When Will The Blacklist Season 4 Be on Netflix?

Netflix continues to expand its movie and television show collection by adding new movies and shows. Netflix is even creating some shows and movies of their own. One show that is on Netflix right now is The Blacklist.

The blacklist is a crime television show that originally aired on NBC. Over the past three years there have been three seasons of The Blacklist on television. The Blacklist is about a high profile criminal turned FBI agent as he tracks down criminals all over the world. The first three seasons of The Blacklist are already on Netflix. Season four of the black list is currently rolling out on NBC. The fact that seasons one through three are already streaming on Netflix allows fans to catch up on old episodes while they watch the new episodes of The Blacklist on NBC. The release of season four raises a big question for The Blacklist fans. “When will season 4 of The Blacklist be on Netflix?”

When Will The Blacklist Season 4 Be on Netflix? 

Seasons one through three of the blacklist have already made their way to Netflix. Now that season four is premiering on NBC, fans will look forward to the release of season four of The Blacklist on Netflix. In order to estimate a Netflix release date for season four we have to look back at previous premier dates for seasons of the blacklist, and compare them to the Netflix release dates of the same seasons. Season three of The Blacklist contained 23 episodes and originally aired in October, 2015. Season three was released on Netflix in late 2016. This means that there was a period of about eleven months between the premier date on NBC and the release date on Netflix. Since season four of The Blacklist premiered on NBC on September 22, 2016, we can predict that season four should be on Netflix sometime around late August, 2017. Comment below if you want season four of The Blacklist to be on Netflix ASAP!

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