When Will The Boy Come Out On Netflix?

Netflix is a movie and television show streaming service that allows its members to watch a number of different movies and television shows as much as they want. Netflix members must pay a monthly fee but when the fee is paid there are hundreds of movies and shows that they have access too.

One of the more recent movies to be released in theaters was the movie “The Boy”. This horror/ thriller movie was released January, 22nd 2016. This movie was very popular with people all across the country. The Boy is about a nanny who gets a job as a nanny in a secluded English town. Little does she know there are a number of strange¬†events that are about to take place in the home she is working in. Below you will find a trailer for the movie “The Boy”

When Will The Boy Come Out on Netflix? 

The boy is a movie that will be highly anticipated. The question remains “When will The Boy come out on netflix?” The answer to this question is whenever Netflix believes it can afford the rights to the movie. When Netflix adds a movie to its collection, the company must pay the producers of the movie a set amount of money. As demand for the movie goes down, so will the price Netflix has to pay for the movie. So once the price gets low enough for Netflix to be able to stream the movie without breaking the bank, they will stream The Boy on Netflix. It could be possible that the price never gets low enough for netflix to be able to afford The Boy. If this is the case the only way you could download or stream the boy is if you download The Boy from Amazon, iTunes, or the Google Play Store. I personally am praying that the movie The boy is released on netflix. The Boy is my favorite horror/thriller and I am dying to see it again but I do not want to pay for the movie. When The Boy is released on Netflix, I will be able to watch the Boy for Free Online. I will be one happy guy when that day comes.


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