When Will Bloodline Season 4 Be on Netflix? Season 4 Release Date?

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Netflix is arguably the most popular movie and television show streaming website on the internet today. Netflix has amassed an enormous collection of content. In exchange for unlimited access to this content subscribers agree to pay a small monthly fee. Netflix streams shows of almost any genre you could ever want to watch. Although most of the shows currently available on Netflix were originally aired on television by a variety of television networks, Netflix has been working hard to produce and stream some great shows of their own. These shows are known as Netflix original series’. One of the most popular Netflix original series’ is the show Bloodline.

When Will Bloodline Season 4 Be on Netflix? Season 4 Release Date?
Bloodline is a great watch for anyone who loves drama in a thrilling television show. Bloodline tells the story of the Rayburn family, who finds out that their strange brother has returned to their home town. His arrival also stirs up a not so happy past. Click the link to see the IMDb rating for Bloodline along with a more thorough description of the show. There are currently three seasons of bloodline streaming on Netflix. As subscribers begin to wrap up season three on Netflix, they will begin anticipating the release of Bloodline season 4 on Netflix. The question “when will Bloodline season 4 be on Netflix?” will be asked.

When Will Bloodline Season 4 Be on Netflix? Netflix Release Date?

Bloodline is a great watch for anyone who loves thrilling and dramatic television series’. There are currently three seasons of Bloodline streaming on Netflix. As subscribers finish season three they will begin asking the big question “when will Bloodline season 4 Be on Netflix?” To answer this loaded question we must look at how Netflix has handled the release of subsequent seasons of their original series’ in the past. Unfortunately Bloodline season 4, as of now, is canceled. There is still a slim chance that the series could be renewed in the future, however it is unlikely. Comment below if you want Bloodline to continue!


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  1. You have got to bring back Bloodline it is one of the best series on Netflix The ending was so it has to return John needs Nolan and Nolan needs John it has to return please

      1. Bloodline is one of the best shows I have watched. Excellent story lines, and suspense, hate to see it end. Would love to watch it for a couple more seasons, excellent team of actors!

    1. There has to be more Bloodline. I love this series. Dont stop at 3. I love watching Bloodline

    2. WTF my husband and I were so devoted to “blood line” please please please come out with season 4. How could y’all end season 3 the way u did without a season 4 inhuman lol. We really enjoyed this show although I must say I did not like how season 3 ended and I was a little confused the last episode. How can y’all leave so many unanswered questions at the last of season 3. I can about promise that if y’all come out with more seasons of this show it would be a hit!!!

      1. Just what I wrote before. Too many loose ends!? A number of characters in this great, great and great show has still to be worked out.
        And we were pretty confused about episode 9 of season 3?? What abou this sudden suicide-death of Ozzy Delveccio ( also one of the many top-actors, John Leguizamo)???

      2. I agree. Too many things left hanging. Bring us season 4 or at the very least, have a rap up episode. It feels so incomplete.

      3. So true, there are few shows that hubby and I watch together, and this is one of them… Come on Netflix keep families together season 4 ! season 4 ! season 4!


    3. WTH my husband and I were so devoted to “blood line” please please please come out with season 4. How could y’all end season 3 the way u did without a season 4 inhuman lol. We really enjoyed this show although I must say I did not like how season 3 ended and I was a little confused the last episode. How can y’all leave so many unanswered questions at the last of season 3. I can about promise that if y’all come out with more seasons of this show it would be a hit!!!

    4. There are too many unanswered thing left on season 3! You have to do season 4 to clear up all the answers. Please give us Season 4!!

    5. Please bring Bloodline back for season 4. My friends
      and I are huge fans!!! We want more of the Rayburn family!

    6. I Love this Great series & I want to see it continued! It’s a Awesome series and My Favourite! You have to bring it back please!

    7. WHAT??? Renewing Bill Nye the Sellout Guy but not the stellar Bloodline? Netflix get your priorities straight.

  2. Please have another season of Bloodline. I loved season 3 but would watch more! I thought season 3 was the best yet!

  3. Yes , please bring bloodline back for season 4 can’t get enough of the show . Great show !

  4. You have to make a season 4, ive juat watched season 3 and now i want to watch more you have left it open so please put another season on and show what happens with john and nolan and watch what happens with kevin PLEASE MAKE A SEASON 4!!!!

  5. Fans want more Bloodline!!!!! The ending didnt give me enough closure..please continue it, film in a different state. All cancelled due to the florida taxes. Sad but why let that stop the best show on netflix!

  6. We strongly prefer to continue this awesome show! There are still too many loose end and this season, season 3 is very much bungled.
    There seems enough material for 3 seasons more. This season kills completely this great show.

  7. Yes we want more bloodline. It’s open ended we need a conclusion or 3 more a seasons. This was the best show on Netflix.

  8. Im so disapionted that there will be no season 4. I totaly love this series. Love the actors and story line. Please come back!!!

  9. Lately love bloodline! Please please please please please do season four and more!!! The last episode was mind-boggling but we need closure and then on to more bloodline mysteries. Fantastic show keep it going!

  10. I can’t believe your ending one of the best shows ever! My husband and I love it. Please keep it going!

  11. Best show on Netflix. Please give us Season 4. I did not have enough. Will be very disappointed if season 3 is the end.

  12. Best show on Netflix ever! I love it! Please make season 4-6, atleast one more season. Love the caracters, the storyline and the scenery – and we need to know what happens next. Please don’t leave us in the dark, keep it going!

  13. Bloodline is one of your best! You have to have a Season 4. To not would be completely unfair to your subscribers!!!

  14. As one of not “the best original shows on Netflix” Bloodline has to continue. If you don’t know. Floridas incentives have been taken off the table. And tbe cast has a large salary. And costs to shoot are increasing. This is the main reasons why “Bloodline” is cancelled.. Well Florida. Wake up. You want this show and it’s viewers to continue. If not. Please another network pick this show up. Florida or not!

  15. Please make another Bloodline season! It’s so well written and acted…bring on season 4.

  16. If you bring it back do you think you could make more things happen during the day so a person can actually see

    1. Lol. This was the first season that after 2-3 episodes I was like. Were is the beautiful sun! Cause I was having a hard time seeing. Too. I give a ton of credit to John leguazano even though I did not like his ending.

  17. Are you kidding?!? You HAVE to continue this story! Season 4’s a must, and more after that. Seriously!

  18. Please please please put season 4 off bloodline on. It’s my favourite show! There’s so much more that needs to be told

  19. OMG YES ~ Please put season 4 of Bloodline on Netflix! Just watched the last episode of season 3 & you can’t leave me hanging like this…there is so much more of this story left to be told!

  20. Extremely engaging and cast of characters capture and hold my attention. Best Netflix series I have watched. Look forward to more seasons.

  21. Why not?! This has been a highly seeked, highly viewed, and highly anticipated show! We love it and we have a saying in this. We are the viewers afterall… Thanks!

  22. Please bring back season 4 so many unanswered questions please some other network pick it up there’s plenty of places with palm trees doesn’t have to be Florida. U can’t leave your fans in the dark like this!!!!

  23. I don’t understand why they get you involved in a series and when it’s getting really good they cut it off.?

  24. Pls bring bloodline series 4 on my husband and I really love❤️❤️The show. Pls pls

  25. Ahhh!! You can’t leave us hanging like this??
    Did Roy really die or was he transferred to witness protection?
    Was Roy Kevin’s father?
    Will meg get more tattoos?
    Will Diana come back to John?
    Will Sally get a new hair style?
    Will Nolan cut his hair?
    Will Kyle wear something other than a blue shirt?

    1. These are about the same and many questions I still have? You mean John (Kyle) with his blue shirt. Problably he only has blue shirts in his closet ;0)….What about the blur episode 9?, his diving-accident??? I didn’t understand this totally blurred episode… And the sudden death of Ozzie Delveccio (John Leguizamo)???

  26. Binged the first 2 seasons, couldn’t wait for season 3. Please give us a season 4! This is great watching, please give us more

  27. I am very upset Bloodline is canceled. Love this show. I hope they bring it back.

  28. So pissed how can they end this show especially the way they did it still keeps u hanging I will be so upset if it dosnt return this is an amazing show I couldn’t wait for season 3 and now that it has come to an end and the way it was ended is a real PISS off

  29. We love love this show!!!! Please bring season 4 of Bloodline to Netflix! It’s a great drama and it will be a huge success! We loved every season! Sissy Spacek.; Kyle Chandelier.; & Ben Mendelsohn. All spectacular together! All Fantastic actors! Please continue with one of your greatest. ….

  30. This has been a seriously riveting series. I can’t imagine going on without knowing there will be more. The mix of actors, location and writing is unmatched by anything I have ever experienced before. I hope all of these people who have commented have a say and the show “must go on”!!!

    1. You all give us this great series then you take it away with no important questions answered. Please give us at least season 4 to get some things answered. I love this series and I would hate for it to go after three episodes we were all getting worked up in the seriess and it IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIISSSSSSSSSSSSS one of the best..

  31. Omg!!! I know sooooooooo many people on and off social media, work, home, friends, strangers out n about that watch this. Myself my daughter are amoung these people would love to have more seasons of not only and especially this but other Netflix shows that cancel to soon!!!!!

  32. I have never been one to watch much TV, but this show had me from the very beginning. It could be brought back in a new state due to the fact that the Inn was stated to be under water in 10 years……..there is your option to move it entirely different state!!! Bring it back , it has quite the following!!!! 🙂 🙂

  33. The series is brilliant so far, but it isn’t over, season 4 is a must. Let’s go Netflix!

  34. Please, please bring back bloodline! There is still a story to tell. I want more and sounds like everyone else does too. Don’t let us down !

  35. Please give us a season 4! There are too many loose ends. What is Meg doing in LA? What was Gilberts relation to the Rayburns? Did he and Sally have an affair? Where was Eve? Who is Beth? An ex to Danny? Will Eric get out of jail? Why was Kevin the only one getting punished? The best series ever, please make a season 4!

  36. Please please continue to season 4 of Bloodline. Its by far the best series on Netflix.

  37. Don’t let Season 3 be the end! What’s up with Netflix not marketing this program? We seldom see such a stellar lineup of acting talent — Sam Shepard, the amazing Sissy Spacey, brilliant Norbert Leo Butz, completely mesmerizing Ben Mendelssohn, Chloe Sevigny, and — in Season 3 a true tour de force performance by Kyle Chandler? The gorgeous production values, sensitive writing, and terrific storyline: Netflix, are you just going to throw all this away? Shame on you for not spending a few bucks to market this astonishing show and driving up viewership. There must be corporate politics and jockeying for positions on the food chain at work here. Obviously, logic plays no part whatsoever.

  38. I thought it was a great series. Very good acting, left you on the edge of your seat, couldn’t wait for next episode. I thought it ended as it should, the sheriff would not allow John to admit guilt. John was able to meet with Nolan and I believe he told him, I don’t need to know more than that. Meg went off and changed her name to start a new life and Kevin was forced to accept responsibility for what he did. What more is there to tell ?

  39. Bloodline is my lifeline..I can’t get enough!. Please bring it back. If you need ideas to continue the storyline..I have a lot of suggestions.

  40. Bloodline season 4 is a must please its a really good show waiting on season 4 PLEASE

  41. Definitely need Season 4, 5, 6 and so on with Bloodline!!! There are not enough Florida-based shows and not only is this based in Florida, it is the best dramatic thriller show out there. Please continue!!

  42. Bloodline is a great tv series. It slowly drew in me and my husband to the point that we had to keep watching the next episode. So many unknowns were left at the end of season 3. That’s NO WAY to end the series. The writers of the series did an excellent job. A little confused though why one of the last three episodes was all but a dream. Wondered if the writers ran out of ideas or went on strike. Please continue on with the series. Don’t leave your viewers dissapointed and doubting whether or not to continue watching Netflix.

  43. Netflix hit a home run with Bloodline, sure they may have killed Danny too soon —– but they brought us back in Season 3

    Bloodline is one of the top 5 original Netflix shows — Bring it back! Please!! It may be time for House of Cards to end — but not enough Bloodline yet…..

  44. This is one of your top succesful shows!!!! Please give the show it’s justice and allow the storyline to continue. The writers, actors and viewers have been robbed.

  45. Absolutley need to bring season 4 back please !
    Actors are good and the ending of season 3 leaves you wanting more! John is a cutie too easy to watch ?

    1. The acid trip episode kinda really bored me. I want to see more episodes but this was my least favorite season

  46. Are you kidding me?!?! This season left us with So many questions! Was any of the last two episodes real or in Johns head?? Please bring another season, this is one of the best and most popular series on Netflix. Originally it was supposed to be 13 episodes and I think when it was shortened to 10 it lost something. You guys may think you wrapped it up, but it definitely did not translate.

  47. We just finished season 3 and are very disappointed to find out that they have canceled season 4. Hoping they change their minds and release a 4th season. It could keep going easily!!

    1. I loved the show but the season 3 finale was the worst finale I have ever seen. Please bring this show back for another season to resolve the many unresolved issues.

  48. Season 3, as good as it was, did not end with anything even resembling a satisfactory conclusion, too many unresolved characters, story lines, and “issues”. How in the name of God’s Great Earth could there not be a Season 4??

  49. bloodline is brilliant my stay up all night entertaiment,i could watch it all night everynight,more seasons please

  50. Bloodline has gotten me through some very difficult times. I have looked forward to each and every show and each and every season. Please, please bring back a season four, five, six, you get the message, right? I love this cast but mostly Look forward to the intensely talented Kyle Richards.
    I’ve never experienced a show that keeps me on the edge of my seat as this one has. The show has put my mind to work and I have truly enjoyed watching it all unfold. Honestly it would be nice to see another season and to see at least an ounce of happiness back in their lives

    CLE Ohio

  51. Omg, please don’t end season 3 like this, we really need a season 4 for closure. This is the best Netflix Series that I have seen so far and I stayed with my mouth open at the end. So, please please work on a season 4!!!!

  52. Oh please let us have a series 4 of Bloodline!!! I want to see Bad John finally going to prison, after all he did all the mess, but great viewing!!! Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee series 4!!!!!!!!!

  53. Netflix, why in the world would you cancel one of the best shows on Netflix?
    Especially leaving season 3 in such a shambles with so many unanswered questions……This is so cruel of the person or people who made the decision to cancel “Bloodline” NOT right at all, and I’m extremely disappointed with your network.
    I can fully understand why “House of Cards” was dropped due to kevin spacey’s lack of moral compass, but Bloodline? Come on, give us Season 4!
    You may lose a lot of Netflix viewers over your stupid decision.
    While, I’m at it, “Orange is the new black” better have much improved story lines than this past season. I felt it SUCKED big time and extremely boring.
    Netflix, you’re starting to lose your luster for good series!
    Bring back “Bloodline” at least

  54. It’s not really fair to get your viewers hooked on a series and then cut it off. I don’t understand…what is the reasoning here? We are loyal Netflix fans but what is the incentive to continue being loyal if shows are going to be incomplete?

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