When Will Shetland Season 4 Be on Netflix? Netflix Release Date?

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Netflix is a movie and television show streaming website that offers its subscribers hours and hours of content in the form of movies and television shows. In exchange for limitless access to Netflix’s massive collection, subscribers pay a small monthly fee. Netflix offers their subscribers shows of almost any genre you could ever want to watch. Although most of the shows on Netflix are from television, Netflix has been working hard to create some great original shows of their own. One of their more popular animated series is the show F is for Family. One of the newest shows to be added to Netflix, after originally premiering on television is the show Shetland.

When Will Shetland Season 4 Be on Netflix? Netflix Release Date?
Shetland is a good watch for anyone who enjoys suspense and drama in their television. Shetland tells the story of Jim Perez. He and his team must stay strong and investigate a number of horrible murders in the Shetland islands. Click the link to see the IMDb rating for Shetland along with a more thorough overview of the show. Shetland originally premiered on BBC however there are three seasons streaming on Netflix. As subscribers finish up the third season of Shetland on Netflix, they will begin asking the big question “when will Shetland season 4 be on Netflix?”

When Will Shetland Season 4 Be on Netflix? Netflix Release Date?

Shetland is a perfect show for anyone who likes dramatic and suspenseful television. There are currently three seasons of Shetland streaming on Netflix. As subscribers wrap up season three, they will begin asking the question “when will Shetland season 4 be on Netflix?” To answer this question we must take a look at how Netflix has handled the release of previous seasons of Shetland. After researching this subject for a few years now, we have found some patters in how Netflix releases new seasons of shows. In the case of Shetland, there is typically a time period of one year between the premier date of a season of Shetland on BBC, and the release of the same season on Netflix. Using this pattern we can approximate the release date of Shetland season 4 on Netflix. Shetland season 4 should be streaming on Netflix by April 2018. Comment below if you are ready for season 4 of Shetland on Netflix ASAP!

94 thoughts on “When Will Shetland Season 4 Be on Netflix? Netflix Release Date?

    1. Claudia

      Please, Please, Shetland season 4 needs to be on Netflix in 2017 ASAP!!!! Love this series. Love the acting. Mainly, love the scenery in Scotland!!


      1. TMF

        Beautiful breathtaking scenery, incredibly gifted actors, don’t want Tosh to leave!!! Exquisite writing!!! Never ever figure out who done it til the end- now that’s good story telling!!! Thoroughly enjoyed- don’t want to wait til 2018- thx netflix

        1. Claudia

          So agree. The writing is superb! I love to be kept guessing until the very end. Sometimes I guess correctly, while other times I’m totally surprised and love it!

      1. Carol

        C’mon Netflix, let’s speed things up! 2017! 201$! For Series 4!!
        Boulder, CO
        April 22, 2017


      Shetland Season 4 needs to be released now. It makes no sense to wait til 2018. People may lose interest. If you have series shows, the following seasons should start streaming sooner than later.

    3. Sherry Jenkins Preston

      Just finished binge watching first 3 seasons & can’t wait for Season 4 release. It is so refreshing to watch crime/mystery without all the guns & violence as in US TV. Also fun to see actors who also appeared in the Outlander series.

    4. linda

      Love netflix…love Shetland…LOVE…LOVE…LOVE JIMMY PEREZ! PLEASE SEASON FOUR (4) BY SUMMER 2017

  1. Gero Mitchell

    What a great series! Can’t wait for Season 4 & hoping there will be a season 5. When will season 4 be released on Netflix?

  2. Donna

    I have been watching Shetland right through it would be very nice to continue season 4 instead of waiting a whole year, if the season are ready then release them so we the viewers can continue to watch…. I am hoping it will be released sooner than 2018

  3. Pamela

    Just marathoned Shetland, and I’m so happy to hear that there’s a season 4. I hope I don’t have to wait until 2018 to watch it.

    1. Janice Konstantinidis

      I agree. It would be a shame to have to wait until 2018 to see season four. People lost the thread.

  4. Shawn

    Waited a while for it to become available on any of the big streaming channels…Ready for season 4! Thank you.

  5. Partha Ray

    Enjoying every episode. What a lovely photography, regional theme music, photography, expert story telling and lastly gripping suspense without the gory details, blood, overuse (practically any use) of gun. Every character, main or the supporting, has been playing its role superbly. Overall rating 5/5. Thanks to everyone including BBC for producing such a wonderful movie.

    1. Al

      Well said! I too admire all these elements so very much. Eager (panting!) for season 4 and, if the fates are kind, 5 &6.

  6. Olga

    If season 4 is out. Plz bring it, don’t wait. Not fair for those of us that love the series.

  7. Ginger Walters

    Noooo, please release sooner, much sooner. Another year is too long to wait. Love the show.

  8. Sherrie von Dippe

    Just found the show last week, have watched it every night, now it’s done! Bummer! Hurry with the new episodes! Sherrie

  9. Pamela

    Have loved this series, been glued to Shetland for 2 weeks trying to watch as slowly as possible, I know I’m going to go through withdrawals now….

  10. Ursula Hakes

    We just finished watching season 3 on Netflix and can’t wait until next year. Please release season 4 asap!!
    Thank you!

  11. Judith Streich

    Need to release season 4 of Shetland as soon as possible. Great show. Location spectacular. Solid casting. More storyline with Cassie please. She needs to stay in Scotland.

  12. Tina Tierson

    Please don’t wait a year, Netflix! Shetland is the best show I’ve seen in years, streaming and otberwise.

  13. Kmh

    Wonderful show. Just started watching and I am heading into season 3 today so of course I vote yes to bringing on Season 4 asap. Went to Scotland as a kid and its making me want to go back–minus the dark parts of the show of course. But loving the scenery and cultural aspects that are included as well as interesting plots with good twists.

  14. Diane

    A year to wait is too long. It saddens me that Netflix takes so long to bring out shows to stream.

  15. Lyn

    My husband I are on season 3 and are also hooked- would definitely watch season 4 and any thereafter on Netflix so please release as soon as possible!

  16. James Goldcamp

    Please release season 4 of Shetland. It’s one of the best shows we’ve seen on Netflix.

  17. Christi Ulrich

    Just binged Shetland this week. I am not sure what I am supposed to do now. Feels like I lost Wallender all over again. Wish we could develop such series in the US. please don’t make us wait until 2018, I will be forced back into romantic comedy hell.

  18. John Trevvett

    When I run out of good BBC content on Netflix I am forced to search elsewhere ….. pretty frustrating but I can source it from another network in most cases ……

  19. Sara Mary

    Shetland is everything you could ever ask for in a British murder crime series! Please oh please release Series 4 as soon as it’s available–your subscribers will (clearly, based on the other comments) thank you heartily for it!!

  20. Jon Verrill

    I like some here, just happened on Shetland a few days ago. The wife and I watched all three series in a few days. Would love series four soon, but, when it airs, we would watch the the whole thing and then be in the same place.
    Thanks BBC for a wonderful Who Done It series. Series three left us hanging until the very end. Great Show!

  21. Wendy

    Yes, the sooner the better for season 4 of Shetland on Netflix. It’s an excellenr series and the landscape is such an important character.

  22. Barb Michelutti

    Please release Shetland Season 4 NOW!!! I Love this series and the characters. June or July of 2017 would be my preference. And get busy with Season 5.

  23. Eileen

    I don’t want to wait a year. It’s so hard to wait a year. But then I’d have to wait a year for season 5 anyway. Sigh. I hate when my binge watch shows come to an end, even when just for a year.

  24. M. N.

    Whether 2017 or 2018 we’ll be anxiously waiting for Season 4. A great series and I love the dialect.

  25. Gail

    Another BRILLIANT program/series from the BBC. Thoroughly enjoyed it. The writing and plot lines are outstanding. I look forward to the release of Season 4. I have to give NETFLIX a super high five for all the great programming they have been offering, not just the ones they are producing. Especially the foreign series that have been popping up. Great work, NETFLIX. We worth the 9.99 per month!

  26. Marla Caray

    AB FAB series! LOVE IT! PLS! pLS! pLS! Please Netflix don’t make us wait a year for season 4! The cast, the entire show, scenery..,every single thing about the show is inviting!THX U for bringing this to us!❤️

  27. Deb G

    The quality of the acting, depth of character development and team relationships is superb – and what is a hallmark of the BBC series shows in general. Thank you for bringing Shetland to Netflix and let it be soon that we see Season 4.

  28. TMF

    Just discovered Shetland and watched on a rainy weekend. My husband and I loved it. The scenery is fabulous. The acting is superb. Love the plot lines. Please don’t make us wait another year to see season 4.
    Netflix is the only thing we use our tv for anymore.

    1. Claudia

      My husband and I also watch Netflix with a dose of BBC and PBS and OPB (Oregon Public Broadcasting). We have Direct TV for some unknown reason here in Sedona, AZ but watch Netflix more often.

  29. Gary &Jacqueline

    Love Shetland! Hope we don’t have to wait until 2018. For season 4,

  30. Kieran

    Shetland is a great series! The 4th season should be on Netflix this year, preferably now!

  31. Sandra K

    Can’t wait for season 4 of Shetland, Netflix! Please post it in 2017 or we viewers may drift away before 2018. Keep us watching!

  32. A ONeil

    What we need is for the BBC to stream service of current shows in the US. The only answer I can ever find, is that the UK won’t allow connectivity direct to the US because of ensuring payment for subscribing. I think it’s the cable monopoly here that’s controlling the access & making ‘rules’ to prevent it from happening. BBC shows & other shows from around the world that are available on Netflix are popular because they’re usually really good. If the programs made here were the same, more people would be watching.

  33. Krista

    Wait a year?! This is terrible news!!! I feel like going to London to be able to watch Season 4 faster! The characters are that good! (and each season only got better, in my opinion which is rare for me) Bravo!

  34. B.R. MacDonald

    One the best shows I have ever watched on Netflix. You can’t beat the acting, scenery and the background music. Bring back Tosh and maybe Jimmy and the forensic scientist from the mainland can start something. You have got to love Scotland! Please, Season 4 before the end of summer!

  35. Sally

    Just discovered this show and am already addicted! So, already, I can see it will be hard to wait for season 4!

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