When Will The Crown Season 2 Be on Netflix? Release Date?

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Netflix is a website that allows its users to access and view thousands of television shows and movies all for a small monthly fee. Most of the shows that are currently streaming on Netflix are shows from television. However, not all the shows on Netflix were originally aired on television. Netflix also produces and streams their own shows. You may think that shows created by a movie streaming website would be a little dinky; you are wrong. Netflix is currently streaming one of the most expensive television shows ever produced.

When Will The Crown Season 2 Be on Netflix? Release Date?
Netflix’s most recent series is the most expensive series ever produced. The Crown had a budget of over one hundred million dollars. The crown is a drama series that depicts the life of Queen Elizabeth II of England. The show is interesting because Queen Elizabeth lived and reigned on both sides of a technological boom. The first season will consist of ten episodes. Each of the episodes in the first season will be an hour long. Season one will begin with Queen Elizabeth’s wedding in the early 1940s. By the end of the series it will be modern day. It is amazing to think that someone who began their before the cold war is still in power. This amazing feat is exactly what the show The Crown is looking to convey. Below you can watch the trailer for The Crown seaosn one. Season one will begin streaming on Netflix on November fourth 2016. The big question is: “When will The Crown Season 2 be on Netflix?”

When Will The Crown Season 2 Be on Netflix? Release Date?

The first season of The Crown is one of the most expensive shows ever produced, and we still have five more seasons to look forward too. The big question is “when will The Crown season 2 be on Netflix?” If The Crown is as successful as anticipated, there will be millions of viewers who will be looking forward to a second season of The Crown. In order to figure out the Netflix release date of The Crown season 2 there are a few different factors we must look at. The first factor and probably the most obvious one is announcements made by Netflix. The second factor is looking at past release dates of older seasons of the show Netflix usually posts new seasons of shows around the same time of year as older seasons of the same show. In the case of The Crown, season one was released in November 2016. This means that we could expect the second season of The Crown to be released in the fall. Netflix has not yet announced whether or not a second season of The Crown will be produced. However, it is almost a guarantee that there will be a second season of the Crown on Netflix. Rumor is that there will be six seasons of The Crown, each season consisting of ten, one hour episodes. The story will start with Queen Elizabeth’s wedding and span all the way to present day. Our best bet is that there will be a second season of The Crown on Netflix by or before November 2017. Comment below if you are ready for The Crown Season 2!


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  1. Oh yes i am so ready for season 2 of The Crown. Already watched all of season 1 and have to wait a year for it to come out again.

  2. Already Watched All Of Season 1 Of The Crown, Excellent Series So Ready For Season 2, Can Not Believe I Have To Wait A Whole Year!!!

    1. I waited around for the whole series of Jane Auel’s cave woman books, the Clan of the Cave Bear series. If I can wait around for that, this will be a walk in the park and a better payout to boot!

  3. I watched the entire season 1 in two days, it is interesting, the cast performances outstanding, production impressive. Should we wait an entire year for season 2. ??

    1. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to have interesting, entertaining, excell performances, remarkable productions, hope you continue delivering same quality on future projects.

  4. We have watched all of season one and it was wonderful. We are so anticipating season two. The acting is wonderful and brings us to mind that the royals are real people with real feelings. Well done this should get them an award.

  5. I am hooked. I am absolutely in LOVE with this series watched all 10 episodes in 2 days. If rumors are true Season 2 will be a long wait … but will be well worth it !! Well done Netflix!!

  6. I watched all 10 episodes of The Crown series 1, on its release date, Friday 4th November. It is very well made, with an extremely fine cast, & I found the stories enlightening, interesting & very well portrayed & enacted.
    I am recommending it to everyone.
    When will we be seeing the next Series II , is the question ? Please don’t wait ! I am dying to see it !

  7. Oh, my comment seems to have vanished ! I wonder why ? I was completing my name & address below !
    I watched all 10 Episodes of The Crown Series 1 on its day of release on Netflix.
    I think it has been very well made, superbly cast & I found the stories it tells enlightening & interesting.
    Some of them, I remember happening, in my childhood.
    I can highly recommend The Crown, as I do to all my friends.
    Thoroughly enjoyable & entertaining – I couldn’t stop watching !
    The question is ; when can we see the 2nd Series ? Can’t wait,
    Britain can be very proud of this Series, & need not fear it beung “stuffy” for it is NOT !

  8. Can’t wait for season 2! Excellent show, but I can’t help but wonder how her majesty feels about it.

  9. I personally, hate series, just because if I get wrapped up into it, then, I never see a second season. But i will wait patiently for season 2 of this series.
    Excellent job Netflix!!! Absolutely excellent!!

  10. It’s wonderful! Great cast!! Impeccable quality all the way around. Netflix spared no expense and it shows!!! Watched all 10 episodes and ready for more!!!!

  11. Loved every minute of the 1st season, hope the second is as good, brought back so many childhood memory’s, songs we skipped to referring to Attlee and Churchill , vote vote vote for mr Attlee in comes Churchill at the door, Atlee is the one that we all love best and we don’t like Churchill anymore, shut the door. After watching this incredible serial, we all went round talking very posh for a few hours, loved it.

  12. you should at least release a new season every 6 months … not a whole year with an amazing show like this. just with orange in the new black … i was lucky i had never heard of it until this past season, so i had all those seasons to catch up on .. but i sure enough caught up super quick and now im freaking out about OITNB coming back in june. but like i was saying,OITNB is okay to wait a year for…. but this show is by far my favorite, and should totally be released in 6 months segments or sooner. i love informational videos, shows, etc… and yet this isnt a documentary, its just as informative and any other film wouldve been , this just puts a spin to it , depicting the royal families emotions and how the monarchy really works without falling asleep in the middle of a documentary film because the narrator was boring. way to go netflix, and keep the seasons coming…. and coming QUICKLY im hoping.

  13. I am 60 and there is much I remember about this family while growing up. I watched it all in one sitting. Season 2 and more please!! Wonderful series!

  14. Loved it! I hope I don’t have to wait a whole year for new season. Come on Netflix let’s do something different and release a new season 6 months from now;) Its why we luv you and our binge watching! Lol

  15. I have just watched all 10 episodes of The Crown! I cannot wait for season 2, hopefully I won’t have to wait a year
    Just loved it and will watch it again and again

  16. I watched the entire season 1 in three days, it is interesting, the cast performances outstanding, production impressive. ShHow much longer for season 2.

  17. Absolutely brilliant Netflix the best series in ages ! The Crown so addictive I watched all 10 over 2 days
    Now will have to wait a year ?? Come on Netflix sooner please !!

  18. Excellent series. Captivating and moving. Encouraging friends and family to watch. Well done Netflix, season 2 can not come soon enough.

  19. I just finished Season 1 and am telling everyone I know to get Netflix if they don’t have it to watch The Crown. It is excellent, every part of it – actors, scenery, history. It is absolutely wonderful and I can’t wait for Season 2.

  20. My comment is above. I don’t inderstand your request. I filled out the required fields. What is moderation?

  21. i so enjoyed season 1 of the crown….and i look forward to viewing season 2 and then all seasons…..it is so addictive and the cast is so believable and i watched it all in 2 days.

  22. Yes, I am ready for Season Two of The Crown.As I am 70 years old and a Canadian I remember hearing the facts about the young Queen Elizabeth on the radio and remember watching the Coronation on the same television sets that were portrayed on Season One.As I visited Windsor Castle and the Castle of May when on a cruise around the British Isles the series came alive for me.Bring on Season Two!

  23. Oh yes, so ready for The Crown series 2. Netflix and the Brits have great tv shows and movies. Well done!

  24. I thoroughly enjoyed the series and cannot wait for season 2 and know that it is a year away. House Of Cards had the same effect on me too and that is also a yearly affair.

  25. I watched the entire season in two days! All my work was put on hold – it’s mind blowing ! I am so ready to watch season 2 but waiting one year would be too much of a wait!

  26. Watched this in one day. I watch / read everything royal. I remember some of this from childhood. Beyond excellent. Matt Smith does a wonderful Prince Philip.

  27. Watched it in one day. Beyond excellent. I watch/read everything royal. Matt Smith does a great Prince Philip.

  28. Its about time a TV Series comes to the public to see how Queen Elizabeth has lived and ruled. I could not stop watching Season 1 until I had finished it and now here I am wanting to know more. How one rules and lives a Royal life and rules as a Queen of so many countries. She is truly a legend on her own timeline in this life we live. Please continue this wonderful show with the same actors and actresses who have portrayed their characters so real and true..

  29. I really really loved it. It ‘s so well done. The palaces the dresses the locations the cast members. Everything and everyone is great especially Elizabeth. My only problem is I CAN’T WAIT A YEAR . I WANT THE CROWN TO AIR SOONER.
    Any chance of that?

  30. I have really enjoyed watching the Crown and can not wait for series 2. I watched all 10 episodes in 3 days

  31. Loved it!!!!! Now reading that season 2 is coming next year makes me wish I hadn’t rushed through all 10 episodes within a week, BUT please don’t rush if it means keeping the integrity of the series

  32. Enjoyed the series immensely…..can’t wait for season 2…..but agreed if it takes time to keep the itegrity…I can wait….Shouldn’t have watched it so quickly ha ha.

  33. Absolutely want to see more. Surely Philip will at some point redeem himself. Really enjoyed this presentation!

  34. Netflix. Please don’t make us wait a year. This is a brilliant series. Im finished season 1. Loved it.

    Not only does it provide a history lesson, it is a great story. One forgets that they are just people, but inherit a huge amount of responsibility and tradition.
    Thoroughly enjoyed it, can’t wait for season 2,3 and more

  36. I loved season 1 and can’t wait for #2. Since I have so long to wait, I’ll be re-watching #1…until I know it in my sleep.

  37. I am too old to be sure and see the rest of these seasons unless they are released at least every 4-6 months. PLEASE make and release them as soon as each one or two episodes is completed/

  38. Please release each new episode as soon as it is completed – I am old and cannot wait five years to see this superb show complected.

  39. I watched season one in 3 days… keep the episodes coming! I don’t know how I’m going to wait a year to see what happens next. But when things are this good, they are worth waiting for!

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