When Will Stephen King’s ‘IT’ (2017) Be Streaming on Netflix?

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If you have not yet seen the movie It you are missing out on a great film. This movie takes the original film up a notch and is sure to entertain. Below you will find a brief description of It, some interesting links, and a possible Netflix release date for the movie!

When Will Stephen King's 'IT' (2017) Be Streaming on Netflix?

‘It’ (2017) Movie Description

The movie It has lived up to the expectations and may have gone above and beyond. Based on Stephen King’s terrifying novel, this movie is sure to stir up some childhood nightmares. It made its debut in theaters on September 8th, 2017. Soon after the premier, people around the country began pulling IT themed pranks such as leaving red balloons tied around town. It will be interesting to see how much revenue this monster movie generates after already receiving such high marks from some of the biggest critics out there. It tells the story of a small town in Maine. In this town there is a mysterious entity that attacks and kills unsuspecting children. In the movie, a group of kids investigate and vow to destroy the monster. Spooky huh? As this movie makes its way out of theaters, fans of this movie will begin asking the big question, “when will Stephen King’s It be available to stream on Netflix?

When Will Stephen King’s ‘It’ Be Available to Stream on Netflix? 

It has come back and with its return to the big screen, some viewers are hopeful that this great film will find its way to Netflix. The question is “when will the movie It be available to watch on Netflix?” To answer this big question we must take a look at the situation from a business perspective. Netflix must pay a royalty for every movie that they stream on their service. Newer movies with high demand cost more for Netflix to stream than others. As time passes the demand will gradually decline and lead to a lower price for Netflix and a greater chance that the movie It will be streaming. There is no way to tell when exactly Netflix will pull the trigger and begin streaming It. If we had to make our best guess, we would say that the movie It will be streaming on Netflix by January 2019 based on the trends we have observed. Comment below if you are excited to see the movie It streaming on Netflix ASAP!

When Will Stephen King's 'IT' (2017) Be Streaming on Netflix?