When Will Luke Cage Season 2 Be on Netflix? Official Trailer Release Date?

Netflix is an extremely popular website that allows anyone to purchase a membership for a small monthly payment. Members have access to a massive collection of movies and television shows. Netflix offers shows and movies from third party producers as well as shows and movies of their own creation. These are called Netflix Originals and they are exclusive to Netflix. Netflix has had a great year of releases in 2016. Shows such as Stranger Things, The Ranch, and many others have become instant hits as they entertain Netflix users across the country. Another extremely popular Netflix Original is the show Luke Cage.

When Will Luke Cage Season 2 Be on Netflix? Netflix Release Date?
Luke Cage is a great show that brings a great comic book character to life. The show is about the Marvel character Luke Cage. Cage has the extraordinary power of super strength and unbreakable skin. These powers were caused by a botched experiment that led to the mutation. After Cage’s relationship with Jessica Jones, another super hero, fails, Cage attempts to rebuild his life in Harlem, New York. He tries to open up a barber shop to assimilate into everyday life. However, just after he begins to settle in, he is forced to step out of the shadow and begin fighting to protect the city he lives in. There is currently only one season of Luke Cage streaming on Netflix. This one season has turned out to be one of Netflix’s best original series yet. It was recently announced that Netflix has renewed Luke Cage for a second season.

When Will Luke Cage Season 2 Be On Netflix? Netflix Release Date? 

After the release of Luke Cage season one on Netflix on September 30th, 2016, it became obvious to most that season one would be followed up with a second season of Luke Cage. The first season of Luke Cage immediately started trending on Netflix, after receiving a ton of hype prior to its release. The first season of Luke cage brought in tens of thousands of viewers and received an impressive rotten tomatoes rating of 96%. Fans of the show immediately wanted a second season. It has taken a while but Netflix has officially announced the renewal of Luke Cage Season 2 on Netflix. The question fans have yet to find out is the exact release date of Luke Cage season 2 on Netflix.

Netflix has quite a line-up of Marvel themed shows set to be released in 2017 and 2018. Of these include spin offs of Luke Cage that may take front seat in the coming years. Netflix is going to have its hands full with producing shows such as Jessica Jones, Daredevil Season 3, and The Iron Fist. All of those shows are supposed to be released in 2018. These premiers could end up pushing the release date of Luke Cage Season 8 back to as far as late 2018. This is not ideal for those who have wanted a second season as early as late 2016, however, Netflix is trying to get more shows released as fast as possible and having more shows that are linked to Luke Cage may be just as good as a second season of Luke Cage. It will be interesting to see if Netflix can get season 2 of Luke Cage filmed and released before rolling out Jessica Jones and Iron fist. That would be the best case scenario for fans who are craving Luke Cage season 2. So for those who want a specific date for the release date for Luke Cage season 2, there is no exact date yet, and there may not be for quite a while. The best information we can offer is that Luke Cage season 2 will be released sometime between Late 2017 and late 2018. Check back in the next couple of months for a definite release date for Luke Cage Season 2.

Marvel’s Luke Cage Season 2 Official Trailer 

With all the anticipation for Luke Cage Season 2, fans are dying to see a trailer to give them some hints as to what exactly is going to happen in season two. Netflix has not yet released an official trailer for Luke Cage season 2, however, we can approximate when the trailer for season 2 will be available to preview. Being that Season 2 of Luke Cage will more than likely be released sometime in 2018, it looks like we might have to wait a while for a trailer to be released. Before a trailer can be released, the show must be filmed and cut up into clips. Since the second season will be released in 2018, the show must start filming in late 2016 early 2017. This means that a trailer should be release sometime in mid to late 2017. Check back to find out the most up to date details on the trailer for Luke Cage Season 2.

Luke Cage Season 3?

So what does all of this mean for a possible third season of Luke Cage? Luke Cage season 3 is going to be quite a while away, but there is good news. If Netflix can get Jessica Jones, and iron fist streaming on schedule, there could be a quick turn around from Luke Cage season 2 and Luke Cage season 3. It will be interesting to see how Netflix juggles the release dates of all of these shows. It is way to early to call but Luke Cage Season 3 could be streaming as early as ten months after the release of season 2. We will just have to keep our eyes peeled and be patient. Comment below if you are ready for Luke Cage season 2 and 3 to be on Netflix!

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