When Will The Doctor Blake Mysteries Season 4 Be on Netflix? Season 5 Release Date?

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Netflix is an extremely popular movie and television show streaming website that allows its users to access a massive collection of content. In order to gain unlimited access to this content, subscribers agree to pay a small monthly fee. Netflix streams shows of almost any genre you could ever dream of watching. Most of the content currently available on Netflix was originally aired on television. Although most of the content is from television, Netflix has been working hard to create some original content of their own. One of the newest shows to be added to Netflix from television is the show The Doctor Blake Mysteries.

When Will The Doctor Blake Mysteries Season 4 Be on Netflix? Season 5 Release Date?
The Doctor Blake Mysteries is a great watch for anyone who enjoys suspenseful and dramatic crime television. The Doctor Blake Mysteries is a show that depicts the work of a doctor who has taken over his father’s practice. Doctor Blake helps the local law enforcement handle some interesting murder cases. Click the link to see the IMDb rating for The Doctor Blake Mysteries. There are currently three seasons of The Doctor Blake Mysteries streaming on Netflix. As subscribers wrap up season three on Netflix, they will begin asking the big question “when will The Doctor Blake Mysteries season 4 be on Netflix?”

When Will The Doctor Blake Mysteries Season 4 Be on Netflix? Season 5 Release Date?

The Doctor Blake Mysteries is a great show for anyone who loves crime and drama television shows. There are currently three seasons of  The Doctor Blake Mysteries streaming on Netflix. As subscribers finish the final episode of season three, they will begin asking the big question “when will The Doctor Blake Mysteries season 4 be on Netflix?”  To answer this question we must take a look at how Netflix has handled the releases of new seasons of shows in the past. After covering this subject for a few years now we have found some patterns that allow us to approximate the Netflix release dates for new seasons of various shows. There is typically about an eleven month period of time between the premier of a show on television and the release of the show on Netflix. In the case of The Doctor Blake Mysteries, there was a two year period of time between the release of season 3 on television and the release of the same season on Netflix. Season 4 has yet to be released on Netflix and Season 5 is right on the horizon. We may see Netflix do a dual release of seasons 4 and 5 of The Doctor Blake Mysteries. For now we can anticipate that The Doctor Blake Mysteries seasons 4 and 5 should be streaming on Netflix by June 2018. Comment below if you are ready for The Doctor Blake Mysteries seasons 4 and 5 to be on Netflix as soon as possible!

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  1. I have escaped into this series with total surrender. I love the main characters, their intelligence and compassion, the humane interaction Doctor Blake has with the suspects, the historic period and fashions… all of it! Bring us the remaining episodes as soon as possible. I’m sure I’m not the only one enjoying this series. Thank you for good mystery entertainment.

    1. Please, Please release season 4 and 5 of the Doctor Blake Series on Netflix as soon as possible. I/we all love the show and will watch for your announcement. In fact, it is so popular that I am hoping you will think of underwriting or encouraging further seasons after 5. Thank you. Jo Ann

    2. I am totally with you! I was so happy the way Season 3 concluded and am now bereft thinking I have to wait more than a YEAR to watch seasons 4 and 5. If only we could buy the DADs but I haven’t found them available for the US.

    3. I’m totally hooked. I loved the way Season 3 concluded and can’t bear to think that I must wait more than a Year for Seasons 4 and 5. Does anyone know how to get hold of DVDs that work in the US for this series??

    4. I just finished Season 3 and am bereft. Please make Seasons 4 and 5 available as soon as possible.

    5. no way can i wait until next year for the next season of dr. blake!!!!!! omg, hurry up and put at least season 4 on netflix. thank you.

    6. I cannot even imagine going for months or years without Dr. Blake Mysteries! Please release seasons 4 and 5 soon.

    7. Please release seasons 4 & 5 as soon as possible! Dr. Blake Mysteries is a wonderful series that is very tastefully done! I am hooked!!! I can’t imagine waiting months to see what happens next! Please, please, pretty please!

    8. I love the Dr. Blake Mysteries series and am looking forward to seeing season 4 and season 5. In the mystery genre they are a classy, intelligent series. Please consider releasing them sooner rather than latter.

      A Loyal Nexflix Fan

    9. Looking forward to The Doctor Blake Mysteries Seasons 4 and 5 and beyond being available on Netflix!
      Shows this well written, acted and directed are such a rarity – yet Netflix seems more and more to be bringing quality entertainment back to its viewers. Thank you! It’s appreciated!

  2. Dear Netflix,
    PLEASE release Season 4 of Doctor Blake Mysteries as soon as possible!

  3. Netflex – Please release seasons 4 and 5 of the Dr. Blake Mysteries. We love this series. Hopefully, we will be able to catch Seasons 4 and 5 in 2017. Thank you.

  4. I can’t say enough about how much I have enjoyed the three seasons of the Doctor Blake Mysteries! I am ready for the release of the next two seasons! It’s smartly written, it keeps me & my husband glued to the finish. I love the characters , the storylines, the time period; just everything about it!! It is smartly written! I’m excited they have some more seasons coming back because unfortunately everytime I hook into a great show like this it’s dicontinued. Please keep it coming!
    My husband & I are ready for the release of the next seasons anytime??

  5. I don’t typically binge watch shows, but Doctor Blake Mysteries was an exception. It would be 2 AM, and all reason would fly out the window so I could watch just one more episode. I’m looking forward to Season 4 (and 5) with eager expectation!

  6. I love Dr. Blake Mysteries!!!! Please release Season 4 & 5 as soon as possible. I am elderly and my greatest enjoyment is watching the great mysteries on netflix.

  7. Please release seasons 4 and 5 as soon as possible. It is a joy to be able to watch great acting, well written wholesome entertainment on tv these days.

  8. Love love this show!! The acting is excellent and I found myself totally submerged! Please bring season 4 and 5 as soon as possible. Thankyou Netflix

  9. I seriously cannot wait more than a year for season 4 ! I think I might stop watching Netflix. There are very few movies I really want to see. Mostly I watch series, but the frustration level is getting high waiting for further episodes.

    a witty, smart, engrossing story line with excellent acting…
    a wonderful ensemble cast….and a poignant final scene
    Don’t make us wait too long …..

  11. I’m ready for season 4 and 5 to be released on Nexflex. I really enjoyed the show. It seems there is no way to watch either season in the US. Videos are not even available to buy. Same it is a good show.

    1. YES…why can’t SEASON 4 be released now instead of waiting for both Season 4 & 5…. Please Netflix get season 4 for us loyal customers!

  12. I love this series why why do we have to wait so long.
    I love all th British tv shows and am still waiting for there series to come. Nothing left for me to watch!!!

  13. “Dr Blake” has it all: engaging characters; nuanced acting; terrific ensemble development; and courageous treatment of some always-timely topics (i.e., murder is simply the backdrop for story lines that touch on such issues as race relations, sexual orientation, women’s equality, sexual harassment, mental illness, etc.). I binge watched the first three seasons and am not sure how I’ll manage to wait for seasons four and five. Please put all of us fans out of our misery by streaming at least one additional season as soon as possible. And would someone please urge the ABC to continue the series beyond season five so long as the key cast members are still willing?!? There are clearly legions of viewers who will continue watching “Dr Blake” until the kangaroos come home!

  14. Dr. Blake Mysteries is the best series on Netflix. I am looking forward to the next release.

  15. Ridiculous that we have to wait until June 2018 to see season 4 and 5. This is what I hate about streaming. Please make this happen much sooner than June 2018.

  16. Please release Dr Blake Mysteries season 4 in 2017. We are captivated by this show, great series one of the best we have seen, we love all the characters on the show. Please release them soon.

  17. Netflix – please bring seasons 4 and 5 of the Doctor Blake Mysteries. It’s one of the best series on television.

  18. Please add seasons 4 & 5 ASAP! Loved the series so far & would like to see more on Netflix.

  19. Hooked on doctor Blake Mysteries. Great acting and very well written. Seen it through twice. Please bring season 4 and 5 asap. Thank you

  20. Please release season 4 of this series sooner than 2018 if at all possible. I thought season 3 was the end. So pleased to know there is more.

  21. I love this show and want more. Please put S 4 on for the summer. It has enough mystery, love and humor to make it a necessary watch. Plus, the characters work so well together.

  22. I was addicted to this show from the beginning…I don’t understand why they chose to discontinue it after the 4th season. I am so looking forward to the release of season 4….thank you Netflix for releasing the first 3 seasons

  23. It is about time Netflix started keeping better records on what people are watching. There are enough people watching series like Dr. Blake’s Mysteries, and Murdoch Mysteries that the release of new series should not be coming to the streaming side of Netflix faster. Please negotiate faster and better to release these series faster.

  24. Please put Season’s 4 and 5 as soon as possible.
    I love watching and trying to figure out who did it!
    Your characters are great..fantastic interactions!!

  25. We love the series, please show us season 4 as soon as possible, and continue the series beyond that.

  26. We really enjoyed watching Dr Blake Mysteries and after searching, we’re surprised to see that Netflix will not release Season 4 and 5 until June of 2018. Why the delay? If you are streaming a show , you should make all drains available. As a paying viewer, we expect more from you. Please release these two seasons now.

  27. Please, we are begging, release Season 4 and 5 ASAP. MY husband and I are in love with this series, it’s characters, it’s time period, the dialect, the humor, the storylines,…literally everything. So intelligently written and brilliantly acted. Please!

  28. Dear Netflix,
    Please release season’s 4 and 5 of Dr. Blake ASAP. Until then, I will be watching The Handmaid’s Tale on Hulu (so hurry up…please)!!!

  29. I am totally hooked on Dr. Blake Mysteries. PLEASE, PLEASE PLEASE release Season 4 in 2017. I can’t wait until 2018.

  30. Netflix should be sensitive about beginning a series and letting it just hang there for s long time. Airing new episodes ASAP is being respectful of the subscribers.

  31. Yeas. As the Doctor would say. Since ABC has decided not to continue with the show, lets have Netflix pick up the pace.

  32. LOVE this show! Really wish season four could be released soon so we don’t have to wait to get four and five at the same time! We are having withdrawal!!

  33. My wife and I love the show. I’m in my late 80s. Dear NETFLIX, please expedite, there are no TVs in heaven.

  34. Please, please, please, I can’t wait a whole year to see what happens between dr Blake and Jean. Try to get the series 4 &5 as soon as possible….please please please!!!!!!!!!! I love this show so much!

  35. We love the Dr. Blake series and hope you will bring the next seasons on AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. We will watch this series over day to day television. Thank you.

  36. We are enjoying this series very much. When I told my wife, June 2018, she was not happy. A release of 4 and 5 at the same time would be outstanding. The sooner the better.

  37. We love this series so much and tonight we are going to start watching the last episode of season 3. Please , please don’t make us wait a full year for season 4 and 5 !!!! We need more good series like this one !!

  38. A year before Netflix has 4 and 5 but DVD is available. People will lose interest in a year.

  39. My wife and I binge watched Doctor Blake Mysteries after viewing the first episode. Really don’t want to wait until June 2018 for season 4. He is a great character and the supporting cast are outstanding. The creators have done a wonderful job in providing a show that keeps you coming back for more. The cast needs to know there are people out here who appreciate their continued involvement in this quality show. Thanks to all.

  40. This is the best show on TV. I really wish Netflix would release season 4. We have seen season 4 in the US. It’s time to release it on Netflix!
    I hope they reconsider canceling after season 5. It’s a shame when a wonderful show like this one isn’t recognized. I wish more people here in the US would know about it. Every one I know who watches this shows falls in love with it… I believe it crosses many demographics.

  41. I just finished watching the 3 seasons of dr Blake mysteries & loved every minute of it. I checked to see if more was coming & devastated to see a year before more coming. I hope I remember the show when it does come out. Love the people on the show but not the police superintendent but glad they brought back number 2. I’ll now have to find another series to watch.

  42. I found Dr Blake by accident one night and immediately got hooked. I can’t wait to find out what happens next. Please don’t delay the release of season 4&5. I hope it’s around for a very long time.
    Impatient in Texas!

  43. I am in Love with this series. I was shocked beyond comprehension when I read this series is ending. I wish I knew who made that decision. Midsomer has 19 seasons and still going. For the Boomers please reconsider. Good programming is VERY hard to find. I don’t do realty junk.
    I be checking Hulu and Amazon and hope for success.

  44. Well, I’m seriously considering ordering season 4 on DVD from Amazon. I just finished season 3 on Netflix, and there’s no way I’m waiting til June for the next one. I’d wait til January for Netflix, but it would help immensely to know if it’s coming.

  45. We binge watched all 3 seasons and now we have to wait until June 918. Very disappointing. This is a great series and should continue for as long as original cast wants to work. Please hurry and move it along.

  46. Please release season 4 ASAP! I read that Season 5 is being held back from being broadcast in Australia until they can film a “wrap up” special to close out the series. Would Netflix consider producing further seasons of Dr Blake? This is such a good show, with such a strong fan base, it could run for years with these wonderful characters…

  47. My family and I are waiting on pins and needles for the release of season 4 Dr. Blake mysteries on Netflix. It would be nice if seson 5 was right behind.
    Thank you
    Ron Wood and family

  48. Please release season 4 and season 5 of Dr. Blake mysteries. We love to watch this show and can’t wait to see the next two seasons.

  49. I love this series and was hoping for more to come. I can not wait for season 4 and 5. Just an all around awesome show with out such vulgar and sex and love scenes. Just good old fashion TV. It really is a treat. June of 2018 is too dang lone to wait!

  50. Yes, I am one of those waiting impatiently for seasons 4 and 5 of the Dr. Blake Mysteries. Please add them Netflix!

  51. Absolutely love the Dr Blake Mysteries. Can’t wait for season 4 and 5. I love how it takes you to another time and place long gone and the acting is terrific.

  52. Absolutely love the Dr Blake Mysteries. Can’t wait to see seasons 4 and 5. Love how it takes you to another time and place long gone. Plus the acting is terrific

  53. Please release seasons 4&5 as soon as possible. Also Netflix please don’t cancel this series but continue for several more seasons. The characters and the location are wonder. Again please don’t cancel this series.

  54. I love dr Blake. Without a doubt it is the best. 5 star would never be good enough to evaluate it. I was hooked from the first episode n got my sister n daughter hooked also lol. I was so desperate for season four that I was able to get it downloaded through my masterpiece/amazon account n it is riveting! Now I am salivating for season 5. Reports are that the season 5 has been concluded so bring it on please. I’ve rewatched all the seasons n have yet to tire of them. Love love love it

  55. Please, please, PLEASE bring Seasons 4 & 5 to Netflix as soon as humanly possible! We just finished season 3 and were SO disappointed that we couldn’t continue on yet. And I sure thought season 4 was on there already…was sure I’d seen it as an option. Anyways, I’m begging…and I’m not too proud to admit it! 🙁

  56. Find the series very good to watch. I’m very eager for seasons 4 and 5 to be released! Please hurry!
    That’s far too long to make people wait! Thx

  57. Please release seasons 4 & 5 asap.
    My husband and I love this show with an intelligent script, well written characters, excellent acting, beautiful period costumes and sets.
    Just why will the ABC stop production of this series, and while it’s still a top rated show in Australia?
    Netflix please consider making it your production in the future. You have many many loyal fans!!!!

  58. I just finished season 3. What a great show. They feel like family. And it’s not good business to keep people waiting for more seasons if they’ve been filmed. I can wait till next June, but by then i will have forgotten things and i might not want to watch it.

  59. My husband and I really really enjoyed The Doctor Blake Mysteries. We don’t even want to think about finding something new. There is so much trash anymore that it’s hard to find quality television programs like this one. Anxiously waiting for season 4&5!

  60. Eagerly awaiting Seasons 4 & 5. So happy Munro is gone, I could not stand that character. Actor played the role to a T, all I wanted was for him to go!

    Thanks Netflix for carrying the series, I am grateful.

  61. I’m in agreement with everyone who already posted. Dr. Blake is a fine program and we can’t wait for seasons four and five. Please keep this series going…it’s great!!!!

  62. Just finished watching Season 3 of Dr. Blake Mysteries and really wish I didn’t have to wait until June 2018 to see Seasons 4 and 5! Thoroughly love all the characters and stories! Need to know what happens between Lucian and Jean!

  63. I love Dr. Blake Mysteries! I’m from the US but love shows from Australia (Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, loved this and sorry there are no more). I cannot wait to see more of Dr. Blake but do wish that the series would continue. Having the Dr. and Mrs. Beasley married would add another element to the show.

  64. I am ready now for season 4 at least. This is torture waiting. This is the best mystery series since Miss Fishers Mysteries which there seem to be no more seasons of.

  65. Dr. Blake is a very well-done and classy mystery series. Would love to see season 4 on netflix.

  66. I’m totally hooked on this series. Bloody hell, please release Seasons 4 and 5 as soon as possible. Can’t wait to see what happens next.

  67. Watching the Dr. Blake Mysteries is a treat for me. I’m grateful to Netflix for streaming this entertaining, intelligent show. I’m sad to be nearing the end of Season 3 without Seasons 4 and 5 to look forward to. I hope Netflix will release both seasons soon!

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