When Will Stranger Things Season 2 Be On Netflix? Release Date 2017?

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Netflix has grown a lot since its original release as a movie rental service. Netflix now offers online streaming which is where most of Netflix’s service is utilized. Netflix has even started to write and produce their own movies and series. Some of the Netflix series have become extremely popular. An example of one Netflix series that has been extremely successful is the show “Orange is the New Black.” This show depicts the life of women in prison. After seeing the success of Orange is the New Black, Netflix has begun producing numerous other series for their customers to view. Some new shows on Netflix include the show “Last Chance U” and “Stranger Things”. In this article I will be discussing the existance of a second season of Stranger Things on Netflix, along with a date we can expect season two of stranger things to be on Netflix. To read more about the Netflix series “Last Chance U” CLICK HERE.

Stranger Things Season 1 Overview 

The Netflix series “stranger things” was a very interesting. With a number of different story lines running parallel throughout the entirety of season one, viewers were not disappointed. Throughout season one there is an ongoing search for both Will and Eleven (El). The search for El is being conducted by the united states department of energy. This is because El has extremely powerful abilities. There are also a lot of questions raised about what the alien monster is in stranger things. The government agencies seem to be fascinated with this seemingly alive slime of sorts. The hunt for will is being conducted by people in the town along with Will’s three friends, Mike, Dustin and Lucas. All these plot lines are eventually resolved but some questions remain which still leads some to believe that there will be a second season of stranger things in the near future. Below I will discuss the possibility of a second season of stranger things on Netflix.

Will There Be a Season 2 of Stranger Things on Netflix?

The netflix series “stranger things” left its viewers with some unanswered questions. These unanswered questions could make for a juicy second season of stranger things on Netflix. Usually when producers leave questions unanswered in their series’ they are planning on creating a second season of the show. In the case of Stranger Things, it is very likely that there will be a season 2 on Netflix. Almost every Netflix series has come out with multiple seasons, Orange is the New Black has come out with many seasons. Even Narcos is coming out with a season two on Netflix. Although no plans of a second season of Stranger Things has been announced by Netflix, I can almost guarantee that season 2 of stranger things will be announced in the near future. Whether or not the announcement will come soon is the big question.

When Will Stranger Things Season 2 Be On Netflix? Release Date for Stranger Things Season 2

Although season two of stranger things on Netflix has not yet been confirmed, we can almost guarantee that a second season of stranger things is coming soon. The question is when will season two of stranger things be released on Netflix? To answer this question we need to look at the release date of the first season of Stranger Things. Season one was released on July 15th, 2016. So if there was to be a release announcement for season two of stranger things, we could gauge the release date of stranger things on Netflix. We can also look at the release patterns for other Netflix series’. If we look at the series orange is the new black we will see that each new season was released within a month of the original season release day. So since season one of stranger things was released on July 15th, we can look at the summer of 2017 for the release date of Stranger Things season 2. Comment below if you are ready for season 2 of stranger things.


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