When Will ‘Glitch’ Season 3 Be Available to Stream on Netflix?

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There have been a number of great Netflix original series renewed for more episodes this year! One such series is the show Glitch. Within this article you will find a brief overview of Netflix’s Glitch followed up with the Netflix release date for season 3! Lets take a look. 

When Will 'Glitch' Season 3 Be Available to Stream on Netflix?

‘Glitch’ Series Overview

Glitch is a great watch for any Netflix subscriber who enjoys a good science fiction series full of drama. Glitch depicts the happenings in a small town where seven previously dead people have mysteriously returned from the dead. Not only are they not dead, they are in peak physical condition. It is up to a local police officer and a doctor to try and figure out what exactly is going on. There are currently two seasons of Glitch available to stream on Netflix. As subscribers wrap up the final episode of season two, fans of this great series will begin asking the big question “when will Glitch season 3 be available to stream on Netflix?

‘Glitch’ Critic Ratings

IMDb: 7.6/10

Rotten Tomatoes: 80%

When Will ‘Glitch’ be Available to Stream on Netflix?

As subscribers finish up the final episode of Glitch season two on Netflix, they will begin anticipating the release of season 3; the big question “when will Glitch season 3 be available to watch on Netflix?” will be asked. In order to answer this loaded question we must take a look at how Netflix has handled the release of original series similar to Glitch in the past. If we can identify a pattern in the data we will get a good idea of the Netflix release date for Glitch season 3. After reviewing the data provided to us by our inside source within Netflix, it has been found that there is typically a two year period of time between seasons of Glitch. Depending on the demand for a third season, season 3 could be released in less than two years. Although Glitch has not yet been renewed for a third season or cancelled, we can predict when season 3 will be available on Netflix assuming that it does come to fruition. Glitch season 3 should be available to watch on Netflix by December 2018.

Glitch (season 3) should be available to stream on Netflix by December 2018.

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6 thoughts on “When Will ‘Glitch’ Season 3 Be Available to Stream on Netflix?”

  1. Please renew “Glitch” for Season 3!!! This is one of my absolute favorites! I mean it just came out today and I sat up till late to watch it all. Couldn’t wait till tomorrow to continue. I am a fan and there are so many ways to continue the story.. Left us with some cliff hangers the biggie is in the cememtary at the end when William is blowing his silver whistle thingy and the ground starts vibrating into the shapes in the lab book. The cast are all great and fit their parts perfectly and the writers are awesome, storylines keep me wanting more!!!

    1. Why will it take till December of 18 to get a 3rd season of Glitch. Very good series but come on, there’s only 6 episodes per season. Just finished the first and second in 3 nights….. Now I have to wait a year for the next. Kinda frustrating.

  2. Season 2 of Glitch was awesome,it had a lot of action little suspense and the best drama.fans such as myself can not wait a whole year for season 3,why leave the fans waiting for a whole year,that’s crazy.by doing that eventually people will lose interest on the show and eventually move on to better shows,no fan wants to wait for one year,come on Netflix you can do better than that.

  3. I absolutely love this show! I watched both seasons within a week….leaving me wanting to see more! I hope really want season 3 to come out as soon as possible. I can hardly wait to see what happens next. Who was Owen calling? Did William bring back Alicia with his whistle? Omg, it’s so hard to wait for a new season! I hope that season 3 comes out a lot sooner than December 2018……a year is a long time to wait!! I absolutely love the actors they all did such an amazing job, so believable!

  4. PLEASE…seriously…bring back this series! We need more edge-of-your-seat, gripping, INTELLIGENT drama! I LOVE “Glitch”! This is my vote for Season 3.

  5. What a great show. The story line is great and the characters are interesting and memorable. We need a third season.

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