When Will One Day At a Time Season 2 Be on Netflix? Netflix Release Date?

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Netflix is a great website that allows its subscribers to access a massive collection of movies and television shows from some of the top producers and channels around. In Netflix’s early years they mailed DVD’s to their subscribers, now Netflix streams content right onto their subscribers electronic devices. Netflix can stream shows right onto almost any device that can connect to the internet. Subscribers simply pay a small monthly fee to gain access to the collection of content that Netflix has amassed. Not only does Netflix stream content created by third party producers, Netflix also produces content of their own. This content is known as Netflix originals. Netflix originals are shows that are created by Netflix and are exclusive to Netflix subscribers. Some notable Netflix originals include Stranger Things, The Ranch, and Luke Cage. Another Netflix original that is increasing in popularity is the show One Day At a Time.

When Will One Day At a Time Season 2 Be on Netflix? Netflix Release Date?
One Day At a Time is a great show for anyone who wants an easy watch. This show is a remake of a a classic television show by the same name. One Day At a Time is a sitcom about a cuban family living in america. The family is headed by a single mother who is raising two kids. The two kids are quite a handful so the single mother receives help from her own mother who is a very old school Cuban woman. This show is very comical and at times dramatic. This show is a very entertaining option for anyone who enjoys sitcoms. The obstacles that the characters face are very relatable to almost anyone. There is currently only one season of One Day At a Time streaming on Netflix. As Netflix subscribers begin finishing up season one of One Day At a Time, they will begin asking the question “when will One Day At a Time Season 2 Be on Netflix?”

When Will One Day At a Time Season 2 Be on Netflix? Netflix Release Date?

With One Day at a Time season one becoming increasingly popular, Netflix subscribers will begin to look forward to a second season of the show being released on Netflix. There is currently only one season of One Day At a Time streaming on Netflix. As subscribers finish up this single season, they will begin asking the big question “when will One Day At a Time season 2 be on Netflix?” To answer this question we must take a look back at how Netflix has handled releases of the new seasons of similar shows in the past. After researching these trends for around a year now, we have determined that the average time that passes between the first season of a Netflix original show and the second season, is between eleven months and a year. Whether or not there is a season 2 is determined by the popularity of the show along with the demand for the show. Using this information we can approximate the release date for One Day at a Time season 2 on Netflix. Being that One Day at a Time season one was released in January 2017, we can approximate that the release date for One Day at a Time season 2 will be between December 2017, and January 2018. This means that we should have One Day at a Time season 2 streaming on Netflix by January 2018. Comment below if you want One Day at a Time season 2 on Netflix as soon as possible!

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    1. Way better than the original. The Cuban family is great and Rita Morena is a pure delight! Want to see more seasons of this wonderful reboot.

  1. Just finished watching Season One of ‘One Day At A Time’…loved it. It was refreshing to watch a program without violence, bad language & nudity. Hoping there is a Season Two and NOT HAVE TO WAIT A YEAR. Rita Moreno is AWESOME and looks fabulous for her age, hard to believe she is in her 80’s…if I did not know how old she was I would not believe it. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE let there be a Season 2 and not make us wait a year.

  2. A great fsmily show. Very entertaining. I would worry about time passing for Rita Moreno . She needs to be working now on their next season. with her age it might be foolish and risky to wait.

  3. I Love The Show It Was Very Funny, Family Oriented And Just Heartwarming To See A Family Bond
    I Don’t Watch To Much Television But I Would Definitely Keep Up With This Show
    Please Bring It Back For More Than 1 Or 2 Seasons Please
    Thank You

  4. Loved this show. Very entertaining and insightful at the same time. Tackles the political and socio issues with humor and care!! Can’t wait for season 2!!!


  6. Please have a season 2! I love, love this show! Thank goodness for snow days…I watched season 1 in two days. Had to make myself take a break and savor it. The actors are very entertaining; subject matters funny, yet poignant…and, it touches my Cuban roots! I can’t wait to see season 2!

  7. I just finished watching and omgoodness ready for season 2. We need good latino comedy! Hurry up! We want more! The cast is AWESOME! WE WANT MORE! PLEASE! It’s that good!

  8. I love this show we need a second season asap I hope they don’t wait til next year to bring season 2 of one day at a time

  9. Please please make season 2 asap it’s my favorite show I loved the ending it made cry because the ending was perfect I loved it and it would make a great movie and book or something but please hurry and make season 2 thanks!!

  10. Loved this show and hope to see season 2 come to Netflix. We laughed so much and thought the various subject matters reflects what families go through. Great job!


  12. Please bring back One Day At a Time Season two. I can relate to this family on so many levels it’s crazy. It’s funny and heartwarming. Please bring it back SOON.

  13. Please bring on season 2!! I love this show and you have to bring Ben back as the boyfriend! Not sure I can wait till 2018! It has to be soon!

  14. Love this show. It is truely awesome. It deals with some very true issues. It makes me laugh and it makes me cry. Wonderful show can’t wait for the next season.

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  16. Absolutely loved this show. Saw all 13 episodes in one day. To hear that we might have to wait a whole year for season 2 shocked me. Please Please bring season back A.s.a.p. I am a true fan. Very good show.

  17. Season one was fantastic, loved the storylinesame, actors and the comedic timing. Please add Season two, looks like there is a lot of interest for more. Great show ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  18. I absolutely LOVED this show!!! It made me laugh, it made me cry!!!!! I can’t wait for season 2!!!!!!!!

  19. Please bring Season 2 of One Day At A Time sooner! I can’t wait 11 months! It’s such a fun show that me and my whole Family can relate to

  20. Loved the show please release it soon cant wait till next year.. Loved the ending of season 1 it made me cry… Want to see what happens to the family..awesome show.

  21. I really love this show ….
    Please hurry up with season 2 ,3,4….
    It makes me laugh,cry…

  22. Please don’t make us wait a year to see more of this wonderfully written show. It would be a shame.

  23. Loved this show… Funny! And a great balance of fun and serious topics! Renew this show Netflix !!! And maybe more episodes in season 2 !

  24. January 2018???? No!!!! Season 2 needs to come back ASAP I love this show. It’s like watching my life on TV. Love it love it, love it.

  25. Love this show!!! Please bring it back. It’s nice to see a show that I can relate to. I grew up in a Hispanic household and this show reminds me a lot of the situs I went through growing up. Very touching and funny show!!

  26. I watched the whole season in one day and now just found out I have to wait a year looong for the 2nd one, OMG! I can’t wait that long. Please make it sooner?

  27. I just finished One day at a time season 1. It was good and funny. I hope they have more seasons to come. I’ll definitely watch them all!! Please don’t make us wait a whole year for another season

  28. Please don’t make me wait a year for one day at a Time season two I can’t wait that long to find out what happens next.love the show so please if u could make it continue sooner.

  29. Yes! Please start season 2 ASAP. This show is amazing. FYI I watch a fair amount of TV and have never wriiten a review.

  30. I can’t wait a year for season 2, this TV show make you feel like family, it’s warm, funny and fun. I love the cast ???. Take time making more episodes but please not a year

  31. I think one day at a time is an amazing show that has showed me thats there might be bumps on the road but you’ll always have your family with you. I hated that Elenas father ditched but loved how family came together and dance with her. I hope ill see season 2 soon.

  32. I really loved the show please do a season two and please don’t wait so long. This is what turns people off the long wait. Great show I want to see season two and more. Thank you.

  33. I usually favor movies more than TV shows , but I must say this is one of the most entertaining, inspiring, and relatable TV series I have come across. Iv have told all my co workers and family members about it and now we are ALL impatiently waiting for season 2! Can’t wait!

  34. I really enjoyed this show on Netflix. I watched the original as a teenager, and can honestly say the writing, acting, everything is much better with the remake. The mother as opposed to Ann Romano is much more in tune to her children and doesn’t rant at them continually. I didn’t think another Schneider was possible but this guy is darling. Rita Moreno completely witty and charming. Please release season 2 asap as that’s what’s wonderful about Netflix. You don’t have to wait a whole year for seasons. The bosses just have to decide there are enough viewers. Obviously, this is a hit show!!!

  35. Please bring back Season 2 of One Day At A Time sooner than a year. I love that show and need to watch more of it asap!

  36. Love the show. I can relate to everything. Being Cuban myself it’s great to see a happy and funny side of Cuba. Can’t wait to see season 2. Keep up the great job and show. Thank you for bringing back my childhoodmemories.

  37. My 17 year old daughter and I just watched the whole season 1 of One Day At A Time today and we loved it, we laughed, we cried and we can relate to this family PLEASE GIVE US A SEASON 2 A.S.A.P!!!!!

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