When Will The 100 Season 5 Be on Netflix? Netflix Release Date?

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There are a number of different movie and television show streaming websites on the internet today. The most popular of these websites is arguably Netflix. Netflix has explained to become the driving force in the movie and television show streaming industry. Over the past few years, Netflix has amassed an enormous collection of content. In exchange for unlimited access to this collection of content, subscribers agree to pay a small monthly fee. Netflix streams shows of almost any genre anyone could ever want to watch. Most of the shows currently available to stream on Netflix originally premiered on television. Although most of the shows were originally from television, Netflix has been working diligently to produce and stream unique shows of their own. One of the most popular television shows currently streaming on Netflix, that was originally aired on television, is the show The 100.

When Will The 100 Season 5 Be on Netflix? Netflix Release Date?
The 100 is a great watch for anyone who enjoys television shows full of action and drama. The 100 is a science fiction show that is set in a dystopian future. After a nuclear apocalypse, the only remaining human life is stranded on a space station known as the ark. In order to determine if earth is ready to be recolonized by humans, 100 juvenile passengers of the ark are sent to earth. The one hundred teens are known as the 100. The show follows their conflicts attempting to recolonize the planet humans once called home. Click the link to see the IMDb rating for The 100. There are currently four seasons of The 100 streaming on Netflix. As subscribers finish up season four on Netflix, they will begin asking the question “when will The 100 season 5 be on Netflix?”

When Will The 100 Season 5 Be on Netflix? Netflix Release Date?

The 100 is a great show for viewers who are interested in science fiction television shows full of drama and action. There are currently four seasons of The 100 streaming on Netflix. As subscribers finish up season four on Netflix, they will begin asking the big question “when will The 100 season 5 be on Netflix?” To answer this loaded question we must take a look at how Netflix has handled the release of older seasons of The 100. In the past we have observed a five month period of time between the premier of a season of The 100 on The CW, and the release of the same season on Netflix. Using this data we can approximate the Netflix release date of The 100 season 5. The 100 season 5 should be streaming on Netflix by July 2018. Comment below if you are excited to see The 100 season 5 streaming on Netflix ASAP!

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  1. I love this show. I watched season 4 in one day. I can’t wait until season 5 beings in July of 2018, although I wish it started sooner.

    1. I love this show sooo much and all I can think about is “will Clarke and Bellamy ever date” I mean obviously the is something between them and I can’t help but think it and now I can’t wait to see if when season 5 comes out!!!!

      1. Oh my god yesssss that’s what I was thinking it aggravates me that they don’t and that lincon had to die,also the release date is sooooooo long why?!?!?!?!??!

        1. I love this how keeps you on the edge of your seat wish it would come on sooner can’t wait to see the return

        2. I bet Lincon isn’t dead he probably didn’t even died the bullet probably didn’t go to his brain it could have been a fake body when they put him in the fire he may be a prisoner somewhere else.

        3. The release date is so far away because the books ended with season 4, so all of the new stuff including season 5 was all new scripts. They had to build this off of what the show was.

      2. I know right they would be so cute together I don’t understand though why Clark had to be byesectual made no sense she belongs with Bellamy.

          1. did you really just say homophobic, are you a retard? Hailey simply stated her opinion and in no way offended anyone. u can keep your opinion but that does not mean that you can destroy others by calling them homophobic

        1. No, she belongs with Lexa and are you homophobic? Clark’s sexuality gives diversity to the show. Bisexual aren’t represented enough on tv. There’s already like 20 other straight couple on the show, so why add one more?

          1. I agree that it adds diversity to the show which is great!
            But I think all Hailey was trying to say is that she would like to see Bellamy and Clarke together, that’s all. I miss seeing Lexa on the show, but since she’s unfortunately gone, I’d like to see Clarke and Bellamy together too! Can’t wait for season 5 on netflix!!

          2. WHAT idiot homophobic means you dont like gay people we are just saying that hailey was stating her opinion on who clarke should be with. and quite frankly that add TOO much drama

      3. ikr like come on why cant they just get together already ive been waiting since episode one for this to happen

      1. I think that may be her daughter. Sheโ€™s been on the ground for about 7 years now and the girl does look about that age. Also there is a strong resemblance. Or that girl may have been on of the survivors from the peaceful camp where there was no violence. Just some theories.

    2. Same. I think they ended season 4 in a bad way. It was a real cliffhanger and it made me mad but at least Iโ€™ll see Bellamy (bob morley) heโ€™s hot soooo ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

    3. Same her I hope it comes out sooner I finished all 4 seasons in three days. I am reading the books now!!!!!

    4. I watched every show of the 100 in like 6 days, it’s an addiction I don’t want help with. But, waiting till July…. NNNOOOOOOK! I need it now lol.

  2. I can’t wait for reason 5 me the 100 on Netflix i love this show but I wish it was sooner.

  3. I can’t wait I wish it was sooner I want to find out what that ship was. I can’t wait!! I am in love with with show

    1. I also want ro find out what that ship was and what happen to the others also how did clark survive i am also in love with this show

      1. Clarke was a night blood, that’s how she survived. And the ship has prisoners on it from a different group of people.

    2. Haha, from Juli or Aughust 2016, I began watching the series, when I finished the pilot episode, I was in love… when I finished season 3 in December, I wanted to see more. On the day I finished season 3, I happily found out that season 4 was upcoming, which took two months before the fist episode of season 4 to launch on Netflix. I watched the whole series over from on S1E1, haha. When I finished season3 (for the 2nd time), season 4 would launch less than a week later on Netflix. I watched season 4 fully, except for the last 3 episodes, I watched them today (1.5 monyh later) and now I wish season 5 would be there tomorrow, or more preferablly, today. Hahaha. Gotta love it. The last 5 minutes of “Finale: Praimfaya” left me really excited to see S5, cant wait !!

    3. I saw where it said prisoner transport in foreign language gonna drag it all out to be more sky crew vs grounders uh huh

  4. I also watched the 100 season 4 in one day. I can’t wait until season 5 comes to Netflix, to bad we won’t see it until July 2018

  5. I recently learned about the show and began watching season 1 approximately one month ago. After only one week I had binged all seasons except #4, which I tried to save for at least a week later…..didn’t take that long and I had watched it all. Now…..my question is….who IS that young girl with Clarke? And please don’t wait till 2018. It’s just TOO LONG!!!!

  6. LOVE this show! HATE the awful wait for season 5. I could just watch it on TV but I prefer to binge watch them all in a day or 2 lol.

  7. What!!!? Are you sure that’s not a typo? JULY 2018??? I can’t wait that long! This is my all time favorite show, I just wish the best of luck to Eliza, Bob, and Lindsay.

  8. i camt wait for season five this id the best show i hace ever wat hed and i want clark and bellamy to date soooo bad

  9. The 100 is an awesome series! Full of action and drama, for sure it keeps you riveted. Can’t wait till season 5 comes to Netflix, but wait I must.

  10. I can’t wait for season 5 to come out. I watched season 4 in two days. My favorite episode was Die All, Die Merrily.

    1. Same I loved when Octavia killed Luna she deserved it she was the last one of her kind so there was no point she just wanted to kill for fun

  11. The 100 is my favorite show. It has so many different standing points and you can never really guess what’s going to happen next because they always come up with something new and exciting. I’ve already finished season 4 and it was absolutely perfect. For some reason makes me want to be in space for a decade then finally come down to earth with the 100. Great show and enjoyed watching it for the third time. I can’t wait for season 5 I just wish they would release it to Netflix sooner.

  12. I wish it could come out sooner because me and my boyfriend love tbe show it is a really great and we cant wait to watch more

  13. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE release it sooner that July 2018!!! I cannot wait that long. I love this show too much.

  14. Omg!! I have to know who that little girl was with Clark and what the hell that ship was!! I was excited when i saw season 5 in July cuz i thought it was next month but now i know its July 2018???What the hell…CANT WAIT THAT LONG NETFLIX!!!!

      1. The little girl is obviously referred to as Clarks’ daughter she readers tot he kids as “as my little night blood” and from other clues it is definitely obvious that she is her daughter but the father one of the only possibilities is a cold freezer in the light house or lab of a sample from someone in the light house or the security guard on one of the first arks’ American station’s with becca.The ship is a prison transport from another space race using the English language proven by the ship and no response from the ark that the fuel supply to hover tells you that it can’t be the crew that went into the space and the ship had English writing on it bringing me back tot he point of the race using an English language because the writing said “prisoner transport.So as conclusion I could’ve answered all your questions that have been asked in your previous comments.

  15. I love this show its just too addicting. I watch all seasons twice already. Can’t wait to know who that little gurl with Clarke is? And what happened to the others. NETFLIX PLEASE RELEASE SEASON 5 SOONER THAN NEXT YEAR

  16. I love the 100 so so much and I can’t wait for season 5 to be on Netflix. I almost can’t stand the wait but, I know season 5 will totally be worth it.

  17. That is way too long I can’t wait that long to find out what that ship is in season five keep making more seasons and come out with a season 2 to Terra nova

  18. I love watching all the episodes of the 100. I’m excited to see season 5, wish it was on sooner the july 2018

  19. I also love this show, and cannot wait to see what happens in Season 5. I’m probably not in the age demographic of their target audience, but I love Sci-Fi and action. It’s a compelling story line, and I think the acting is good. Since I finished watching Season 4, I’ve been unable to fill the void with a show in that genre of equal quality.

  20. The only thing I keep asking myself is, is that Finns kids?!? I’m so excited season 5 July 2018 can’t get here fast enough!

  21. So we have a problem here. I neeeeed season 5 soon. Clarke called the little girl Nightblood. Offspring of hers? Hmmmm. Don’t think so. She had only been with women of recent timing. Must be perhaps Luna’s kid? Hmmmmm? No not Luna the other chick that died in the battle. The supposed last remaining Nightblood alive. As for the ship, the writing is in English. A prisoner ship but when in time was it sent to space? And where had it been? Hmmmm? As for our 8 crew space team (7 without Clarke) they are probably trying to figure out how to get back down. If the Earth is only green near Clarke then the scouts from the bunker probably haven’t found the Earth inhabitable yet and are remaining underground till it greens up near them. Now I can’t wait to see if I am correct! Does anyone else have speculations different from mine?

    1. I so agree I just finished it last night and i think there is something wrong at the ark, and plus I think Bellamy should tell Clark how he feels because I think he loves her THEY WOULD BE CUTE TOGETHER

    2. The bunker is buried under ruble so they are not able to get out. I’m sure once the prisoners are dumped off the space ship they can help to free them. Can’t wait to see next season!!!!

    3. The kid might be a nightblood from one of the tribes that didnt go into the bunker and i think they should let clark be the commander science is how the frist commander was made plus lexi would have wanted that im sure the sword lexi had as commander i have as part of my collection its cool how they put that in there

      1. At first I thought Clarke should have been allowed to be commander too because you’re right that is how the first commander came to be, but ikm actually happy that Octavia is commander. She bold and fierce which is exactly what the people in the bunker need! Clarke doesn’t always make the best choices either. I can’t wait to see how Octavia commands her new people…Onecru (I think that’s what they called it right?)

  22. Wait was the little girl that Clark was talking to and told her to run when the ship came on the last episode was that her kid

  23. I also love this show and waiting till July 2018 for season 5 is killing me… Please release is sooner!!!

  24. I also love this show and waiting till July 2018 for season 5 is killing me… Please release it sooner!!!

  25. OMG WHY DID LINCON HAVE TO DIE?!! He Was so nice oh I wonder if Bellamy and Clark will be together ?? WHY DOES SEASON 5 TAKE SO LONG TO COME OUT?!!!!!!

  26. Just finished watching seasons 1-4 again and like everyone else, can’t wait for season 5. Is July 2018 the earliest Netflix will release ?

  27. I love Sci find and The 100 was a great show! I binge watched all 4 seasons! It’s to bad we have to wait so long to see season 5! Can’t wait!

  28. Well im gonna put it this way in the beginning she was with fin they had a strong connection he no longer around then she was with lexa guess what lexa is dead and her and bellamy has a strong connection too they should have a chance yea im not against her being with a woman i respect people of there decisions but the way its going her and bellamy is a plus for me

  29. I personally would like to see Clarke and Bellamy together in S5. Im still very confused on how Clarke found another nightblood. But there is no doubt S5 will be a good one! And while I was searching for the release date for the CW and apparently It comes out in February of 2018 which seems like a much better date than July, so if you would be willing to watch the show with advertisements, you could certainly watch it on the CW app. Thats really all I have to say, I hope this information helped some of you!

  30. I watched all 4 seasons 6 times again. I love this show and can not wait for season 5. This show draws me in and I will continue to watch it again and again. It is exciting and I love it.

  31. I wish that it would come sooner than July 2018! I love the show and am very upset that it takes so long for the next season. Please release sooner. I got like 5 more people to watch the show and now they are wondering as well.

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