When Will Dark Matter Season 3 Be on Netflix?

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Netflix is a website that allows visitors to watch select television shows and movies as much and as often as they want; all for one small monthly fee. Netflix offers more than television shows and movies. Netflix streams a number of original shows and movies that are only available on Netflix. One of the more popular television shows currently streaming on Netflix is the show Dark Matter.

When Will Dark Matter Season 3 Be on Netflix?
Dark matter is a show about a group of people who wake up on a space ship in space. The group has no recollection of what happened to them or why they are in space. The people on the ship are numbered one to six based on the time they regained continuousness. This makes for a very interesting and intriguing show to watch during your free time on Netflix. There are currently two seasons of Dark Matter streaming on Netflix. This will provide fans of the show with plenty of episodes of Dark Matter to watch. But with Dark Matter season 3 premiering on television in 2017. Fans of the show will begin to grow impatient and ask the big question “When will Dark Matter season 3 be on Netflix?”

When Will Dark Matter Season 3 Be on Netflix? Release Date?

The show Dark Matter is a science fiction show that depicts the happenings in the life of a group of humans who are stuck in space with no idea where they are or how they got there. In order to figure out the Netflix release date for season 3 of Dark Matter, we must take a look at previous release dates for seasons of Dark Matter, and compare those to the Netflix release dates of those same seasons. Older seasons of Dark Matter took about five months after the initial release date to be released on Netflix. Compared to most shows, Dark Matter has a relatively short turn around when it comes to being released on Netflix. We can expect Season 3 of Dark Matter to be released on Netflix by October 2017. Comment below if you want season 3 of Dark Matter on Netflix ASAP!



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  1. Please release Dark Matter season 3 asap. I hate to think I have to wait an entire year to continue watching it.

  2. I want season three of dark matter to come sooner I love this show but I don’t have cable. Please let it come to Netflix ASAP!!!!!!!!

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