When Will House of Cards Season 5 Be on Netflix? Season 6?

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Netflix began as a movie and television show streaming website that allowed fans to watch movies and television shows. Now it is much more than that. Netflix now writes and produces their own shows and movies. These shows and movies are exclusive to the Netflix community. One of their most popular creations is House of Cards.

When Will House of Cards Season 5 Be on Netflix? Season 6?
House of Cards is a political drama that is full of suspense and corruption. Shows that contain this kind of content have proven to draw in huge audiences in recent years. For example, Scandal was an extremely popular show but sadly it has ended its run on air. Netflix now produces House of Cards which is a show that brings the same type of political drama and corruption, just with a different twist. There are currently four seasons of House of Cards streaming on Netflix. According to sources, there are already plans to write and produce season five of House of Cards. However, the fifth season will not be orchestrated by the same show runner. House of Cards season five will be without Beau Willimon. Does this mean that the show will be drastically different, and by drastically different, terrible? Unlikely. House of Cards season five will more than likely be just as good as previous seasons. But when will House of Cards season 5 be on Netflix?

When Will House of Cards Season 5 Be on Netflix? What is The Release Date?

Season five of House of Cards is highly anticipated. Fans of House of Cards have been dying for new episodes of the show ever since the release of season four on Netflix. The question is, what is the release date for season five of House of Cards? In order to figure out the release date for the fifth season of House of Cards, we must take a look back at previous release dates as well as look at statements provided by Netflix. Seasons one through three of House of Cards were all released in February. Season four was released in early March. This gives us a general idea of which time of year Season Five will be released on Netflix. So we can be fairly certain that House of Cards Season five will be on Netflix in February to Late March 2017. But what about season six?

Will There Be a House of Cards Season Six?

When answering the question of whether or not there will be a sixth season of House of Cards, you must think about the show as a business move for Netflix. The creation of a sixth season will depend on a few factors. In order for Netflix to justify producing a sixth season of House of Cards there must be a significant demand for the show. Without significant demand it would not be worth the money to produce a new season of the show. Netflix must create shows that will draw more people to their site to pay for the service. Comment below if you would be interested in a sixth season of House of Cards.

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  1. I was late to Netflix and House of Cards but I’m hooked and hoping that others are hooked where you, Netflix would produce a season 6, 7, and 8. It was and is a series that caught my interest and retained it. Please produce more seasons.

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