When Will Schitt’s Creek Season 4 Be Streaming on Netflix?

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Have you ever wondered what it is like to be filthy rich? Sometimes its not all it is cracked up to be. Schitt’s Creek is a Canadian television series that has had a great deal of success entertaining Netflix subscribers. Below you will find a brief description of Schitt’s creek. We will also dig into the Netflix release date for Schitt’s Creek Season 4. Lets take a look. 

When Will Schitt's Creek Season 4 Be Streaming on Netflix?

Schitt’s Creek Series Overview

It seems as though Canadian television shows always have great success on Netflix. perhaps this is because after their time on television, streaming on Netflix is the only access fans of the show have to the series. Schitt’s Creek depicts the life of the Rose family. A once wealthy family who’s fortune has crumbled to nearly nothing. They are reduced to living in a motel within the town of Schitt’s Creek that, once upon a time, they bought as a joke. There was a great deal of demand from fans to get Schitt’s Creek season three streaming on Netflix; thankfully, Schitt’s Creek season 3 began streaming on Netflix on October 5th, 2017. The question now arises “when will Schitt’s Creek season 4 be available to stream on Netflix?

When Will Schitt’s Creek Season 4 Be Available to Stream on Netflix?

Schitt’s Creek has already been renewed for a fourth season by Pop. This is great news for fans of the series. Schitt’s Creek season three was recently released on Netflix. As fans of the series begin their binge, they will begin asking the question “when will Schitt’s Creek season 4 be streaming on Netflix?” To answer this question and determine a Netflix release date for Schitt’s Creek season 4 we must take a look at the data provided to us by our source at Netflix. According to our source, Netflix will add new seasons of Schitt’s Creek before the release of the subsequent season on television. There is typically a ten month period of time between the release of a season of Schitt’s Creek on Pop and the release of the same season on Netflix. Using this data we can approximate a Netflix release date for Schitt’s Creek season 4. Schitt’s Creek season 4 should be streaming on Netflix by November 2018.

Schitt’s Creek Season 4 Netflix Release Date

Schitt’s Creek Season 4 should be streaming on Netflix by November 2018.

We highly recommend this series for any Netflix subscriber looking for an easy watch with good laughs. It is good to get some comic relief thrown into your daily routine.


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  1. One of the best comedy shows in a very long time! Just love it. I cannot wait for Season 4 and many more. Wonderful lines Levy’s! You both are pure genius. Thanks so much for the laughs. SNNL eat your hearts out!

  2. Just discovered this hilarious series and have become totally addicted to it !
    The actors are so perfect in their roles, and the lines are insanely funny !
    Can’t remember when I’ve ever watched anything that has made me laugh so much ! Thank you, Levy’s, for creating such an entertaining and brilliant series !

  3. Love the show! The actors and script are hilariously funny and I laugh out loud throughout each episode. I am totally addicted and look forward to Season 4. I have told all of my friends to watch and they are totally hooked. Thanks to the Levys!

  4. Really loved this series. I had a lot of laugh out loud moments due to the hilarious script writing and so timingly delivered by the wonderful actors! Just Love the Levy comedians! Can’t wait for season 4!

  5. I love this show and hope itcontinues for many many more seasons!!! I have watched all three seasons a thousand times and can’t wait for the 4th. The Levy’s are amazing and hilarious and obviously genius’s for picking all the right actors for this show. Everyone is spot on!!!! Also love love the Stevie/David banter!!!

  6. Love love love love love this show… Watched all 3seasons several times can’t wait for season 4…5…6….7….

  7. I looooove this show. Laughed my ass off. I just finished S3, January 2018. So in the words of Moira Rose “When the FUCK will the show go on??”

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