When Will Mako Mermaids Season 5 Be Released on Netflix?

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Netflix has evolved greatly since it started out as a DVD mailing website. Netflix now creates its own shows and movies and streams them online. Members of Netflix have access to these shows and movies anywhere as long as they have an internet connection. One of Netflix’s most popular shows is Mako Mermaids.

Mako Mermaids is a show about a pod of mermaids who attempt to help a young boy get back to normal after he is magically turned into a mermaid. The plot seems simple enough right? Wrong, not everything goes to plan in the show. Which is why Netflix has created four seasons of the show for its fans to watch. Fans of Mako Mermaids have, or are still enjoying seasons one through four of Mako Mermaids on Netflix. Season four of mako mermaids was released on May 27th 2015. This gives us a hint to when we could expect to see another season of Mako mermaids on Netflix.

When Will Mako Mermaids Season 5 Be on Netflix?

Mako Mermaids Season five has not officially been confirmed or even mentioned by Netflix as of now, however, that does not mean that there will not be a Mako Mermaids season 5. In order to figure out when season five of mako mermaids might make its premier on Netflix, we must look at the previous release dates of seasons of Mako Mermaids. Season four of Mako Mermaids made its premier on May 27th, 2015. With 2017 right around the corner, it is possible that season five could make its premier in early 2017. This is not set in stone however. It could be possible that Netflix is done with Mako Mermaids forever. Only time will tell. Comment below if you want new episodes of Mako Mermaids season five on Netflix!

3 thoughts on “When Will Mako Mermaids Season 5 Be Released on Netflix?

  1. Alaya

    I think they should add a season five so they can start where they lefted off and also its really cool (I WISH I WAS A MEREMAID)

  2. Brieanna

    I would like Bella from H20 to return to mako mermaids season 5 and Will and I would also like Carly and Cam to be mermaids and new mermaids and more drama and a new Mako island thanks ?

  3. Fathip

    You know what why they make movie and dont have all seasons.now mako mermaids need to go to seasons 10 what happen to the mother of Zac and omini and omi.I. and chris just left some opened Bring season 5 in.

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