When Will Split Be on Netflix? What Happened at The End of Split? Split 2?

January kicked off another great year of movies from producers around the country. 2017 should be filled with tons of great movies that will entertain audiences around the world. One of the first big movies of 2017 was Split. Split is a phycological thriller that is produced by blumhouse productions. Blumhouse is known for some great movies that have extremely interesting twists. Some other popular blumhouse productions movies include The Boy, The Visit, and now Split is making its way into the minds of viewers.

Will There Be A Split 2? What Happened at The End of Split?
Split Plot (without spoilers)

The basic plot from split, based off of the trailer, is that a few girls are abducted by a man. The man takes them by stealing their car with them inside and spraying them with some kind of liquid. Later the girls find themselves in a room being held captive by the man. What makes the story a little more interesting is the fact that the man who abducted the girls has multiple personalities. It looks to be an interesting movie and if you have not seen it yet I highly recommend it for anyone who enjoys thrillers, with a hint of comedy. Below you will find the trailer for Split.

After watching the movie Split in theaters, viewers had a lot of questions about the movie. First of all the ending of Split was a little strange. As I left the theater after seeing Split for the first time I overheard a number of people asking each other what the end of the movie meant. Below we will try to break down what exactly happened at the end of Split and answer a few other popular questions about the movie.

When Will Split Be on Netflix? Split Netflix Release Date? 

The movie split was recently released in theaters around the United States. Audiences were drawn in by the unique plot of the movie and the interesting trailer released by Blumhouse productions. Like all of the other Blumhouse Productions movies, Split brought an interesting format and story that was interesting and entertaining. As fans hear from their friends how good of a movie Split was, they will begin asking the question “when will Split be on Netflix?” To answer this big question we must take a look at how Blumhouse movies have been handled by Netflix in the past. Many of Blumhouse Productions’ movies have found their way onto Netflix. Paranormal Activity, and the Boy are two notable movies that have been released on Netflix. This is good news for those who want to see split without paying for a pricy theater ticket. The boy was the most recent Blumhouse productions movie to be released on Netflix. Although The Boy was streaming for a short amount of time, it was up long enough for tens of thousands of people to enjoy the movie. Hopefully Netflix will strike the same deal with the movie Split. If Netflix were to air split it would likely be streaming on Netflix between six and seven months after the premier of the movie in theaters. This means that if Split makes it to Netflix in the near future, it will likely begin streaming around August 2017. Comment below if you want Split to be available on Netflix!

What Happened At The End of Split? Who Was the Man at the End of Split? Who is Mr. Glass? (Spoiler Alert) 

As the ending of Split played itself out on the big screen the theater got very quiet as people focused and tried to figure out what the heck was going on. After “the beast” spared the main character, it seemed as though the movie would come to an end. There were a few wrap up shots showing that the girls were being held underneath a zoo, the one girl who survived stood up to her abusive uncle, and Kevin found himself realizing that he had incredible power; enough power to survive two point blank gunshots. Following these scenes the title of the movie comes on screen and it seems as though the story has come to an end. However, one final scene plays. This is where the questions begin to rise.

The final scene shows a number of people in a diner watching the news discuss what happened to the young girls beneath the zoo. One of the women sitting at the bar asks a question. The question is answered by a man sitting beside her. The man is played by Bruce Willis. He says “Mr. Glass”.  According to some of our sources this character is an allusion to the movie Unbreakable. Bruce Willis played the main character in Unbreakable and Mr. Glass is the nickname of the character played by Samuel L. Jackson. Long story short the writer of the movie Split, M. Night Shyamalan originally intended for Kevin Crumb to be a character in the movie unbreakable. According to an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Shyamalan is planing to make a third movie that links Kevin Crumb to the story of Unbreakable, and it is already in the works. Click the link above to read more about Entertainment Weekly’s interview with M. Night Shyamalan.

Will There Be a Split 2? Split Sequel?

The ending of the movie Split certainly left the producers some room to create a sequel. The movie left a lot of questions that need answering. What happens to Kevin Crumb? and how does the man in the diner with the Dunn work outfit fit into the story. These two pressing questions could be answered with Split 2. However, we already have word that Split 2 will not be produced or even discussed. However, being that Kevin Crumb was a character originally devised for the movie Unbreakable, there should be a movie that links Unbreakable with Split. The producer of Split has made it clear that there will not be a sequel to Split individually, but a movie linking Split to Unbreakable is already in the works. The ending of Split introduced some of the characters from Unbreakable. This movie will be interesting and we will update you on any information on the movie as soon as we hear from the producers.



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