When Will Once Upon a Time Season 6 Be on Netflix?

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Netflix is an online television show streaming website that allows its users to watch a wide variety of different movies and shows. Netflix even makes its own series’ now. Some, like Narcos, are extremely popular and draw tens of thousands of views daily.

One of the more popular television shows on Netflix right now is the show Once Upon a Time. This show originally aired on ABC. Once Upon a Time is a fantasy show that depicts the lives of all the popular fairy tail characters as they interact with one another in the real world. There are currently five seasons of Once Upon a Time Streaming on Netflix. These seasons have provided fans of the show with plenty of episodes to binge watch as the premier of Once Upon a Time season six approaches. If you have already finished the first five seasons on Netlfix, you can start watching season six on September 26th, 2016. Season six will premier at 9PM on ABC. After the season six premier of Once Upon a Time, fans will want to see episodes from season six online. They will be able to when Netflix has season six of Once Upon a Time streaming. The question is: “When will season six of Once Upon a Time Be On Netflix?

When Will Season 6 of Once Upon a Time Be On Netflix?

Season 6 of Once Upon a Time will air on ABC at 9PM on September 25, 2016. By using this date and the history of Once Upon a Time on Netflix, we can determine when Once Upon a Time season six will be on Netflix. Past seasons of Once Upon a time have taken around 11 months after the premier date to be released on Netflix. So, using this information, we can predict that Once Upon a Time Season six will be on Netflix. It is looking like season six will be on Netflix around August or September 2017. Although this seems like a long time, it is actually about the same amount of time that the other seasons of Once Upon a Time took to stream on Netflix. Comment below if you want season six of Once Upon a Time to be on Netflix soon.

Season six was released on Netflix on August 25th, 2017! Click the link to see when Once Upon a Time season 7 will be on Netflix!

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  1. please please please put season six earlier on netflix i absolute;y love this show and i a literally obseesed with it please please please, thank u please ocnsider this millions of fans out there just waiting to watch what happens next?

  2. Please add season 6 of Once Upon A Time very soon on Netflix. It is my favorite show and I only watch tv from Netflix. I would greatly appreciate it.

  3. Usually once upon a time come on Netflix a day after the showing on tv ?. I was told the season was going to be Netflix on the 26 September but its changed why is this

    1. no its usually when a season is over on tv it airs on netflixs right after like 3 weeks after because thats what it did with season 5

  4. Was so looking forward to series 6, but have just read , won’t be on UK Netflix till September 2017, absolutely gutted, thought it was 2016 . I was getting all excited. Please please stream it in UK earlier.thanks.x

  5. Can’t wait see watch TV from Netflix in Once Upon a time on Season 6 very soon!!! Please!! not later NOW! I am emotional!

  6. I really love this show Once apon a time as well as my friend. And would greatly appreciate it if you could air season 6 this year instead of next year. Thank you I’m really enjoying Netflix.

    1. Please bring it to Netflix as soon as one episode airs on tv then send it to Netflix I can’t wait 11 months for the next chapter. I love,this series and I love Netflix so do everything you can to get it please please please please. This year would be awesome not next year I have to see what the evil queen is going to do next. So please bring it out as soon as possible. I made a wish so helpfully it will create a little magic.

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