When Will Hawaii Five-0 Season 7 Be On Netflix?

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Netflix recently went on a streaming spree adding new seasons of popular shows to their service. One of the most popular shows that got new episodes added was the show Hawaii Five-0. This show is an action crime television show that originally aired on CBS.

Netflix is currently streaming the first six seasons of Hawaii Five O. This show is about a group of people who are a part of a special task force put together by the main character. This task force is based in Hawaii and deals with crimes on the tropical paradise. The show was first aired in 2010 and has maintained a solid nine million plus viewers every season since its premier. Now that Hawaii Five 0 has been added to Netflix. All of the fans of the show can watch any episode in seasons one through six as often as they want. This ability is going to prove to be important as season seven of Hawaii Five-O gets released on CBS on September 23, 2016. The big question is, “When will Hawaii Five-O season 7 be on Netflix?”

When Will Hawaii Five-0 Season 7 Be On Netflix? 

Hawaii Five-O recently started streaming on Netflix. However, only seasons one through six are on Netflix. With season seven on the horizon fans are going to start catching up on Hawaii Five-O by watching seasons one through six. This will prepare them for the season premier on CBS September 23, 2016. Once season seven has premiered, fans will have 25 episodes of Hawaii Five-O to look forward to once a week. Viewers will want to watch season seven on Netflix as soon as possible. But when exactly will Hawaii Five-O be released on Netflix? To answer this question we will have to look at the history of five o releases on Netflix in the past compared to their original air date. Based on past Netflix releases of Hawaii Five-0, It looks like season seven of Hawaii Five-O will be on Netflix about one year after the season Premier on CBS. This means that we can look for season seven of Hawaii Five-O on Netflix in September 2017. Comment below if you are ready for Hawaii Five-O season seven to be on Netflix.

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  1. Yes! I am ready for season 7 of Hawaii 5-0 to be released to Netflix, like today…. Please please PLEASE find a way to get it there before Nex year, like today would me WONDERFUL!!!!

  2. A year afterwards is too long of timing. I dont use cable tv, much less have time too. I dont watch anything but football and Hawaii five o when im on the road or on break. Bring it now!!!

  3. Season 7 should come out of Netflix ASAP please!!! Otherwise what am I supposed to do for the next year!?!?

  4. Hawaii 5 0 needs to come on Netflix ASAP!!!! I love this show. I mainly watch Netflix while mom is on dialysis (4 1/2 hours) and at night while relaxing.

  5. My family loves Hawaii Five-0…… We watch it about every night after everyone is all settles down for the night

  6. Awe that sucks im on last episode of season 6 and can’t wait for the new season . My 3 year old and I watch it together daily

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