When Will Fuller House Season Season 3 Be on Netflix? Netflix Release Date?

Netflix is a movie and television show streaming website that provides its members with an extremely large collection of content. In the beginning Netflix only offered its members DVD rental that they provided by mail. You may remember some of their original commercials on television. Since those early days Netflix has blossomed into a massive company. Netflix streams thousands of television show episodes online for its members instantly. Not only does Netflix stream shows produced by other companies, Netflix also produces movies and shows of their own. These shows are known as Netflix Originals. Some popular Netflix originals include Luke Cage, Stranger Things, and Fuller House.

When Will Fuller House Season Season 3 Be on Netflix? Netflix Release Date?
Fuller House is a great show for those who were fond of the show Full house from the late eighties and nineties. Fuller House is actually the sequel to Full House. Fuller house is a sitcom that follows the life of D.J., Kimmy, and Stephenie as they live their life together taking care of their kids. D.J. has recently been widowed and left with three kids to raise. Stephenie and Kimmy come to help her as she raises her kids. There are currently two seasons of Fuller House Streaming on Netflix. Season two of Fuller house was just released this week. As fans finish up the second season of Fuller House, they will begin asking the question “when will Fuller House Season 3 be on Netflix?”

When Will Fuller House Season 3 Be on Netflix? Netflix Release Date?

There are currently only two seasons of Fuller House available to stream on Netflix. Seasons one and two are the only season available on Netflix. As fans of Fuller House start to finish up the final episode of season two they begin asking the question “when will Fuller House season 3 be on Netflix?” To answer this question we must take a look at the release date for seasons one and two and try to find a pattern. Season one of Fuller House was released in late February 2016. Season two was released about ten months after the release of season one. Hopefully Netflix will continue to release new seasons of Fuller House on that schedule. If they follow that same pattern for the release of season 3 of Fuller House, we would be looking at a Netflix release date of sometime around October 2017. I am looking forward to season 3 of Fuller House as I have already finished up season 2 after only a few days of it being released. Comment below if you want Fuller House season 3 to be on Netflix ASAP!


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  1. Just finished watching Season 1 of D’Medici. Am certainly hoping there will be more in the near future. The story line, actress/actresses, setting, interpreted history is a rich experience.

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