When Will Glitch Season 2 Be on Netflix? Netflix Release Date?

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Netflix is a movie and television show streaming service that allows its users to access some of the best shows and movies on the planet. Not only does Netflix stream movies and television shows from television and theaters, they also write, film and stream shows and movies of their own that are exclusive to Netflix. Over the past few years Netflix has created a large collection of original shows and movies. One of the most popular Netflix original shows currently streaming is the show Glitch.

When Will Glitch Season 2 Be on Netflix? Netflix Release Date?
Glitch is currently trending on Netflix and is becoming increasingly popular. The show Glitch is a science fiction show about a town where a number of people return from the dead. At first their return is viewed as a creepy kind of miracle. The six people rise from their graves in seemingly perfect health. The risen have no recollection of their identity or who they once were. All of the people are linked in some way and the show explores the group as they attempt to figure out who they are and why they have risen from the dead. This show has risen through the rankings on Netflix and is now one of the top shows streaming. There is currently only one season of Glitch streaming on Netflix. Season one of Glitch was released in 2015 and is currently the only season of Glitch available to viewers online. Glitch was originally produced and aired by ABC1. Now a second season has been motivated and coproduced by Netflix. This means that the second season of Glitch will be streamed on Netflix as apposed to being released on television. We are certain that season two of Glitch will be available on Netflix in the near future but the big question being asked is “when will Glitch season 2 be on Netflix?”

When Will Glitch Season 2 Be on Netflix? Netflix Release Date? 2017

With everyone asking the question “when will Glitch season 2 be on Netflix?” there are a lot of different theories floating around. In order to figure out an approximate release date for Glitch season 2 we must look back at the premier date for season one as well as look at statements made by both Netflix and ABC. Netflix and ABC1 have already let us know that there will be a second season and the second season will be released globally on Netflix in 2017. So we are certain that there will be a second season coming out. In order to figure out the exact date for season 2 in 2017 we would normally look back at the release date for season one. This would normally work but in the case of Glitch season 2 there is an inconsistency with the producer. Season one was produced solely by ABC1 while season two is going to be coproduced by both ABC1 and Netflix. The fact that the show will be produced by a different crew means that the premier date of season 2 will not necessarily be at the same time of year as season one. There is currently no way to say for sure the premier date for Glitch season 2 on Netflix. An updated release date will be posted in the coming weeks so make sure you check back. Also comment below if you are excited for Glitch season 2 on Netflix!



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  1. Big “Glitch” fan in the states. Love it! Hope season 2 is as good at season 1. Hope it will be back soon! Thanks for a great show!

  2. i love it too such a good production i also liked the returned on netflix also amazing but there will be no season 2 of the returned

  3. it was amazing i want to find out what the doc has to do with all of this so yeah i cant wait for season 2 please bring it soon

  4. Me and my daughter of 13 years, living in Sweden,are totally hooked on Glitch! Wecannot wait for season 2!!

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