When Will Magic Mike XXL Be on Netflix? Magic Mike 2 on Netflix?

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Netflix is a movie and television streaming website that offers hours and hours of content to its subscribers. The content on Netflix is made up of television shows as well as movies. This content is produced by third party producers as well as by Netflix themselves. Netflix produces and streams their own shows and movies. This content is known as Netflix original content. Although Netflix has been really working hard to produce great new content, most of the content on Netflix is produced by third party producers. Some notable movies on Netflix currently include, Finding Dory, Alice in Wonderland, and Magic Mike.

When Will Magic Mike XXL Be on Netflix? Magic Mike 2 on Netflix?
Magic Mike is a movie about a man named Mike. Mike is an average guy just trying to make a living. He works random small, low paying, jobs during the day. By night, Mike is a stripper at a male strip club. During the movie he takes a want to be male stripper under his wing and teaches him the ways of male stripping. Later on he finds that being a stripper can have repercussions in your social and love life. Magic Mike was a very popular movie. It is currently streaming on Netflix which is making many  fans of the movie very happy. Now that Magic Mike has been streaming on Netflix for a while, the question is raised “when will Magic Mike XXL be on Netflix?”

When Will Magic Mike XXL Be on Netflix? Magic Mike 2 on Netflix? 

Magic Mike was a huge hit raking in over $100 million in theaters alone. This success made it very logical for a sequel to be released. The sequel to Magic Mike is Magic Mike XXL. This movie continues on the story of mike and his crazy lifestyle. Being that Magic Mike is streaming on Netflix, fans of the movie will begin wondering when Magic Mike XXL will be on Netflix? To answer this question we must look at how Netflix has handled adding sequels to movies on Netflix. When Netflix adds a movie it is very likely that they will pursue streaming the sequel. Most cases the sequel will begin streaming about eleven months or more after the first movie begins streaming. This means that Magic Mike XXL will likely be streaming on Netflix sometime in 2018. Comment below if you want Magic Mike XXL to be on Netflix as soon as possible!

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