When Will Limitless Season 2 Be on Netflix? Netflix Release Date?

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Netflix is a movie and television show streaming service that allows users to watch their favorite movies and television shows as many times as they want. All Netflix requires is access to the internet and a subscription of around ten dollars a month. Netflix offers thousands of different episodes of many different shows. Most shows on Netflix are from television channels while others are shows created exclusively for Netflix by Netflix. Netflix has been cranking out new shows over the past few months but they have also been adding new shows from television. One of the most popular shows from television currently streaming on Netflix is Limitless.

When Will Limitless Season 2 Be on Netflix? Netflix Release Date?
The television show Limitless is based off of the movie Limitless that was released in 2011. Limitless is about a man named Brian Finch who gains access to a drug that allows him to use all of his brain power. Despite the awesome power he gains he must also take a shot that keeps the drug from killing him. Without the shot Finch will die. During the movie he must help the FBI while also keeping himself alive by taking the shot. The movie is thrilling and interesting. Who wouldn’t want to access all of their brain? There is currently only one season of Limitless available on Netflix. The big question fans are asking is “When will Limitless season 2 be on Netflix?

When Will Limitless Season 2 Be On Netflix? Netflix Release Date? 

There is currently only one season of the show Limitless streaming on Netflix. Netflix users are curious when Limitless season 2 will be on Netflix. To answer this question we must take a look at facts and the history of the show. The original season of Limitless was released by CBS. CBS has already stated that the show is not going to be renewed for a second season, at least not with the same story. According to CBS, Limitless does not promote a good image to younger viewers. Netflix and Amazon were both interested in continuing the show, however they opted not to because of the show’s complex plot. Fans of the show have wanted a second season of Limitless ever since the finale of season one. However nobody seems to be picking up the show for a second season. The fact that Netflix began streaming season one of Limitless could be a sign of their future plans to produce and stream a second season of the show. It has not been confirmed but it is a possibility. If Netflix was to continue Limitless it would be interesting to se where they take the show. Comment below if you want to see a second season of Limitless on Netflix.


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  1. “LOVED IT!”Limitless is such an interesting tv show, truly entertaining. I binged watched the whole season, then very disappointed there wasn’t MORE!!😂 PLEASE CONTINUE MORE SEASONS!!!! -Indiana

  2. Definitely yes this season is amazing when will the next season be on netflix cannot wait please do not cancel it

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