entertaining. Haven’t had a good drama like this since parenthood !

  10. I raised an autistic son. This is the most real portrayal of Sam that I have seen. I believe that season 2 should definitely be aired. There is so much that is misunderstood about autism. People with autism deserve to be heard. It affects all of us.

  11. I believe that SAM in ATYPICAL is the most real portrayal I have seen in his role of a character with autism. Please renew season 2 to help people understand this disorder. I have raised an autistic son and those afflicted deserve to be heard and understood.

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