When Will No Tomorrow Season 2 Be on Netflix? Netflix Release Date?

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Netflix is a website that allows its subscribers to watch their favorite shows and movies from almost any electronic device that can connect to the internet. Netflix started out as a DVD mailing service that later adapted into a movie streaming website. In order to gain access to Netflix’s massive collection of content, subscribers pay a small monthly fee. This fee grants unlimited access to shows and movies of any genre you could ever want to watch. Most of the shows on Netflix are produced and aired by television networks then picked up by Netflix a few months after their premier on television. One of the major sources of content for Netflix is The CW. The CW has provided Netflix with many different shows. One of the most recent shows from The CW to begin streaming on Netflix is the show No Tomorrow.

When Will No Tomorrow Season 2 Be on Netflix? Netflix Release Date?
No Tomorrow was originally aired on the CW and brought in a few hundred thousand views per episode. This show is a great watch for anyone who enjoys romantic comedies. The basic plot of No Tomorrow is that a young woman meets a man who tells her that the world will end within the next year. In preparation, he tells her she needs to create a bucket list of everything she wants to do before the world comes to its end. She agrees and creates her bucket list. The show follows as she completes her bucket list while also trying to figure out if there is actually a threat of the world coming to an end. This show did not receive the ratings that they wanted while the first season rolled out on television. They hope that a few months on Netflix will entice audiences to call for a second season of the show on television. This is very likely as this show is actually really good and I recommend everyone give it a chance. There is currently one season of No Tomorrow streaming on Netflix. As subscribers finish up season one on Netflix, they will begin asking the question “when will No Tomorrow season 2 be on Netflix?”

When Will No Tomorrow Season 2 Be on Netflix? Netflix Release Date? 

No tomorrow is a perfect show for anyone who enjoys romantic comedy television shows. The plot of this show is sure to entertain anyone who makes the great decision to watch the show. There is currently one season of No Tomorrow streaming on Netflix. As subscribers finish up the thirteenth and final episode of season one, they will begin asking the big question “when will No Tomorrow season 2 be on Netflix?” To answer this question we must take a look at how Netflix has handled other shows from The CW. Currently there has been no word of the production of a No Tomorrow season 2 despite strong promotion by the network. If season one performs well on Netflix it is likely that No Tomorrow season 2 will become a reality. More than likely No Tomorrow season 2 will be on Netflix by October 2018. Comment below if you want No Tomorrow season 2 to be on Netflix ASAP!

Update 2/4/17 Will No Tomorrow Return for Season 2 on The CW?

The CW has not made a definite decision on the fate of the show No Tomorrow. There has been no approval of the production of No Tomorrow season 2, or a cancelation of the show either. What we do know is that The CW had high hopes for the show No Tomorrow and it was a let down when the show did not preform as well as they would have hoped when it aired on Television. The lack of success lead to No Tomorrow season one being added to Netflix in a last ditch effort to increase interest and demand in the series. So far it is looking like the Netflix crowd has received this show well. Things are looking bright for season 2 of No Tomorrow. We expect the CW to revisit the idea of producing season 2 in the near future. Check back in a few months for another update on the progress of No Tomorrow season 2 on Netflix!


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  1. I finished season 1 of No Tomorrow in 2 days. It was great, I could not stop watching it and now I want more. It was such a unique comedy with awesome characters, I truly hope Netflix picks it up, and it would be terrific if we didn’t have to wait a year and a half to see season 2.

    1. This show no tomorrow has been my obsession. I love it so much I need more. I love the characters and let’s face it x is super hot

    2. Love it! It’s a fun show with some inspiration too. Need a season 2. CW and/or Netflix, make it happen.

    3. I couldn’t stop watching please please tell me there is going to be a season 2. I cried when I read there my not be another season.

    4. I just finished “No Tomorrow” season 1 & can’t wait for season 2 – hope it will be ASAP! It’s is so great to have the happiness, laughter & positivity in this time of difficulty. We need more of this in our lives.

    5. This has been the funniest series I’ve watched in a long time. And since I was able to watch the whole series in 4 days, I’ll start over with my friends. And hopefully hold my tongue. Lol

  2. Just do watched season 1 no tomorrow on nextflix . Cw has to make a season 2 it was such a great show and I want to know what happens next please bring season 2 asap. Absolutely loved it

  3. Please release seson 2 of No tomorrow ASAP !! We just finish it and we want to continue watching it very entertaining and we definitely don’t want to wait one year or more. Tks

  4. One of the best shows I have watched in ages. Smart, great story lines, wonderful characters, and totally engaging. I want to see more. Please.

  5. I finished ‘No Tomorrow’ in 2 days! This show is so inspiring and not a typical rom com. I think Netflix should really consider making this a Netflix original. I’m on board!

  6. I absolutely love the show. I was in a media cleanse for a bit while the show was running, so I didn’t get a chance to see it then, but I am so stoked I saw it on netflix. I’m pleading for season 2!!! Besides, I’d feel sorry for Joshua Sasse if another amazing show of his got cancelled so quickly!

  7. Bring season 2 back ASAP I couldn’t stop watching and finished the 1st season.
    It’s a GREAT show!!

  8. Simply addicting! Absolutely loved it. If there is no season two, that leaves everyone hanging. Please make season 2!!!

  9. Great Show! I hate cliff hangers if there’s not another season! Ready and waiting for the next episodes.

  10. This was a great show I do not want to wait a year and a half for season 2 by the time it comes out you forget everything that happened I do not know why Netflix does this. Ridiculous!!!!

  11. Oh Fig! Just finished season 1 and need to see season 2 asap! Please make season 2 and please don’t make us viewers wait over a year for the next chapter of this awesome show!

  12. Finished watching Season 1 on Netflix in two days! Amazing show… I was absolutely hooked. Please pick up for Season 2!!


  14. This show needs to come back with season 2! I see some potential! I’m wondering if they’re able to see people streaming it from other websites because I know some people tend to watch their shows that way. For all they know this show has a higher rating if they’re not taking this into account.

  15. I WANT SEASON 2 RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what the hell you cant leave me with this bitch on a plane with young Barack Obama and the ausie version of Thor saving the world an me not getting to know wht athe fuck happens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  16. Omg my daughter and I love this show. It is dreamy and inspiring and makes you want more of that hunky guy and adorable girl! Absolutely need more plus I love the office dynamics and hank is just way too awe some.
    Please give us season 2!

  17. Omg my daughter and I love this show. It is dreamy and inspiring and makes you want more of that hunky guy and adorable girl! Absolutely need more plus I love the office dynamics and hank is just way too awe some.
    Please give us season 2!

  18. Yes please!!! More, more, more. This was a great show to get hooked on while I waited for another season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

  19. Yes, love the show. Watched it in 2 days! I was hoping that season 2 would be out soon but I didn’t realize it could be a year and a half. Wtf? Why do y’all do that to people? If I had regular TV I would have watched it there too. But Netflix is all I have and I’m dying to see what happens next.

  20. There are so many shows that suck and go on for years, No Tomorrow is a great show and there should be no question about making a second season.

    1. Agreed. This is the first show that I loved everything about it and I thought Evie and Xavier are just adorable together!!! It is my Favorite show!!! I need season 2 (and hopefully there is more to come).

  21. I was skeptical about the show at first, but I ended up absolutely loving it! I haven’t laughed so hard in so long while watching a show. Good chemistry with Xavier and Evie. There really needs to be more seasons.

  22. Uplifting, fun and laugh-out-loud funny. I’ve been telling all my friends and co- workers to watch it. Sooooo want a Season 2 PLEASE!!!

  23. Holy crap I didn’t expect to love this show as much as I did!!!! I watched it all in a day and could not stop laughing and swooning over the relationship between Xavier and Evie! I want there to be a season 2 so that they can come back together!!!!!!

  24. Absolutely LOVE No Tomorrow!! Great show that makes you appreciate life and inspires you to live it to the fullest!!! Please make a season 2!!!! Soon!!!

  25. If the CW doesn’t pick it up Netflix should. The characters are original, the scripts are witty, a real pleaser all around.

  26. Absolutely love NO TOMORROW! Fairly addictive show. Please advocate for Netflix airing Season 2 as if they’re living like there’s no tomorrow. 🙂 The sooner the better. Thanks!

  27. With the exception of Stranger Things, No Tomorrow is the first show in a long time I’ve lasted a whole season and look forward to the next! It’s brilliant! It’s smart, witty, fun, original and above all incredibly inspiring. I adore the characters and the message. I truly have been inspired to get back out there and start living life to the fullest once again, I may even make my own list. Never thought what I needed would come from a television show but it has…Thank you to the creative mind that had the vision and CW and Netflix for sharing it with the rest of us. Now please keep it coming with another season!!

  28. Don’t even mention the E-word or the X-word to me; it’s too painful after weekend binging on this funny, touching, well-written show. I gotta see more soooooon. CW, do your thang!

  29. Please continue it! My family and I are obsessed. We love the cast and watching makes us happy. It’s funny, delightful and interesting. I pass the word around that it’s a great show. Please don’t end it and please put it on ASAP.

  30. I had no idea the show existed. Started randomly watching it on Netflix and couldn’t stop. It would be terrible for there to be no season two.

  31. Yes most definitely want a season 2. Love all the actors Joshua Sasse is great and needs more steam to be really big. I first saw him in galavant on it think ABC and that was also awesome but short lived. I think netflix should buy the rights to both and offer Joshua a exclusive contract for more shows. Cause with netflix making their own show you can star in any genre and now be stuck in one role for ever.

  32. Fell in love with this show instantly. Unlike other shows in the CW, there was little to no advertising for “No Tomorrow”. Maybe if there was it would have had better rating as I would have watched it. I binged this on Netflix and ABSOLUTLEY NEED season 2! Please do t take this show away!

  33. Yes .. a season 2 is much needed… don’t let the fans down we need closure. Will the Astroid hit Earth? Will Evie and Xavier find a way to be together again? How is Hank taking the end of the world news? Please renew this series for a season 2!!!!!!!


  35. YES MOST DEFINITELY!!! I absolutely love it! Ive prob watched Season no.1 at least 8 times lol It inspired me to make my own apocalyst!!

  36. YES MOST DEFINITELY!!! I absolutely love it! Ive prob watched Season no.1 at least 8 times lol It inspired me to make my own Apocalyst! I will be very disappointed if they dont make a Season no.2!

  37. I need season 2 now ? Season 2 needs at least 22 episodes. There is no there show out there like this and it needs to continue.

  38. LOVED LOVED LOVED THIS SHOW!!!! It is so funny, and riveting- just the best story!! Couldn’t quit watching!!! SEASON 2 is a MUST!

  39. I never watch CW and wasn’t aware this show existed until it came to Netflix. I watched Season One in a day and would like to see at least one more season. Come on, Netflix! You need to keep the story going!

  40. I finish season 1 of No Tomorrow on Netflix in 2 days also! I love this show!! I even bought a My Intent Project necklace that says Carpe Diem and I’m going to be looking into planning a trip to Iceland to see the Northern Lights! There is so much that I want to do in this life, that I have neglected doing. Amazing how a show can open your mind to the importance of truly living your life!! Give us more seasons of this show!! Please!!

  41. I ABSOLUTELY loved this slow! !! So refreshingly differnt from EVERYTHING that is on TV NOW. Funny, inspirationaly, thought provoking, strategically crafty at addressing deep subjects yet staying light hearted simultaneously. It forced me to revisit making a list as I questioned what happened to the 1st few lists I made but never implemented. I got my husband to watch it & he too enjoyed it’s witty & playful comedy. I watched it in 2 days (only bc I started the 1st episode at 9 pm & then started it right over so hubby could watch it). I laughed. I pondered. I imagined. I fell in love with my husband all over again. I felt alive and carefree. And I felt frustrated that I wasn’t doing more to live in the moment. I’m heart broken that season 2 isn’t already waiting for my verocious appetite but that there is even questtion they they should make one. For once , can we not rely on numbers but on substance. In the height of contrived realty tv, this is a much needed departure from scandalous rachetness based in phoney scripted drama. I scour the networks looking for REAL TV shows that are worthy of not only my attention but my time. A TV show that has managed to frustrate me bc I want so desperately to find a way to marry the two characters of Evy & Xavier in my own life, to seize the day while accepting the reality of still needing to manage to maintain a life, a job, a home, kids, car etc. Please bring it back. And if you do. . Please oh please, manage to get Evy OFF THAT DAMN PLANE & Back into Xavier’s arms. You keep trying to put her with someone else. I know it’s a show, I’m not crazy. But isn’t that what you want. To make the viewers connect with the characters. I won’t watch it if they aren’t back together. The show doesn’t work without it!!! I never comment. I never write or even look this innfo up. There is a part of me that wants to believe that this comment will be the tipping point, but maybe that’s just the Xavier in me.

    1. I totally agree. Forget about the numbers because this is a great show to watch. There is definitely nothing better.

  42. I agree with everyone else. I loved this show. It is heartwarming with great characters . It was truly refreshing and I would be so disappointed if there wasn’t another season.

  43. I just finished season 1 and I LOVE IT!! I am praying for a season 2 sooner than later! I finished the season two days! <3

  44. I watched No tomorrow Season I in one week and I cannot get enough of it! I hope you can give us season 2 sooner than later! I am getting on social media to let everyone know how amazing this show is!
    Thank you

  45. My husband introduced me to No Tomorrow on Tuesday February 7rh. Just finished it uo tonight and we are both looking forward to the adventures that Season 2 will bring!!!!

  46. I am so in love with No Tomorrow, just binged it on Netflix and finished about 5 minutes ago. I need another season! Please don’t make us wait until 10/18!!! I’m going to promote this show to all of my friends in hopes they will bring it back for a second season.

  47. This is the first time in my life I take time to write reviews or even score a show. OMG Im hooked!! and in loveeee! with the casting. PLEAAAAAAAAAAASE!!! come back soon.

  48. No Tomorrow has changed my life! I have watched the season 3 times already in the past week. Lol I’m obsessed! I’ve started my own Apocalyst and I feel more alive. I’ve done at least 1 thing each day from my list. I must say I originally wanted to watch No Tomorrow because of the hot, bearded guy. They are both ridicously good looking and nice to look at. This show has romance, great chemistry, an amazing cast, it’s hilarious and uplifting! CW would be crazy not to do another season! Nothing has ever affected my life more than this show. Please CW…another season 🙂

  49. I couldnt stop watching it. I loved it!!! In 2 days watched ot was addictive. We need season 2. I was going to find the air time to watch the day it aired.

  50. I watched all of season one in 1 day! Please bring season 2 ASAP!!!!! I need to see Evie and Xavier find each other again!!!

  51. My daughter and I love this show. It’s one of the few shows we watch together. Please make season 2. You can’t leave us hanging like that!

  52. I never comment, not even on my own Facebook page, just ask my wife. I really hope there is another season of this show, just thought I should say so. If it wasn’t for netflix, I never would have found it. Really enjoyed it.

  53. Just found this show on Netflix! My boyfriend and I binged watched season 1 in one day it was so good we couldn’t stop watching it! Season 2 is a must! Wanting to see what the new season will bring for evie and her new adventure with the doctor! And see where it leads all the other characters!!

  54. Love this series!!!! Really hoping there is going to be a season 2! The characters are great and it’s very adictive.

  55. We LOVED No Tomorrow!!! We laughed and had fun watching it as it was a fun uplifting show. Please bring season two on air ASAP!!!!!

  56. I don’t know why “No Tomorrow” did not do well enough for a Season 2 , because it was awesome and refreshing. Great characters and story line. I have a hutch that there is so much on Netflix that it got lost in the mix. Maybe if there was better PR there would get a better following because everyone that has seen it loves it and wants more. It is only fair to the people who pay and watch Netflix. Expose Season 1 more and you will get your bigger following to get a Season 2. No brainer!

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