When Will Medici Masters of Florence Season 2 Be on Netflix? Netflix Release Date?

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Netflix is a movie and television streaming website that allows its members to watch their favorite shows and movies as much as they want. Netflix started out as a DVD rental website and has evolved into the movie streaming giant it is known as today. Not only does Netflix stream movies and shows produced by other producers, Netflix produces a lot of content of their own, and it isn’t bad. Netflix originals are some of the most popular shows on Netflix. Some popular Netflix originals include Luke Cage, Stranger Things, and The Ranch. Another Netflix Original that is currently trending on Netflix is Medici Masters of Florence.

When Will Medici Masters of Florence Season 2 Be on Netflix? Netflix Release Date?
Medici Masters of Florence takes place in fifteenth century Florence, Italy. The show’s main character is Cosmo who has inherited the Banco de Medici from his father. Cosmo’s father’s name is Giovanni. Giovanni was elected as the head of the Florentine republic and after his murder the republic is passed down to Cosmo. The show explores the current state of the Florentine empire as Cosmo must stand his ground as opponents try to change the direction of the empire. Throughout the show there are flashbacks to Giovanni’s reign as he rules with his two children by his side. This show is a great option for anyone who loves history, drama, and action. There is currently only one season of Medici Masters of Florence streaming on Netflix. As viewers finish up this first season they will be asking the question “when will Medici Masters of Florence season 2 be on Netflix?”

When Will Medici Masters of Florence Season 2 Be on Netflix? Netflix Release Date?

There is currently only one season of Medici Masters of Florence Streaming on Netflix. As fans finish up the first season they begin asking the question “when will Medici Masters of Florence season 2 be on Netflix?” In order to answer this question we must take a look at when the first season was released by Netflix. Season one of Medici Masters of Florence premiered on October 18th 2016. The first season originally premiered on an Italian television channel, however, Netflix acquired the show an should continue the series. The fact that Netflix is now producing the show makes it harder to determine the release date for season 2. More than likely it will follow the same trend as most other shows acquired by Netflix. We predict that Medici Masters of Florence season 2 will be streaming on Netflix by October 2017. Comment below if you want season 2 of Medici Masters of Florence to be on Netflix ASAP!

How Much Did Richard Madden Get Paid To Be In Medici Masters of Florence? 

Medici Masters of Florence season one quickly became a hit on Netflix. As fans continue to crave a second season of the hit show, many questions are raised about its potential production. One question specifically being asked is “how much did Richard Madden get paid to be in Medici Masters of Florence?” If you are a big fan of the show you know that Richard Madden is the actor who played Cosimo in the show. The question is, how much did this guy get paid to play the part? Most actors in television series’ get paid somewhere between $50,000 and $500,000 depending on their contract with the show. Richard Madden played a leading role in the show Medici Masters of Florence. It is safe to say that Richard Madden made well over $120,000 to play Cosimo in season one of Medici Masters of Florence. With a second season of Medici Masters of Florence looking like a possibility, he will have an opportunity to make even more.

246 thoughts on “When Will Medici Masters of Florence Season 2 Be on Netflix? Netflix Release Date?

      1. Kimberly Kight

        Love it!.. Can not wait for Season # 2 Could not stop watching the show, Have been to Florence and inside the Cathedral it is breathtaking to see and so interesting to watch the History behind it. Hoping to see more on Michael Angelo and the David. Great job Netflix!

    1. Isaura Ridriguez

      I’m all ready wanting to watch season2‼️

      1. Maryann

        Just finished Season 1!!! Absolutely fabulous!! Can not wait for Season 2!! I highly recommend this series!!!

    2. Dinah Vino

      Ready for Season 2. Great series. Can’t wait for a year……Will have to watch season 1 again and again! Luke Cage is FANTASTIC!


      It is pure perfection. Stunning in every way. Please release the next season ASAP. I am totally addicted!!!!!

    4. Lisa

      Too bad some of that Medici money isn’t available to get this series produced and to the public in a more timely pace than the Duomo completion in Florence. Thank you !

    5. Lisa Boytim


      Cant wait to continue watching …. Netflix you are the BEST !! KEEP IT UP PLEASE XO

    6. Ann

      Please ! Just finished season 1 and loved it. Why do we have to wait so long? This would be perfect to watch New Year’s Eve. Thanks.

    7. Jeff Lundeen

      Please bring Medici season 2 as soon as possible. People need to see the influential family that changed the western hemisphere.

    8. Margaret

      Just finished Season 1. Please release Season 2 ASAP! The history of Florence and the Medici Family is so interesting! Having been to Florence, I can really appreciate the art and architecture. What a beautiful place!

    9. Cyndi

      We just watched the entire season 1, pleaseeee bring season,2 out asap!! It was incredibly interesting with so much happening Richard Maddon is such a great actor as all the main characters were. Hurry up with Season 2 please, we can barely wait. 5hanks you Netflix. Cyndi J

    10. Diane Capwell

      Would like to see season 2 as soon as it is possible for Netflix to begin airing. Really enjoyed season 1 and would like to continue ASAP with 2. Thank you Netflix.

    11. Samuel

      I only watch netflix for the medici show. Medici! Medici! Medici! Cant wait for the start of the 2nd season

    12. Maria D Hafey

      Please bring season 2 of the Medici masters of Florence ASAP tku as well as new realess of Reign

    13. Maria Scaros-Mercado

      Must bring back The Medicis. Well written,
      exquisitely shot and skillfully directed.
      An intelligent series.
      Maria. Danbury, Ct.

    14. Liz

      I thought Season 1 was excellently done. I can hardly wait for Season 2.
      Having been in Florence several times I enjoyed the landmarks even more in Season 1. The actors portrayed their parts very well. Not really knowing too much about the Medicis I thoroughly enjoyed their history, their cunning ways of attaining what they wanted and their introduction of the banking and accounting systems which has been handed down for generations.

  1. Terriann Beno

    Bring Back The Medicis PLEASE! This is a great show and those of us that enjoy history and drama and mystery all wrapped in one are LOVING this show BRING IT BACK PLEASE ASAP! The Borgias was Excellent The Tudors was Excellent We Love Reign PLEASE KEEP GOING! Thank You 🙂

  2. Brianna Carley Condra

    It would help if you spelled the main character’s name correctly. “Cosimo,” dear. Jeez.

  3. Alessandro Filippo J.

    Medici Season 1 is a show that was beautifully crafted. The plot is cunning! I love the drama, politics, love, hatred, and possession of wealth and power not to mention the panorama picturesque setting of the countryside. It reminded me of my childhood place. Season 2 should be readily available if you want my Netflix subscription to continue. Why leave us hanging? I can’t wait for anymore teaser. Make it available NOW!

  4. Saad

    Can’t wait for season 2. I read that season 2 will be about Cosimo’s grandson Lorenzo but I’d much rather see a continuation of the current story. I really want to see the relationship between Cosimo and Contessina really improve and especially see how Cossimo will continue to shape the city with her by his side.
    Great show! Especially loved watching it on HD on netflix 😀

  5. Siobhan O'Reilly

    Amazing series. I absolutely loved it. So much so I’m actually going to read up on the Medicis. Such a great cast and storyline. Please make season 2 ASAP.

  6. Taya

    It would be fantastic if you could hear it! I have excellent speakers and even with the sound maxed, you have to strain to hear dialogue. Music is fine, the dialogue volume is so low. Turn it up, producers!!!

    1. Tina

      LOVED this show! I really hope Netflix gives us a season 2. I didn’t even realize until the 2nd episode that the man portraying Cosimo was the same one that portrayed Robb Stark. He’s a great actor. After the first two episodes I spent the rest of my Sunday afternoon finishing the season. Like I said I really hope there is a season 2! GREAT SHOW!!

  7. Jim

    Not only bring it back, please more than only 8 episodes you could it to 24, and i would wTch every one of them!

  8. Ruby Garrett

    Loved season 1. Can’t wait for season 2??? PLEASE LET THERE BE MORE! Spectacular intertaiment and history. After my week in Florence and being inside of these massive cathedrals were the Medicis have their own family chapel ICAN’t get enough of this historical family. Acting is superb.

  9. Michael Leonard

    As an American with Florentine blood in my veins I cannot wait for season two. The visions of Florence with its unfinished cathedral and surroundings is enchanting. Creates…”nostalgia del cupolone”

  10. Carlos diaz

    I thought the show was very good , a. Option to explore the renasance world in Italy . I think is a hit , and season 2 should como bask as soon as possible.

  11. Nona

    Please, as soon as possible, bring season two, three, and as many to complete the Medici family history. We are waiting.

  12. Tewonia Ranson

    Started watching because it looked interesting…and it was!!! I had to sit and watch ALL 8 episodes now…I need MORE! AWESOME STORY LINE!!!.. PLEASE…I NED MORE!!! BRING A SECOND SEASON SOON!!!!

  13. ramel nasseri

    Brilliant dhow. I hope season two will be out soon and hopefully more that just 8 episodes! Please extend the season and add more content!

  14. Toni

    I am in love with this story and this family. Cosimo is truly the Master of Florence as the title says and I need this show to bring season 2 IMMEDIATELY!!!! PLEASE HURRY!!! I DONT KNOW HOW MUCH LONGER I CAN WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Bridgette

    Just finished watching season 1 – OMG watched all 8 episodes in one day. NEED MORE – Please bring season 2 – Can’t wait!

  16. L. Altman

    Absolutely excellent, riveting. Medici : Masters of Florence was too short. The eight episodes flew by. The writing, plots, music and all the actors were superb. I was stunned when Lorenzo was murdered. Hate that his character is gone. Hopeful to see the actor/character, Lorenzo/Sturart Martin in scenes like is done with Dustin Hoffman. Also hope you bring back the character Marco Bell with actor Guido Caprino. As I previously wrote all the actors are great. Bring us Season 2 ASAP. Excellent Series. I’ve recommended it to friends that are now signing on with Netflix. Your Netflix productions are that good.

  17. L.. S.

    Absolutely excellent, riveting. Medici : Masters of Florence was too short. The eight episodes flew by. The writing, plots, music and all the actors were superb. I was stunned when Lorenzo was murdered. Hate that his character is gone. Hopeful to see the actor/character, Lorenzo/Sturart Martin in scenes like is done with Dustin Hoffman. Also hope you bring back the character Marco Bell with actor Guido Caprino. As I previously wrote all the actors are great. Bring us Season 2 ASAP. Excellent Series. I’ve recommended it to friends that are now signing on with Netflix. Your Netflix productions are that good.

  18. Lauretta

    The Medici characters brought history to life. Filled with real life suspense. Loved it. Hope season 2 is in the making now.

  19. Leigh

    Here’s my VERY ENTHUSIASTIC vote for a Season 2!!!!
    Great cast, story and production! Please – MORE!!!

  20. Andy

    I want a season 2 and more. This series is worthy of the dynasty that shaped so much of the Italian Renaissance for 100+ years. Beautifully filmed and performed this one deserves to come back and finish what it has begun

  21. Bill Stokes

    Accurate history and well acted. Wouldn’t it be Capitol if
    Continued immediately with season two?

  22. Stacey

    So I just wrapped up the show and it is phenomenal!! The storyline is amazing, the actors are just uhh! I’m beyond words. I was a big fan of DaVinci’s Demons on Starz, but unfortunately it was cancelled. This show, on the other hand, although very different from the aforementioned is just as good, if not better, I really love it! I really do hope there is a season 2! Netflix, don’t let us down!!

    1. Cindi Mandeville

      We visited Florence and the region last summer and our daughter was married in one of the Medici villas. I am so enthralled with this series. I cannot get enough.

  23. Bexaida

    Awesome series! Do bring “Medici ” back ASAP. This series is so spot on and delicious to watch. Cast members are either beautiful or hated to watch. I look forward to watching this series again. But do hurry and bring Cosimo and too bad Lorenzo got killed, so good to look at, yum. Hurry back! Please keep me posted

  24. Bexaida

    Loving this series. I love ❤️ Cosimo’s character. Also loved Lorenzo’s character, big mistakes in killing him off. Man! What a gorgeous guy! Love the scenery and twisted evil plots. Please don’t stay too long in returning. This is a good series to watch. Very entertaining. Don’t make it disappear.

  25. J Cole

    I’m looking forward to season 2 of the series. It’s another of the great series Netflix has brought to us.

  26. Connie

    I watched the whole season in one day! Loved it! I enjoyed the historic art references , the beautiful cinematography, and, of course, the choice of actors and their skilled acting. I have only one complaint; I thought the background music, although beautiful, was sometimes too loud and made the dialog almost impossible to understand. That being said, please continue this great story in a season two.

  27. Monica Johnson

    I’ve found the show to be excellent! I’ve enjoyed every single episode, it’s about time we have great quality sows to watch. AWESOME, AWESOME!!

  28. Frances Leonelli

    I was captivated by the series. Ethnically Italian, I became intrigued after the first streaming episode. I binge watched for two days and finished the season. Well cast, great costumes and scenery even if parts were artist rendered. Really enjoyed it and will welcome another season.

  29. Gage Pope

    What a wonderful season. The acting, the scenery, the history, and Florence. I’m so glad I found it. Please release season 2 soon. I’m hooked.

  30. Alberto Castrillon

    I love history, but Medici season 1 is ridiculous…. it’s so SPECTACULAR AND BREATHTAKING that any history book about Florence in medieval times says nothing compared to the plot and drama shown on this series. I can’t wait one year for Season 2!

  31. Tracey DeFrancis

    The series is fantastic. The cast is wonderful. I have become motivated to research more on the Medici family history

  32. Carol

    I, like the other action/history loving Netflix fansilore you to bring seasons 2-3-4 or however many are made t us. It is SUCH a relieve from other, dopey shows!

  33. Amanda

    Please continue Medici Master of Florence with a season 2. I love to see history films especially with creative imaginations. Makes me want to learn more about true history.

  34. Lucy Scanlon

    Season 1 was too short. Please bring season 2 ASAP. Loved all the characters but especially Richard Madden. I am hooked and so are my friends. Bravo!

  35. Aleigha

    Just watched the last show of Medici Masters of Florence S1 and now ready for S2 please hurry I can’t wait to see what S2 has in store for all of us. Bring on S2

  36. Tony G

    Incredibly well done. As a frequent visitor to Firenze I very much appreciate the ‘coming alive’ of this massively influential family. Can’t wait for season 2 and beyond. Very well done.

  37. Denise Stidham

    I have only begun watching ” The Medici: Masters of Florence “early this morning and I’am nearly finished with the first season. Had I known it was this good, I would’ve watched it sooner. I love everything about this show. The scenery, buildings, history, actors &the story line. I’m hooked, Please hurry with Season 2 and alot more episodes!

  38. Cindy Dickson

    Yes bring on season 2. Really don’t want to wait a year for the second season. Bring it back asap please. Great series great actors and story line.

  39. Nataly

    Of course we want a second season… Just started watching it and already got addicted to it.. Dunno if I’ll be patient enough to wait a year for the second season

  40. Zcollins

    Please bring in Season 2. Fully enjoyed season 1. My husband & I are hooked. We can’t wait to see the rest of history!

  41. Mark Hazlett

    I have never endorsed a television show before, but things change. Cosimo and the rest of the de Medici family are a phenomenal blend of drama, action, adventure, romance, family and seem a very probable expression of what life as a de Medici would have been like.

    Seasons II through XII won’t come soon enough!!!

    Neither will more seasons of Daredevil, Luke Cage or Jessica Jones!

  42. Michael Dennis

    By far the best series on TV. October is not soon enough. Netflix, bring us Season 2 sooner than that!!!

  43. John Snow

    I like this show a lot, but the end of season 1 leaves me thinking would there be season 2? They showed the father’s killer, Cosimos’s daughter in-law is with child, the letter Lorenzo died for proves Pazzi is a criminal. They didn’t leave us with any suspense or questions.
    I don’t know the actual history and frankly I don’t care but what will season 2 bring?

  44. Elli

    Please bring season 2 , fast, schnell, rapido, pronto, vite…how should we say this. It seems that I am not the only one to love the show…and the music is marvelous.

  45. Michelle Smith

    I’ve already got the corn popping for season 2. Love, love, loved this show!! Bring it back asap Netflix!!

  46. Vianey

    i cant get enough of this series , its just fascinating how things were in the medieval and renascence time !!!! i am looking forward for season 2

  47. Carol M Taylor

    Bravo for portraying Renaissance Florence in such an accessible, accurate and memorable way. Bravo!
    Please bring on seasons 2,3,4,and 5 pronto

  48. Marty Lindemann

    Please continue the series and PLEASE do not wait until October!! Don’t be like Downton Abby, be better!!!

  49. Grace Crawford

    Loved this series – compiled to watch in 2 days! Spectacular actors and setting . CAN’T WAIT FOR THE STORY TO CONTINUE!!

  50. Lo

    really love the show can’t wait for season 2. Just curious why hasn’t the writers stuck to the historical facts?

  51. Jilena Cori

    Absolutely LOVED this show! Thank you Netflix for making this: great script (how rare is that?), brilliant acting and beautiful production! Please bring a season 2!!!

  52. Bryan Scott

    UN-ACCEPTABLE: Waiting until OCT2017 to see Medici S2!! NETFLIX, I beg of you… Bring it SOONER – Pls don’t make us wait that long!

  53. Aja

    I was bored one night and looking for something new to get onto and saw that Richard Madden was starring in a new series on Netflix. I started watching Medici Masters of Florence and was hooked after the first two episodes. Please Netflix bring us more on is story! I cant wait for Season 2! I was so disappointed when Season 1 ended after only 8 episodes. There definately needs to be more to come with this show and more episodes in the upcoming season !

  54. Joyce Dykema

    Looking for something new to watch I found Medici Masters of Florence and ended up watching Season 1 over a few days. The S1 finale was fantastic! Bring on Season 2 please! We definitely need more Medici!

  55. Cheryl L Brann

    The season 1 was great. Please release season 2 assp, I love watching Netflix it keeps me waiting for more. Thanks netflix

  56. Linda Manley

    Would absolutely LOVE to see more seasons of Medici! I went to Italy a few years ago and it brings back memories of the beautiful buildings and all that I learned of the Medici family. Wonderful actors and drama:)

  57. Deb

    Just binge watched Medici and could not get enough of the greatness of this series. Loved it and want more. Season 2 ASAP!!! The music also is phenominal.

  58. Rose

    Please bring us season 2…ASAP….Medici Masters of Florence is totally enchanting and obsessively magnatizing.

  59. Theresa Gerson

    Season 1 of The Medicis is marvelous! PLEASE release Season 2 soon on Netflix. Now I am reading about Florentine history, art, and the Italian Renaissance —- thank you!

  60. Robyn

    Awesome show! Just finished season I and I’m upset it was so short because it was so good. Can’t wait till season II! I hope it comes out soon!

  61. AuroraRomul

    Madly keen on Florence and its history! As well as Florentine republic = Medici family, especially what refers to Cosimo and afterward Lorenzo the Magnificient, want more! Waiting for season 2 with Madden starring Cosimo, he is unexpectedly charming in this role:)

  62. Mary Martin

    Please bring on season 2. Incredible show. Brilliant acting. Season 2 can’t come fast enough.

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