When Will Last Man Standing Season 6 Be on Netflix?

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Netflix is a website that allows users to stream their choice of thousands of movies and television shows, right on their television, computer, or even phone. Netflix streams tons of shows from almost every channel you can think of. Netflix even produces and streams shows and movies of their own. One of the newer shows on Netflix is Last Man Standing.

Last man standing is a sitcom show about the life of an executive salesman as he goes through his life. With his family of mostly females; his wife and three daughters, the main character is the “last man standing”. Hence the title. The show stars Tim Allen and originally premiered on ABC. There six seasons of the last man standing. Seasons one through five have already aired on ABC and are now streaming on Netflix. This allows for fans of the show to catch up on old episodes as season six makes its release on ABC. Some fans may be waiting for season six of the last man standing to come out on Netflix before they watch it so they don’t have to wait a week for a new episode. This brings up the question “When will Last Man Standing season 6 be on Netflix?”

When Will Last Man Standing Season 6 be on Netflix?

There are six seasons of Last Man Standing, however, only seasons one through five are streaming on Netflix. Season five of Last Man Standing only recently started streaming on Netflix. So when will season six be on Netflix? To answer this question we must look at past premier dates of seasons of Last Man Standing, and compare them to the release date of the same seasons on Netflix. Season five of Last Man Standing premiered on ABC September 25, 2015. Season five started streaming on Netflix in September 2016. This means that it takes Netflix between eleven and twelve months to get the rights to stream new episodes of Last Man Standing. This means that season six of the last man standing will be on Netflix by late August or September 2017. Comment below if you can not wait to see season six of Last Man Standing on Netflix.

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  1. That sucks I love last man standing and I just finished season five now I have to wait almost a hole year to watch it again!!!!

  2. We love the show hope u can get it on sooner. My husband and myself love watching it together. So sooner would be great a year is to long.

  3. I love to watch the last man standing and i cant wait to watch season six. Which sucks i have to wait a whole year to watch it on netflix.

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