When Will Offspring Season 8 Be Available on Netflix?

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Within this article you will find information about the show Offspring. You will find a brief overview of the series along with a possible Netflix release date for Offspring season 8!

When Will Offspring Season 8 Be Available on Netflix?

Offspring Series Overview

Offspring is a comedy series brought to us by the Network Ten television channel in Australia. Despite being a comedy series, Offspring still offers viewers a hint of drama. Offspring is a great watch for anyone who enjoys a good laugh. Offspring tells the story of a woman in her thirties who struggles to juggle her family, career, and romantic life. Click the link to view the IMDb rating for Offspring. There are currently only seven seasons of Offspring streaming on Netflix. As subscribers wrap up the final episodes of season seven on Netflix, they will begin asking the big question “when will Offspring Season 8 be available to stream on Netflix?”

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When Will Offspring Season 8 Be Available to Stream on Netflix?

Offspring is an Australian comedy series that is a great watch for any Netflix subscriber who likes a good laugh. There are currently seven seasons of Offspring streaming on Netflix. As subscribers wrap up the final episodes of season seven, they will begin anticipating the release of season 8. To determine a possible Netflix release date for Offspring season 8, we must take a look at how Netflix has handled the release of previous seasons of Offspring. If a pattern can be dissociated from the data provided to us by Netflix, we can approximate a possible Netflix release date. In the past we have observed a four month period of time between the release of a season of Offspring on television and the release of the same season on Netflix. Using this pattern we can approximate a possible Netflix release date for Offspring season 8. Offspring season 8 should be streaming on Netflix by October 2018. Comment below if you are excited to see more episodes of Offspring streaming on Netflix ASAP!

42 thoughts on “When Will Offspring Season 8 Be Available on Netflix?”

  1. just finished watching season 7 of Offspring. I’m so happy to hear that there is a season 8, but sad I have to wait a whole year for it! I absolutely love this show.

  2. I love this show! I caught wind of it and it instantlly became my favorite . I just finished season 7 ( in a few days) now give me season 8!

  3. Unfortunately, Season 8 hasn’t been renewed yet per the network, the website is just guessing when it might be available. 🙁

  4. I just finished season 7 and it sure felt like a series finale. Each couple’s situation was neatly tied up with a happen ever after feeling. Not sure how they follow up on this, but I hope they do!

  5. My absolute favorite show!! Just finished season 7. Hoping they renew and film a season 8 although if Nina leaves St Francis hospital how will they keep the staff part of the cast. I sure hope season 7 wasn’t a ‘series’ finale

  6. I absolutely love Offspring!!! Every cast member is so unique and wonderful!!! The story lines are always so heartwarming and the family relationships are quite endearing! I hope this series continues!!!

  7. Just binged season 7. I thank the creators for such a lovely and meaningful show. I watched from Goodyear, Arizona so I just wanted someone to know this show has universal themes that are easily relatable and familiar. We all have people like the Prodmans in our families. Thank You and I’m so hoping for a season 8.

  8. Rake 👍👍 Offspring,Wentworth and Dr. Blake (PBS) are outstanding exports to Canadian streaming services.Undergirded by excellent writing,actors who have mastered their craft well and have great skills in connecting to their audience.
    Hopefully Netflix Canada will continue to support Australian talent.
    Go Cleaver and Barnyard 🤗

  9. Love the show! Best series I have ever watched. Binge watched 7 seasons ….can’t wait a whole year! Love Nina (Asher). And all her co stars. Will follow her forever!

  10. I love this show. I have visited Australia three times, and Offspring really makes feel connected to the country. Great characters.

  11. I love, love, love this series. I truly hope there will be a season 8. I understand it would be streaming on Netflix October 2018. I have already marked it in my calendar. Fingers crossed!
    Great fan from Canada

  12. Major binge watching of Offspring! Really enjoy the show. Love the Proudmans and looking forward to season 8, hopefully not too long a wait!!!

  13. This show is fantastic! I am getting nothing done, just watching! As an American it’s refreshing to see a show and out life that’s light, funny, sometimes tragic and truly entertaining. Don’t ever want it to end, oh and now I want to live in Australia!

  14. I absolutely love this show ❤️❤️ I always feel so lonely when I’ve watched all the seasons , I miss the characters so much they really make me laugh and cry and each one is my favourite. Please please please let there be a season 8 from your Irish fan !!!

  15. I am watching in USA and have stopped at the episode where Nina gives birth and Patrick dies. I can’t bare to watch but I totally love the show. I’m waiting till my daughter can hold my hand thru the the episode. I can’t imagine Nina without Patrick but I have faith the show does her right and makes everything work. I just love the show and do hope they have a season 8 and wish netflix showcased more Australian shows..

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