When Will The 100 Season 4 Be on Netflix? Release Date?

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Netflix is a movie and television show streaming website that allows its viewers to access a massive collection of movies and television shows. There are many different shows and movies for Netflix users to watch, ranging from Netflix Originals to shows that premiered on television. Netflix originals are shows that were created by Netflix and are exclusive to Netflix members. A lot of shows from television on Netflix are from the channel The CW. One of the most popular shows from The CW on Netflix is the show The 100.

When Will The 100 Season 4 Be on Netflix? Release Date?
The 100 is a science fiction show that is about a group of humans who are forced to leave earth after a nuclear apocalypse. There are a number of different space stations that are eventually combined to form one giant space station called the Ark. Life on the ark can be very trying. Crimes on the ark are punished by being thrown out into space. When the ark runs out into some problems the inhabitants are forced to send one hundred adolescents back to earth to test if it is inhabitable. The teens were supposed to land near Washington D.C. The plans go wrong and the teens end up in a bad place. The teens must survive in the new landscape and discover that there are other humans that survived the apocalypse. There are currently three seasons of the 100 streaming on Netflix. The question fans of The 100 are asking is “When will The 100 season 4 be on Netflix?”

When Will The 100 Season 4 Be on Netflix? Netflix Release Date?

There is currently only three seasons of The 100 on Netflix. Seasons one, two and three of The 100 are streaming on Netflix. In order to answer the question “when will The 100 season 4 be on Netflix?” we must look at previous premier dates of seasons of The 100 on The CW. We must also look at previous Netflix release dates for the same seasons. Season 3 of The 100 premiered on January 21st, 2016. Unfortunately there are no patterns that tell us the time of year that new seasons of The 100 are released on The CW. However, we do know that the new seasons of The 100 make their way to Netflix in a relatively short period of time. Based on the projected release date for The 100 season 4, we can almost be certain that season 4 will be on Netflix by October 2017. Personally, I cannot wait for season 4 of The 100 to be on Netflix. Comment below if you want The 100 season 4 to be on Netflix ASAP!

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  1. This is the best show to hit television in years. It’s believable: it could really happen, its addictive: the relationships and the action filled episodes are thrilling, & The 100 gives humanity what we all secretly wish for: a simpler time when man lived in nature/with nature. Its wilderness survival camp meets teenage drama, all the while answering human minds most daunting question: Whar happens to the world and the human race when nuclear warfare wipes us all out and the planet is no longer inhabitable?
    A TV show that provides a believable and relatable answer to this inevitable question is going to be unstoppably popular.
    I hope The 100 writers and the CW will keep this show on the air for at least 8 seasons. I am so addicted to The 100. I mean…..don’t we all secretly wish we were Octavia?! I know I do! Her pain & struggle to fit in and feel at home in the world is real and it speaks to all of us. Plus, who doesn’t want to get trained to be a bad-ass samurai!! I need to see season 4 on Netflix ASAP!!!!

  2. It needs to be on there now!!! I can’t wait!!very upset Lincoln was killed!! But season 4 needs be on there by Christmas. This waiting months at a time is annoying.

  3. Addictive isn’t the word! I just finished binge watching all of the seasons up to date. Hope we all don’t have to wait too long long for seasin 4!

  4. We need season 4 and keep it going. Love this show, I’m so heartbroken about Lincoln and Lexa… i’ve grown to love. Hurry it up!!!

  5. We Need S4 of The 100!! I love the show, but I need Lexa back! Please bring her back, I’ve been heartbroken ever since E7 and they teased with the last episode! Lincoln was heartbreaking but Lexa’s death brought me to my knees. Plz bring her back I’m having Lexa Withdrawls lol RIP Love the show tho

  6. I love the show and hope that they put is on Netflix if they don’t then life as we know it well end as we know it. I love love love love love love love love the 100 and am sooooo hopeful that they well put season 4 on Netflix. October 2017 i can’t wait.

  7. We are so tired of having to wait forever for more season of all of our Netflix movies,the 100 is just one more that we get hooked on and have to wait a whole year to keep going with it. To see it on TV thst is full of commercials just isn’t the same, please bring it back ASAP. …THANKS !!!!!

  8. OMG i just finished all the season’s. It only took me a month. I need season 4 to be on Netflix ASAP. May we meet again

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