When Will Legend Quest Season 2 Be on Netflix? Netflix Release Date?

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Netflix is a movie and television show streaming website that allows its users to access an enormous collection of content. In exchange for access to this content, subscribers pay a small monthly fee. There are shows of almost any genre you could ever want to watch on Netflix. Most of the content on Netflix is produced by third party producers such as television networks. Recently however, Netflix has begun to produce some original shows and movies of their own. This content is known as Netflix original content. One of the newest Netflix original series to be added to Netflix is the show Legend Quest.

When Will Legend Quest Season 2 Be on Netflix? Netflix Release Date?
Legend Quest is a great choice for anyone who has children or just enjoys animated series’. Legend Quest is a show that tells the story of a young boy who lives in the nineteenth century. Although the boy wants to live a normal life, he finds himself with the strange gift of being able to see ghosts. Click the link to see the IMDb rating and synopsis for Legend Quest season one. Legend Quest is one of the many children’s shows that Netflix has added recently. There is currently only one season of Legend Quest streaming on Netflix. As subscribers finish up season one of Legend Quest on Netflix, they will begin asking the question “when will Legend Quest season 2 be on Netflix?”

When Will Legend Quest Season 2 Be on Netflix? Netflix Release Date? 

Legend Quest is the newest children’s series to be added to Netflix. There is currently only one season of Legend Quest streaming on Netflix. As subscribers begin finishing up the first and only season, they will begin asking the big question “when will Legend Quest season 2 be on Netflix?” To answer this question we must take a look at how Netflix has handled the release dates of subsequent seasons of similar shows on Netflix. After conducting some research it was found that there is typically at least a ten month period of time between the release of the first season of a Netflix original and the release of the second season. Being that Legend Quest season one was released on Netflix in March 2017, we can predict that Legend Quest season 2 will be on Netflix by January 2018. Comment below if you are ready to see Legend Quest season 2 on Netflix ASAP!


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  1. Commenting because I am ready. I am so ready. I have already blazed through the first season with zeal, and I for one would love to see what might happen next.

    Tempted to go into further detail, but I don’t want to risk spoiling anyone who might be reading this and intent to watch the show who hasn’t already.

    Thanks for this post. I have a feeling Legend Quest’s following will be minuscule and niche at best, but everyone speaking out in its favor helps. Blog posts like this might encourage Netflix’s decision-makers to renew the show for a second season, and perhaps even provide Anima a bigger budget and more resources to work with.

    1. I LOVE IT AND IF IT DOESENT COME OUT WITH SEASON I WILL go help them and add it my self

      Posted during January 5 2018

  2. My grandsons discovered legend quest on metallic this weekend and are totally besotted ny it! Already half way through the series. Please release season 2 ASAP or I fear for my sanity!!

  3. This show is awesome! It kept me sane for a full day of working from home. The characters especially Alebrije are fun and full of backstory that kids and adults will love. January 2018 cannot come fast enough.

  4. Can’t wait for season 2! I didn’t know if i was going to like it at first but i gave it a chance and it turned out to be kick ass. I don’t want to spoil it either for those who are wanting to watch it but i bet season 2 will be over the top if they are making one. Hopefully lol. Excited and eagerly waiting. Make it quick netflix!

    1. La leyenda de la Nahuala, La leyenda de la llorona, la leyenda de las momias, and a new one La leyenda de el chupacabras are all movies that have Leo and Alebrije and Don Andres and Teodora in them, Legend Quest is a series following the first two movies.

  5. We are very ready for season 2 and any other seasons of legend quest!! I wasn’t sure I’d enjoy watching it with my son but I loved it.

  6. Oh my lord now please!! I cant wait to see what comes next and learning about different mythical monsters is amazing and its great to see old ones too but ahhhh
    Netflix please please PLEASE get on a season 2
    Until then ill be in hatius hell waiting for all my shows to come back ;n;

  7. I just randomly clicked on this show one day and I’m in love! I love this show! please bring a season 2 netflix! and also bring back scooby doo mystery inc. that was my favorite series of the scooby franchise and everyone says it has a cliff hanger so I haven’t finished it. I end to know all the secrets of the cove!

  8. My baby is 18 months but he loves this show. Everytime the season ends he starts crying and we’re back at episode one. Can’t wait for season 2. The whole family enjoys watching it with him.

  9. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it so much the ending was so gooooood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to see more episodes ASP

  10. Yes, please!
    My whole family loves this show! My 5-year old daughter knows some of the dialogues by heart!
    We need more of this show!

  11. I love Legend Quest it is one of my favrite shows so i can not wait to see season 2. I realy lliked this page necause now i know when Legend Quest season 2 will come out. I think these people for telling me. One last thing. MERRY CHRISTMAS.

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