When Will The Frozen Dead Season 2 be Released on Netflix?

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When Will The Frozen Dead Season 2 be Released on Netflix?

Over the past few years Netflix has hit a number of home runs with their original content. They have even ventured out and created a number of great international original series. Their most recent international original series is the show The Frozen Dead; also known as Glacé. This french series has received great reviews from some of the nation’s top critics.

Heres what The Frozen Dead is all about…

When Will The Frozen Dead Season 2 be Released on Netflix?

If you are a Netflix subscriber who loves crime television. The Frozen Dead tells the story of an investigator named Martin Servaz. After a gruesome discovery atop a mountain in the French Pyrenees, Servaz engages in an icy dance with a cereal killer. With only one season of this great thriller available to stream on Netflix, subscribers are asking the question “will there be a second season of The Frozen Dead on Netflix?”

Will Netflix Renew The Frozen Dead for Season 2?

There are a few big factors that determine whether or not Netflix will decide to Renew The Frozen Dead for a second season. One being the reception of the series with subscribers, and the second being critic ratings for the show. In the case of The Frozen Dead, subscribers have had nothing  but positive things to say about this new series. Well, there has been one common complaint regarding the inability to understand the foreign language in the show. However, this issue has been resolved as you can change the dialogue to English if you so please. There have been no ratings lower than five stars left by Netflix subscribers. If it were up to subscribers there would be a second season of The Frozen Dead on Netflix. Critics have also had average ratings for this series which should not inhibit Netflix from pursuing season 2. If Netflix does renew The Frozen dead for season 2, the question is “when will The Frozen Dead season 2 be released on Netflix?”

When Will The Frozen Dead Season 2 be Released on Netflix?

When Will The Frozen Dead be Released on Netflix?

In order to determine when The Frozen Dead season 2 will be released on Netflix, if it is renewed, we must take a look at how Netflix handled the release of subsequent seasons of similar shows in the past. If we can identify a pattern here, we can predict a possible Netflix release date for The Frozen Dead season 2. We found that there is typically a twelve month period of time between seasons of shows similar to The Frozen Dead. If The Frozen Dead follows the same trend, we should see a The Frozen Dead season 2 available on Netflix by January 10th, 2019.

The Frozen Dead (season 2) should be available on Netflix by January 10th, 2019

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33 thoughts on “When Will The Frozen Dead Season 2 be Released on Netflix?”

  1. I loved The Frozen Dead series. With the villain on the loose, Netflix must produce us with a second season. The story line is excellent and the acting superb! Many clever twists to keep the viewer biting fingernails. A huge vote for Season 2!

  2. I loved the series The Frozen Dead! With the villain on the run, Netflix must satisfy it’s fans with a Season 2. The many twists and surprise turns in the plot had me nail biting! Acting is spot on; the scenery breathtaking. I cast a big vote for a second season!

  3. Outstanding series (easily five stars) which was left on a cliff-hanger, so please renew The Frozen Dead, Netflix.

    And I would certainly love to see a second series in this harrowing drama, to find out if Hirtman is recaptured, as well as finding out the fates of Dectective Sevant and the precinct captain who was arrested by the prosecutor for aiding and abetting Sevant.

  4. Such a great series! Please go e us season 2! You can’t leave us hanging? Especially with Hirtman getting away at the end? Once again this is such an incredible show! I love, love, love it! Please do season 2

  5. Yes! Please have a second season. This is an excellent series! Every episode held my rapt attention. The surprise that Hirtman got away was an appetizer for the next season!

  6. Loved the six part series. Quality acting, writing and photography. Give it rating of 5 across the board. I would love to see a Season 2.

  7. Loved this series. We find that many French programs made for Netflix are fabulous. This is one of the best. Please continue this season with season two. We are so pleased with the foreign releases that we have seen from Norway, Sweden France, Great Britain. Thanks for noting our support of this particular series and our vote to continue it.

  8. Just binged watched “Glacé – The Frozen Dead”. Excellent show!!! Please make a season 2!!!! I need to know what is going to happen with the bad guy on the run!!

  9. The series Frozen Dead (Glacé) Season 1 is excellent in all respects. The screenplay, ensemble cast performance, cinematography and directing are all very strong. As far as I’m concerned, it is in the top tier of crime fiction series, keeping company with series such as The Killing, Luther, Border Town, Low Winter Sun, Mindhunter, Longmire, and Breaking Bad. The presence of French language with excellent subtitles works very well for me, retaining the authentic French cultural atmosphere. The Netflix format allows for easy short rewinds for one to review the few subtitles that vanish pretty quickly. I vote enthusiastically for more than two seasons.

  10. Yes please! We need a season two asap. The Frozen Dead is an excellent series with plot twists, great acting and beautiful scenery. But please, hire an editor! It is serial , not cereal. You diminish your site with this glaring mistake.

  11. Yes please let’s have Season 2. Exciting, great characters, action, surprises, kept you guessing, and majestic setting! Really enjoying Netflix foreign films.

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