When Will New Girl Season 6 Be on Netflix?

Over the past few months Netflix has been adding tons of new shows and movies for its members to watch. They have added some classic movies such as Titanic, and Jaws. They also added some new family movies such as Zootopia. New shows have also been added to Netflix. These include new episodes of American Horror Story, The Walking Dead, and even New Girl.

New Girl is an american sitcom that puts the audience right into the middle of a young teacher’s life. The young teacher’s name is Jess. She moves to L.A in search of a job and moves into a loft with three men. The show incorporates comedy as well as some drama. Netflix is already streaming seasons one through five of New Girl. This allows fans of the show to catch up on episodes as they start to watch New Girl season six on Fox. As season six of New Girl makes its premier, a question is raised; “when will New Girl season six be on Netflix?”

When Will New Girl Season 6 Be on Netflix?

Five seasons of New Girl are already streaming on Netflix. With the recent premier of season six on Fox, we can almost guarantee that season six of New Girl will join seasons one through five on Netflix in the near future. In order to figure out when exactly season six of New Girl will be on Netflix we need to look at the past premier dates of New Girl on Fox, and compare them to the dates those seasons were released on Netflix. In the case of New Girl, it seems as though the wait for new seasons won’t be as long as other shows. Season five of new girl was released on January 5th, 2016. Season five was released on Netflix in October, 2016. This means that it takes about ten months after the premier date for new episodes of New Girl to be on Netflix. So we can look forward to new episodes of New Girl in late June or July 2017. Comment below if you want New Girl season six on Netflix ASAP.

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