When Will Noble Season 2 Be on Netflix? Netflix Release Date?

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Netflix is a movie and television show streaming site that blows every other movie and television show streaming site out of the water. Netflix started off as a simple business that mailed DVD’s to their members. Netflix has since bloomed into a massive business that streams movies and shows right onto member’s computers, televisions, and even mobile phones. Not only does Netflix stream movies and shows produced by television channels, Netflix also produces movies and shows of their own. These shows are called Netflix Originals. Some notable Netflix originals include Luke Cage, Stranger Things, and The Ranch. One of the most recent Netflix originals is Noble.

When Will Noble Season 2 Be on Netflix? Netflix Release Date?
Noble is a show that depicts the life of a former military special forces officer who has come home after surviving the dangers of war. When he returns he is placed into a chaotic and home life as events occurring in Afghanistan affect his home life. His home life becomes extremely political and seemingly more dangerous than the war he made it home from. Noble is a great option that for those who love political drama and wartime action. There is currently only one season of Noble streaming on Netflix. As viewers finish up the eighth and final episode of Noble, they will begin asking the question “when will Noble season 2 be on Netflix?”

When Will Noble Season 2 Be on Netflix? Netflix Release Date? 

There is currently only one season of Noble streaming on Netflix. Being that Noble is a new Netflix Original, there has only been one season released. There are eight episodes in the first season. When fans of the show finish up season one they will be wondering when Noble season 2 be on Netflix. In order to figure out when season 2 will be on Netflix we must take a look at how Netflix has handled the release new seasons of similar shows. It usually takes Netflix around eleven months to release a second season of a Netflix Original. Being that Noble season one was released in December 2016, we can expect that Noble season 2 will be released on Netflix by November 2017. Comment below if you are ready for Noble season 2 to be streaming on Netflix as soon as possible!

84 thoughts on “When Will Noble Season 2 Be on Netflix? Netflix Release Date?”

    1. Excellent program! So tired of superheroes, etc. on US TV. Love the scenery of Norway as well as well as the interactions between people. Supposed to be the same everywhere but there are always subtle differences that make us all a little more interesting to one another. Thanks Netflix – Now on to Season 2

    2. Please tell me there is a season 2 of Nobel coming! This series is amazing and so well done. From the opening to the very last episode, I was hooked! Intriguing storyline and so beautifully written. Hurry up season 2!

  1. please continue Noble with a second season at least. It was brilliantly underplayed and riveting just the same. the actor who played the major character revealed more humanity through his minimalist acting than any American actor could ever do. MORE< MORE< MORE.

  2. Get season TWO released faster than winter 2017, please!!! The best series…we need another season of this amazing and well acted drama!

  3. The US has been involved in war in Afghanistan since 2001. There has been no major program that has shown the regular grind of war but also the complicated and disgusting overlap of different agendas in the war. In addition to great acting and writing, Nobel does not sugar coat.

  4. NOBEL is an absolutely thought provoking, mesmerizing series. Exceptional actors (topping my list: the amazing Aksel Hennie and Tuva Novotny) and has first class story telling.
    Season two is a MUST…
    I’m also curious to know what becomes of our favorite couple: Jon Petter Hans and Adella?

  5. It’s a big relief to know that I can depend on other countries outside the US to make good quality shows like Nobel, because the US produces so much outrageously stupid and unrealistic ones. I do hope Netflix continues on with this one for sure.

  6. Excellent storyline with believable characters. The casting is excellent. My hat is off to Netflix. Looking forward to the second season.

  7. What an excellent series. We binge-watched in 2 nights. Great casting; fascinating story lines. Please please please give us a Season 2!

  8. My second comment is loved the show, but maybe the spelling of the show’s title should be corrected in your heading, since the show is about the Nobel Prize?

  9. Love the show. Riveting even though the various political factions are somewhat undefined and obscure, as in real life. Intriguing and different. Wonderful characters who take us out of our own lives to enhance and reveal a different world view from the one we know and the people we identify with in our own USA culture. I would love to see a Netflix Season 2 as Season 1 was relevant as well as thought provoking. Bravo for entertaining us as well as giving us a provative perspective and appreciation of others around the world who serve and protect.

  10. Please bring Nobel back for a second season! The actors, the storyline, production values are excellent!!!

  11. Very intelligent and deep new drama. I enjoy the extensive character development. At the same time, I prefer that the war scenes are about the people involved on both sides….not the war machinery. Also, it is a new look at soldiers who seem to have a somewhat different take on their involvement in Afghanistan than the Americans do. I anxiously await season 2.

  12. A high quality Norwegian drama that goes into the alternate reasons behind nations involvement in a military conflict. Great acting by all members of the cast with a gripping story line. The story so far has left an opening for at least another season. I just love most of the Scandinavian productions on Netflix, please give us more.

  13. Just finished Nobel and thoroughly enjoyed it. Characters are spot on. Writing ia very well done.
    Season 2 needs to be released Netflix!!!

  14. This series is fantastic. So much more “real”, in terms of the emotional lives of the characters. So refreshing to have sexual relationships there, without having to see the obligatory “throw her up on the kitchen counter for unbridled lust” cliche’ of American films. Please hurry Season Two. Pat

  15. I have loved watching Nobel and several other movies from Norway. Have been getting into international shows more. Sometimes hard to follow because if subs but like the change and freshness they bring. Love the fact that Netflix does this with several countries. Keep them coming.

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