When Will Making A Murderer Season 2 Be on Netflix? Release Date

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Netflix is a binge watchers dream. With thousands of television shows and episodes to choose from, you can watch hours of television and movies and never get bored. Netflix even creates some shows of their own. One of the most popular shows that Netflix has created is Making a Murderer. This show was raved about for quite a while.

Making a Murderer is a show about the case of Steven Avery. The show explores his case and how he created a new life for himself after being found not guilty. However, the freedom is not enough for Avery. He seeks a lawsuit of the police department for corruption of his case. But could this lawsuit lead to a different outcome for Avery? The first season of Making a Murderer captivated Netflix members and quenched their thirst for crime drama. Shows that involve crime drama are some of the most popular shows on television. Making a Murderer is a perfect example of how crime drama can be extremely entertaining. Fans of Making a Murderer are curious about a second season of Making a murderer. Luckily, there will be a season two of making a murderer released on Netflix. This brings up the question “When will Making a Murderer season 2 be on Netflix?

When Will Making a Murderer Season 2 Be on Netflix? Netflix Release Date?

Making a murderer is a hit on Netflix. Fans of the show are interested in seeing a second season of the documentary series. Season one was released in December 2015 after Steven Avery was imprisoned for the murder of a twenty five year old woman. The show has plenty of room for a second season. The question is “When will making a murderer season 2 be on Netflix?” To answer this question we have to look at statements that Netflix has made and also at the release date of season one. Netflix has not yet made a statement about the specific date of making a murderer season two, however, they have made it clear that it is expected to drop sometime in 2017. In order to figure out a more specific time frame we can look at the release date of season one. If season two releases in the same time of year as season one we should expect it in early 2017. Comment below if you want more Making a Murderer on Netflix!