When Will Longmire Season 6 be on Netflix?

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There are a few different sites that stream movies and television online for people to watch. The most popular of these movie streaming sites is Netflix. For a small monthly fee, Netflix users have access to hundreds of movies and television shows. There are even shows and movies written and produced by Netflix. One of the most popular shows that Netflix has created is Longmire.

Longmire is a show that depicts the life of an old school, straightforward cop from Wyoming. Longmire is based off of a mystery novel written by Craig Johnson. The show was originally aired on A&E where four seasons of Longmire were released. In 2016 Netflix decided to continue the series by creating season five of Longmire. Longmire season five just recently started streaming on Netflix. Once the fans of Longmire begin finishing up season five on Netflix, they are going to begin craving season six. We have not gotten word that there will be a season six of Longmire on Netflix, however, it is possible that Netflix will continue extending the Longmire series as long as they can. In the past Netflix has continued series’ such as full house. This series has yet to continue, this could be due to the fact that the series was not taken in as well as other original shows such as Narcos. So the release of season six will depend on the success of season five of Longmire.

When Will Longmire Season 6 be on Netflix

The existence of Longmire season six is dependent on whether or not season five is successful. I feel as though season six will make its way onto Netflix but the question is when will this happen? When it comes to new seasons of Netflix original series’ it takes about eleven months for new seasons to be produced and released on Netflix. I would predict that season six of Longmire will be streaming around August or September 2017. Although this may seem like a long time, it wont seem too long if you ration season 5 to last you a good bit. Comment below if you are excited for Longmire to continue on Netflix. Also let me know what other shows you guys are watching.

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  1. Longmire I think is the best Netflix original on Netflix. This show was good on A&E, but Netflix did well with making the show great. I really hope they come back for a 6th season. The cast is great for the show and the plot just keeps you wanting more and more.

    1. We love Longmire! The best show we have seen on Netflix. Please don ‘t take Walt away from us. There is so much trash to watch. Walt is good old good versus evil. And Walt is so sexy, suave and good. We need more good and honest in the world. Go Walt!!!!

    2. My wife and I love Longmire! This is one of the BEST stories to be found on any network. At a time when so many programs are garbage, without any real social value or even entertainment value Longmire stands out. Longmire tells a real story that delivers quality on all levels! If Netflix management has any regard for satisfying those of us who subscribe to their service they will definitely produce season 6, and many more! It is programing like Longmire that made me cut the cable more than 5 years ago.

  2. I think Longmire is thought prevoking, unpredictable, and extremely great entertainment. So it goes without saying that if Netflix will continue the series it will be watched. Ditto to all the comments by Gary Fancy on Oct 3, 2016. We will anxiously be waiting Netflix!

  3. I think Longmire is thought prevoking, unpredictable, and extremely great entertainment. So it goes without saying that if Netflix will continue the series it will be watched. Ditto to all the comments by Gary Dancy on Oct 3, 2016. We will anxiously be waiting Netflix!

  4. Longmire is a great series! Wonderful acting and great plots. Once I started watching I could not stop. Done with Season 5 an waiting on Season 6. Keep them coming. Thanks

  5. It is literate, topical, heroic and downright inspiring plus… it is great intensive story-telling. The acting is also superb.
    We put Longmire in our top five shows ever and hope for season 6,7,8,9 and10.

  6. I really hope season 6 will come out soon , the show is very entertaining and lookforward to more seasons

  7. Already swept through season 5 and left hanging,
    and wanting more! I sure hope they continue with Longmire with a season 6. We actually subscribed to Netflix because we heard they had picked up Longmire for a fifth season and we had been watching it on A&E. SO YES please continue.

  8. I binged watched Seasons 1-5 in a week and wish there were 5 more to watch now!! Awesome writing, actors and scenery!!!

  9. We have just finished season 5. This is a show that we must watch so please keep it coming. Longmire season 5 has left us wanting more!!!!

  10. Please! Keep this show going. I love this show… and it holds a lot of truth about native americans… I know. But more than all I love the storyline of this show. A traditional western sheriff set in his ways trying to help both the native and white. There is so much heart in it. I would be devastated if this show no longer aired on netfix.

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  12. This show is a winner and quite addictive. I certainly hope for the release of season 6! I have feasted on seasons 1-5, but now I want more helpings of this delectable show. I haven’t been so jazzed about a series since Downton Abbey.

  13. It’s the best show you have! Finally a good western again. We loved it and can’t wait for seasons 6,7,8,9,10.

  14. We love the show Longmire ! We are sad to wait a whole year for season 6 to start. I hope they make another season or we are all left hanging wondering what happened to each character . Hurry !

  15. Please don’t leave us all hanging! I love Longmire but season 5 left a lot of questions unanswered. Please, please give us season 6!
    Thanking you in advance for season 6.

  16. I never was into Westerns since my parents watched the oldies all the time, but I love love love this modern day Western which is cleverly relevant with Longmire. I’ve been watching it from the beginning and just finished up season 5.

    I have to know whats going to happen with Katie’s spirit vision; who is going to live and who is going to die. Its going to be hard waiting for the next season and I HOPE VERY STRONGLY Netflix will keep Longmire going for a long time. I love all the characters especially Walt and Henry and the stories are very compelling. I can’t wait to get home to watch the next episode.

  17. Put Walt back to work & get season 6 started. We need many more seasons so get to work & hurry up. I watched all the first seasons in about two weeks on netflix.

  18. Oh my goodness my husband and I, along with friends love Longmire!!! Please please air season 6

  19. I grew up riding a horse and Longmire takes me to another world where the Good Guys wearing their cowboy hats and boots kick butts, take names and do it all in the name of justice! Please produce Season 6 and more after that – this is an awesome show that Netflix has done an outstanding job delivering on! ??

  20. I loved all of the seasons of longmire they have to bring season 6 it will be such a long time to wit for it

  21. We aren’t able to ration season 5 we already watched every episode and are craving season 6!! Hurry please

  22. Please don’t take Longmire off. This is the best show ever. Wish there was more shows like this one

  23. Longmire is easily the best show that I have watched. Season Five is the best season to date and it left so many questions unanswered. Henry is in a hell of a fix, did Nighthorse side with the Mayor against Walt, will Walt’s beautiful land become a golf course? I think that this show is better than NCIS and Blue Bloods which I have watched since they first came on TV and I will even go so far to say it’s every bit as good. or maybe even better than Breaking Bad. That is saying a mouth full. Netflix, please don’t just do away with a program as great as Longmire. I have over one-fifty to two-hundred channels on my TV and most of them are filled with crap. I recently began watching Chicago PD and Chicago Fire which are both very good but Longmire is still a better program. The whole cast is great.

  24. My husband and I have faithfully followed Longmire along with several of our friends. Each episode leaves you wanting more. We have become a part of the lives of the main characters and feel a connection with them. Unfortunately, were unable to ration Season 5 to last longer. We will now be anxiously awaiting the arrival of Season 6. This is a very down to earth, moral and thought provoking show. The characters are true to life, and you can see how the choices people make, determine not only their lives, but the lives of those they engage with.

  25. My wife and I really enjoy the series Longmire. It is well written and the acting is impeccable. We can’t get enough of the show. It is too bad that it takes so long for seasons too come out. The Longmire series is addicting. Hopefully there will be a season six and many more after.

  26. I love Longmire. Please continue with Season 6. Already finished season 5! Left hangin….got to know what happens.

  27. My husband and I started watching Season 1 together and have not been able to stop. Season 4 and 5 are even better than the first three. Keep it coming PLEASE. There aren’t many shows we enjoy together, so it is one priceless program. Come back soon!

  28. Can not wait for season six, this is my all time favorite series .after a & e dropped the glades . then they dropped longmire a & e doesn’t know when they got something good going .and by the way I purchased Netflix just for longmire and now I’m hooked

    1. I’ve been hooked since I watched the first episode. I happened to see “Season One” at Target so I bought it. I went ahead and bought “Seasons Two, Three and Four” on Amazon. I would have gotten Season Five but it has not been released yet. My wife and I have already watched the DVDs and it was as great as watching Longmire on Netflix the first time. Netflix doesn’t realize just how good Longmire really is or they would be filming SEASON SIX already and be thinking about the plots for the following ones.

  29. I know that I should “ration” the fifth season in the series, but I am leaving for a third world country soon, and no Netflix or even email will be available except in transit. The nation blocks it along with Skype and FaceTime. I will finish the current ones before I leave in early December. My Longmire compulsion is just beyond my control. I am sixty-eight and and see no reason to exercise self-control at this point. Fnjoy it while you can.

    1. Love the Longmire series. Please keep producing this. I have not enjoyed watching a series like this since SOA. My husband and I watched all 5 seasons in a couple of weeks. Can’t wait for season 6.

  30. We love, love the Longmire series. Please bring it back for season 6 and even a 7th.
    You can’t leave us hanging. 🙂

  31. Longmire is the ONLY reason I goy NETFLIX the show is too good not to keep going PLEASE keep going with not just series 6 but do 7 and 8 the best show plus love all the actors

  32. I was born and raised the the Black Hills of SD, Rapid City. Im 73 retired . I hired around 80 to 100 Native American each year in my trucking business . I can’t remember when I have been so captivated with a series. I just found Longmire on Netflix three weeks ago, I have watched all 5 series todate and my wife as found Me very dispondent where Sean 5 has left off.
    Your writers are very knowledgable on the culture of the Native American. To have the series end here with so many intreging possiblites to continue would be a bigger crime than anything that Longmire got into. There is a good side to the current generation of Native Americans that can be found in the communities out side the res, that could be worked into a find season to show that the younger generation is starting to blend into the white communities.

    Here are five stars (*****) on a job well done.

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