When Will Surviving Escobar Alias JJ Season 2 Be on Netflix? Netflix Release Date?

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There are a number of different movie and television show streaming websites on the internet today, however, none can compare to Netflix. Netflix has established itself as the king of online movie and television show streaming. Over the years Netflix has accumulated quite a collection of content ranging from comedy sitcoms all the way up to documentaries. In exchange for unlimited access to Netflix’s massive collection of content, subscribers agree to pay a small monthly fee. Most of the content currently streaming on Netflix was produced and aired by a third party producer. Despite this, Netflix has worked hard to begin producing and streaming original content of their own that is exclusive to Netflix subscribers. This content is known as Netflix original content. One of Netflix’s newest original series is the show Surviving Escobar Alias JJ.

When Will Surviving Escobar Alias JJ Season 2 Be on Netflix? Netflix Release Date?
Surviving Escobar Alias JJ is a great series for any Netflix subscriber who enjoys television shows about, or related to, the notorious drug lord Pablo Escobar. This series follows the life of one of Pablo Escobar’s top hitmen as he faces daily challenges and struggles in prison. After having so much power for so long, he must fight to gain respect in his new environment. Click the link to see the IMDb rating for Surviving Escobar Alias JJ. There is currently only a single season of Surviving Escobar streaming on Netflix. As subscribers wrap up season one, they will begin asking the question “when will Surviving Escobar Alias JJ season 2 be on Netflix?”

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When Will Surviving Escobar Alias JJ Season 2 Be on Netflix? Netflix Release Date?

There is currently only one season of Surviving Escobar Alias JJ available to stream on Netflix. As subscribers wrap up the final episode of season one, they will begin asking the big question “when will Surviving Escobar Alias JJ season 2 be on Netflix?” To answer this loaded question, we must take a look at a few pieces of crucial data. If we can find a pattern in the data that Netflix has laid out for us we will be able to predict a possible Netflix release date for Surviving Escobar Alias JJ. After covering this topic for quite some time now, our team has discovered that there is typically a one year period of time between seasons of Netflix original series similar to Surviving Escobar Alias JJ. Using this data we can approximate a Netflix release date for season 2 of Surviving Escobar Alias JJ. Surviving Escobar Alias JJ season 2 should be streaming on Netflix by August 2018. Comment below if you are excited to see a second season of Surviving Escobar Alias JJ on Netflix ASAP!

36 thoughts on “When Will Surviving Escobar Alias JJ Season 2 Be on Netflix? Netflix Release Date?”

  1. You guys must be unaware there are 60 episodes. You cant estomate a season 2 release date based on whether other shows with 10-12 episodes get released.

  2. Cant wait for season two even doe the last episode was kind of wack they could of end it with a better finally best series on Netflix hands down i loved it i just wished jj would of took that deal and not let the money get to him 😩

    1. please someone, will you be so kind to upload somehow episode 33, and 34, of Surviving Escobar alias JJ
      it would be very much appraciated, mucha grazias

  3. I sure hope there’s a 2nd season in the works…this show was amazing!!!! Unfortunately for me I tend to “binge” on these types of shows so I watched the entire 60 episodes over the course of a long weekend…there is no possible way i can wait an entire year for another season 😒

  4. I debated whether to watch this series. I am not fluent in Spanish and was not sure I wanted to read subtitles for 60 episodes. But I quickly became hooked on the show. The acting is great. And I am fascinated by the dynamics of Columbian society, the different outlaw groups which oppose and fight each other, and of course the notoriety of Jhon Jairo Velasquez Vasquez, alias JJ.
    There is a film noir trope going on in this show, i.e. crime ultimately does not pay. I like these shows.

    I am hoping there will be at least one more season. I want to see the story of how JJ is converted, how he came to truly repent his life of crime and began working with at risk youth to steer them away from doing what he did.

  5. Yes please I want a Second Season ASAP!! So in love with the actor Juan P. Urrego who did a fabulous job and is a hunk!!

  6. I’ve been married to a Colombian for 41 years and consider the country my 2nd home. I’ve known about Popeye for many years, and got excited when he wrote a book and got it published. Now that he’s out of prison and talkng about his past, he could keep a series on Netflix going for a long time. As I remember, one of his favorite methods of showing people the penalty for pissing off Escobar was to tie a victim to a chair and then wrap him in razor wire so he would get cut if he moved around. He would heat up a spike in a small forge to red hot, and during this process call the victims family on a phone so the victim could tell them his predicament, and what was going to happen to him. The family would be screaming as well as the victim, and then Popeye would take the red hot spike from the forge with tongs and slowly push it into the victims head cooking his brain while the family listened to the screams. Popeye, has endless stories to tell, and I hope you continue the series.

  7. Please Please don’t make us wait a year!!! That means I would have to watch the first season again in order to get ready for the second season!!! But all in all I Love It!!! Please Netflix please consider making it less then a year????

  8. I, too, am hooked on this series and I do NOT want to wait another year for Season 2……. I sure wish that Season 2 would be released sooner……..

  9. I dont even speak spanish but its a really addicting show, there is never a dull moment and the main actor who is playing JJ is so hot! But a year is too much of a gap to remember the previous season so i hope it wont take that long!

  10. I watched the 60 episodes in two weeks, at work, home, shower, etc I could not have enough. I’ve only had 2 serious celebrity crushes in my life but this crush on JJ is immense! I will be waiting for Season 2 my love.

    1. Lol! Same here,he is cute and sexy at the same time πŸ™‚ did u know that he is actually together with the actress who plays the beauty queen in real life

  11. Excellent show I watched the whole season one in three weeks. I am in love with Alexandra, I love her acting and her accent. La positiva mijo!

  12. Una cosa de Locos !!!!! Lol can’t wait for season 2 one year too long l hope you guys finished sooner
    La positiva , Ana Maria !!!!!

  13. Action is intense, story is riveting, all actors are very, very good and make you want to come back for more. I have never had a celebrity crush, but I fell madly in love with Juan Pablo U. His great acting made me believe in and root for JJ. Not to mention he is the perfect specimen of a man, his gf is the luckiest woman on earth.

  14. The series is spell binding. Although JJ is very charismatic I had to constantly remind myself what the guy did in real life. He is the very definition of a sociopath.

  15. Never thought I’d be watching this but got hooked fast…. just finished 60 episodes… my family thinks I’m nuts to follow sub titled show but the show is that good!!!

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