When Will Shameless Season 7 Be On Netflix?

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Netflix is a movie and television show streaming site that charges a monthly fee for users to access thousands of movies and television shows. The fee, for many is well worth the hours of entertainment that Netflix provides. One of the more popular shows on Netflix is Shameless.

Shameless is a television show that aires on Showtime. There are currently seven episodes of Shameless that have been produced and aired on showtime. Six of these seven seasons are streaming on Netflix for fans to watch as often as they want. This is a great thing because now fans of Shameless can watch episodes from previous seasons while they wait for the new episodes of season seven to be aired. The show shameless is a comedy as well as a drama. The show depicts the happenings in the life of an alcoholic single father who has six kids. Due to his drinking, the six kids practically raise themselves in Chicago. With season seven of Shameless making its way onto televisions across the country, viewers of shameless on Netflix are going to start asking the big question: When will Shameless season seven be on Netflix?”

When Will Shameless Season 7 Be On Netflix?

In order to find out when season seven will be on Netflix, we need to look at the past release dates of television shows on showtime, and how that release date compares to the release of the show on Netflix. Previous shows on Showtime that have made their way to Netflix have taken around 11 months after their original release date to be released on Netflix. Season seven of shameless was aired on October 2, 2016. This release date means that Shameless season 7 will more than likely be released on Netflix sometime around August 2017. This date may seem like a long way away, however, when you look at the date of the season seven finale, it will only be about six and a half months until we get to see season seven on Netflix. Comment below if you want season seven of shameless to be on Netflix as soon as possible.

Shameless Season 8 Confirmed by Showtime

Season 8 of Shameless has been a mystery for quite a while now, however it has finally been confirmed by Showtime. There will be an eighth season of Shameless on television. What does this mean for Netflix? Being that Netflix is already streaming the first seven seasons of Shameless, it is extremely likely that Netflix will begin streaming Shameless season 8. The Netflix release date for Shameless season 8 will be able to be approximated as soon as we know the premier date for season 8 on Showtime. Check back in a few months to find out when Shameless season 8 will be streaming on Netflix.

Shameless Season 8 Update 2-14-17

Shameless season 8 is a sure thing and will begin filming in a few months. This means that soon enough we will be blessed with new episodes of Shameless to binge. We are still yet to see Shameless season 7 streaming on Netflix but we do not expect to see that happen until late summer 2017. This is perfect because that means we will be able to binge season 7 about a month before the premier of shameless season 8 on Showtime. We are expecting the premier of Shameless season 8 on Showtime to be right around November or December 2017. With this approximate air date more or less a sure thing, we can finally make an educated guess and approximate the release date of Shameless season 8 on Netflix. 

Will Netflix Pick Up Shameless After it is Cancelled on Television? 

Shameless has become a great show that is nearly worshiped by fans of the show across the country. Netflix members especially love this hilarious show and are constantly pining for more episodes of the show to be released on Netflix. With Shameless gaining so much momentum in recent months it seems as though there will always be a demand for more episodes of Shameless. If showtime leaves an open ended finale to the show whenever they decide to cancel the show, Netflix would have an opportunity to add a great new original show to their arsenal. Netflix is already streaming seasons one through seven of Shameless and with season 8 recently being confirmed, we will also likely see an eighth season of Shameless on Netflix. Whether or not Netflix acquires the show Shameless is dependent on how showtime decides to finish up the show on Television. If the ending is open ended, Netflix could pick up the show or even create a spin off. If the show comes to a defined end with no room for continuation, there could still be a spin off created from Shameless on Netflix. Comment below if you think Netflix should pick up Shameless if it is canceled on Showtime.


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  1. Fuck ya!!! Please keep the seasons coming. So many great shows get discontinued for lack of marketing. Great job with this show. I’m thankful. Fucking love getting lots in the shameless drama-action packed-comedy. I love shows that keep it real. Love all the cast members. You all a fucking amazing at what you do.

  2. Love Shameless. Please air season 7 on netflix really really soon. I’m just dying to see what happens next.

  3. I love Netflix because i can watch the seasons all at once. So i geuss i will wait until it has completed it’s time on showtime even if showtime is offereing a free month. I would rather season 7 at a few settings, not weekly. Who has that kind of patience.?

  4. Please air season 7 earlier than that, I am hooked on this and cannot wait until Aug 2017. HELP !!!!

  5. Please air Season 7 ASAP! Love Love Love this show and CANNOT wait until next year to see it! Please Please Please!!

  6. Please put shameless season 7 on asap!!! Like tonight ASAP!!! Love this show. I need to know what happens next!!!!???!!?!

  7. Yes. I am part of the hoardes who love this series. I relate to them and feel I know their personalities. Please Showtime. Release them soon.

  8. Yes I love shameless I need season 7 asap on Netflix I’m hooked on the show I finished watching all the season now I need the new season to be on here please air it

  9. ive already watch all 6 seasons. i got mad, sad, cried, and laugh.. would really appreciate if you show season 7 on netflix earlier than aug 2017… a year is to long….. please please please…….

  10. This is the best show ever I watched every season and every show laughed at every season and every show I cannot wait any longer to see what’s going to happen next please please air season 7 on Netflix I do not have Showtime a few of my friends and family I have introduced to the show only has Netflix also I always tell people about the show and how funny it is and whoever came up with it is awesome once again please please please air Shameless Season 7 on Netflix ASAP

  11. august 2017 ??????? LITERALLY I CANT !! thats wayyyyyy to long ! i cant wait that long ! its impossible !

  12. I just started watching Shameless on Netflix about one month ago and all of a sudden I have no more Shameless to watch. I watched all 6 seasons with in that little bit of time! Please release season 7 onto Netflix before I start forgetting what happened!!!! Otherwise, I might not care to watch if it takes too long, I could lose interest and so could many many others if u don’t have it on Netflix super soon! Thankyou! 🙂

  13. I’ll rewatch shameless 20 times by then!! Such a good realistic crazy amazing show. The cast producers and show is by far one of the greatest I’ve seen in a long time. Bring season 7 to Netflix soon!

  14. I am not the person to sit and watch a lot of TV but I am hooked on this show …..please air asap ….I have always hated movies or showed like this becouse it always leaves u hanging and it takes forever for another season or it never comes so please get asap

  15. Please put season 7 of shameless on netflix ASAP. Love the show please keep the seasons coming. Love shows that keep it real.

  16. Love it it reminds me of somewhat how I grew up with four siblings in Chicago taking care of all eachother. Carlet reminded of me when I was teen. Back to point I’m love the show and want to keep watchingredients since I don’t have cable or a TV so PLEASE RELEASE A.S.A.P.!! THANK YOU

  17. What the hell ….don’t make us wait a whole freaking year…..make this fyckingoney and release season seven ….

  18. I need season 7 of Shameless on Netflix asap since I have binged the other six and need to know how it continues.

  19. Hooked as is my husband whom asked what the back no was watching..
    We watch 3 or more at a time..
    Now we are in season 7 bummed no way we can or will remember till August to watch again.
    So many shows I seen to love we watch a season in one weekend then it’s gone..
    Almost makes me want to just go back to plain TV provider only thing is I just hate waiting each week for the shows rather marathon watch..
    Please get these shows on asap for ALL us people whom love Netflix and Amazon prime ..

  20. I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS SHOW. I need season 7 ASAP. I can’t wait until August. That’s just cruel. I binge watched the show as slowly as I could. Please don’t make us wait.

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  24. The show is already recorded and shown on TV. Why wait so long to air it on Netflix. You guys should air it once it’s available, once a season is complete. I’m sure this would increase sales. Imagine if people know that you release titles as soon as they’re available..You’ll have an overflow of new customers as well as continuing customers within Netflix. What do you have to lose? Compared to what we have to lose…our months and years of waiting for title such as these and to bring up another, Suicide Squad. These titles are released months and months ago, sometimes more than a year before Netflix will show them…Why is this? Why make your loyal customers that pay fees every month wait? Purchasing a movie or even an entire season of a show costs less that months of a membership with Netflix…so again, why make everyone wait so long for something that is available?

  25. Please air season 7 on netflix ASAP. I started watching Shameless just about a month and a half ago and I finished all seasons this weekend! I was so hooked on this show, that I can’t wait to see what Season 7 is about!

  26. I together with my friends ended up reading the best techniques located on your web site and unexpectedly I had a terrible feeling I had not thanked you for those techniques. All of the people ended up for that reason joyful to see all of them and have in effect in truth been tapping into these things. Appreciate your simply being very kind and then for utilizing this form of cool themes most people are really desirous to discover. My very own sincere apologies for not expressing appreciation to sooner.

  27. OMG great show I watched one and went back and started from the beginning and finished the whole episode in two weeks I couldn’t stop watching…..love this show please please air season 7 asap can’t wait to see what happens next I hope they never end this show should keep it going with a new generation of anything !!!!!

  28. The last show I watched so closely was the sopranos. This show is so great. Story lines, characters, the acting. Shameless should be swimming in Emmys. Please air season 7 on Netflix asap.

  29. Omg yes! Season 7 of Shameless on Netflix as soon as possible! I’m not going to purchase showtime just for one series….it seems I’m already doing that for GoT.

  30. Netflix, why not add the option to add Showtime, HBO and Starz like Amazon and Hulu are doing? I would add Showtime to my Netflix account because Shameless is that good of a show. I hope you don’t let someone buy you out and mess up a good thing.

  31. This is crazy !!!! Need shameless season 7 up way sooner than 6 months!!!! Please please do something about this!!! We love the show!!!!

  32. Fucking Gallagher’s…lol. it’s an epic. Air it on NF asap. Life, as we know it, hangs in the balance until it does 🙁

  33. Put season 7 on Netflix ASAP!!!! I have become literally addicted to this show and now that I’m finished with season six I have no idea what to do with myself….yes I’m one of those but anyways please please plleeeeaaaase put up season 7 like now! I would appreciate it more than anything!

  34. I’m absolutely obsessed. It’s like a drug or something for me now. AIR SHAMELESS ASAP! NOW! ON THE DOUBLE!

      1. That’s the best show hope Netflix can bring as many episodes as possible great especially when having a bad day frank is a trip


  36. Yes please air season 7 of shameless!!!!!!!!!???????? cant wait til Aug what the hell….best show ever

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