When Will The Get Down Part 3 Be on Netflix? The Get Down Season 3?

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Netflix is a movie and television show streaming website that allows its users to access a massive collection of  content. In exchange for unrestricted access to Netflix’s content, subscribers agree to pay a reasonable monthly fee. Netflix offers its subscribers shows of almost any genre they could ever want to watch. Most of the shows currently available on Netflix were originally aired on television by different networks. Although most of the shows on Netflix are from television, Netflix has recently been doing a great job of producing content that is unique to Netflix. This content is known as Netflix original content. One of the most popular Netflix original shows currently streaming on Netflix is the show The Get Down.

When Will The Get Down Part 3 Be on Netflix? The Get Down Season 3?
The Get Down is a great choice for anyone who enjoys music and drama television. The Get down is a series that takes place in New York City during the nineteen seventies. The show follows some of the newest artists of the time period as they make their music dreams come true developing a revolutionary style of music. Click the link to see the IMDb rating for The Get Down. There are currently two parts or seasons of The Get Down streaming on Netflix. As subscribers finish up part/ season 2, they will begin asking the big question “when will The Get Down part 3 be on Netflix?”

When Will The Get Down Part 3 Be on Netflix? The Get Down Season 3 Release Date?

The Get Down is a good watch for anyone with an interest in music or television drama. There are currently two seasons or parts of The Get Down streaming on Netflix. As subscribers wrap up part 2, they will begin asking the question “when will The Get Down season 3 be on Netflix?” To answer this big question, we must take a look at how Netflix has handled the release of subsequent seasons of their original content in the past. After a few years of covering this topic we have found that there is a pattern in how Netflix handles new releases. There is typically a time period of one year between seasons of Netflix original shows. Using this pattern we can approximate the Netflix release date for The Get Down part/ season 3. The Get Down season 3 should be streaming on Netflix by April 2018. Comment below if you are ready to see The Get Down part 3 on Netflix ASAP!

54 thoughts on “When Will The Get Down Part 3 Be on Netflix? The Get Down Season 3?”

  1. I loved every minute of The Get Down and hope there is a Season 3. There are lots of loose ends that should be explored.

    1. The get down is Avery entertaining tv show . There need to be more episodes though and we must have a season 3 and so forth!!!!!

    2. The Get Down is Amazing!! The content of every part of it is off the Hook!! Y’all must bring it back. There’s nothing else like it out there now. Listen to your Audience ?????????????

    3. I am a fan! The Get Down is a well written and acted out show. I can’t wait to see Season 3! There are alot of areas to explore! Thanks Netflix for having a awesome show! You have really out did yourself and kudos to all the actors you guys rock!

  2. The get down is just a ridiculas good serie witch deserves a few seasons. I really hope that netflix makes a few more.

  3. I would definitely love to see the next part of The Get Down….As I would love for it to be a continued series…I am completely hooked in this show. I absolutely love this show and also feel it deserves more seasons…Many more

  4. I’m ready for the get down to get down to business and make a 3rd season. Questions need answering and relationships need explaining. Up that budget and episode count and fit in those details that were missing to really bring the show together

  5. I think that the three back up dancers are Mylene and the other are her friends. The Dj at the concert is Shaolin. I can’t think for Ra-Ra, Dizzie, and Boo-Boo. Can’t wait for season 3

  6. I can’t wait for Season 3, this show takes me back to my childhood /teenage years when mixing/scratching was everything!!!!! The cast is perfect and the show overall is incredible!!!!! Please Please hurry and bring on season 3…I’M READY !!!!!!!

  7. Really hope this show continues , there’s not too many shows that are worth watching. Besides, the music is great!

  8. There definitely needs to be a part 3… it too much going on just to leave all these heavy unanswered questions on my mind and oils be tragedy!!! All I need to know is will Shaolin make it out??? I need answers???

  9. Hands down, The Get Down is my favorite show on Netflix. The cast is outstanding. I would love to see a season three!!!!’

  10. OMG! This is a GREAT SHOW! This is my Era and it’s so close to my heart. The music, storyline and comic book story line drawings are amazing. LOVE THIS SHOW. PLEASE MAKE SEASON THREE!

  11. Completely amazing! The cast is perfect – when Zeke recited his poem in S1:E1… I was hooked. Bring this back – too many stories to leave.

  12. This show is so amazing. I watch it over and over and it’s good every time. I can’t wait for Season 3 and hope it continues for a long time.

    Loved every second I watched. I GAINED a new respect for this music. The wait for season 3 will be hard. But Hoping they don’t dissapointnus fans and leave it there

    So much more to see and hear. Many characters left in limbo.

    Let’s hope this awesome story continues as we all wait with anticipation

  14. The show isn’t a show, it’s a story. Every period represents someone and everyone. Anyone that has a place in their heart for hip hop and has a chapter in their life where their dream was just out of reach, has a role in the story. It’s OUR story. I for one would like to hear, see and feel it told. This isn’t entertainment, it’s a testimony of choices, obstacles, situations, loyalty and truth. Hopefully someone sees the purpose and will fund the project. I can’t wait to see another season!

  15. This might sound a little soft from a man but I love the love story betwen Mylene and Ezekiel. The hip hop is cool too but to go back to the puppy love days where a young man and young woman had no responsibilities. Its almost like death you can’t revive those days.
    ????? for THE GET DOWN!

  16. You guys must drop season 3 asap its a must this is the greatest show ive ever seen it is essential that you bring this out sooner then later

  17. Fuking come on Netflix this is the only good show I like and I just finished season 2 or part 2 u needa come out with part three start working

  18. The Get Down is such a slice of life for the late 70’s. I
    do hope it doesn’t take a year to continue this story. It’s
    such a dynamic time musically politically sexually the lust goes on. I can’t wait for season 3!!

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  20. Great series! It’s hard to believe, but Part 2 was better than 1 ! Can’t wait to see what happens to Zeke (thank goodness he will be going to college), Mylene is amazing, Mylene’s mom even more amazing. We need to know more about Shaolin Fantastic !!! Bring on Part 3; if Netflix needs a year to match the quality of Parts 1 and 2, so be it. It will be a hard wait, but a worthy one.

  21. So can’t wait for season 3 !!! a incredible combination in this series, that gets you in so many ways and places. Great story and characters to the top 10 for show!

  22. I looove this show but we shouldn’t have to wait a year to see season 3 we were cheated this season with only 5 episodes please don’t make us wait a whole year for season 3 & should we have to wait than please make it worth waiting for with more than 5 episodes.

  23. I NEED to see a season 3. I watched all 12 episodes in a span of 2 days. I just could not stop watching. This show is so great and points out so many things that are wrong in the world. Love the character building from Francisco to Zek to Shaolin to Flash. LOVED everything and every part about this show!! Please bring season 3!!!

  24. The Get Down is my favorite show, each season there was always one episode that brought me to tears. Please bring this show back!!!!!!!!!

    1. Agreed. So many touching moments that hit deep. Like when Shao and Zeke are alone and Zeke is writing/rhyming about the purple crayon, camera pans to Shao laying back on the couch, seeming pacified, smiling… At first I thought cool he is just happy to hear what Zeke was coming up with. Watching again, I realized that as an orphan raised by thugs, Shao probably never heard a bedtime story in his life, and was enjoying Zeke’s soothing words just as that.

  25. I am a fan! The actors are awesome! I feel like I am a kid again! I can not wait for season 3! Please give us more episodes and more season’s. So many unanswered questions. Netflix you have a gold mine on your hands! Kudos to the cast and the people behind the scenes, you all rock!

  26. The last part when zeke and mylene finaly go seperate ways got to me .need to know where the get down brothers end up .zekes music career and what happens when he goes to yale .does shaolin still work for annie or ends up killing them off amd her son to. Does papa fuerte get confronted by mylene as to why she was made to believe pastor ramos was her father .theres alot missing and would love to see part 3 and continue being soo amazing .thanks guys

  27. Maybe in season 3, Cadillac will get to go to the moon and dance all over that motha. I don’t know how they will take it further. Sure seems like it was summed up, Dizzee’s fate, Boo in prison, Zeke seems to have made decisions, hence the takes of “adult” Zeke”, who looks and sounds nothing like him, doing something between rap and Gil Scott-Heron, telling the story that was presented. If they do a season 3 it had better be On-Fire, because what I have seen so far, studying the 2 seasons up, it is the most magnetic and clever thing I have ever seen. Blaxpoitation? Some are calling it that, but it is a Very accurate portrayal of minorities in the ghettos of Brooklyn. The truly shining moments were indeed the performances, they sent chills at the end of season 1, and got even better. Hard to imagine capturing that spirit of youth and the freedom it affords kids to pursue their dreams if only until the real world crashes down on their head. IMO it was beautiful, and summed up, complete, as-is. I hope to be proven wrong all the way around concerning that.

  28. BTW, one of the coolest things that I came away with from the show, was understanding the metaphor of “crossing your Rubicon”. Look it up, like I said, clever as anything can be. Whirred.

  29. BEST SHOW ON NETFLIX HANDS DOWN. Love ALL the characters, the music, the era, the history!!!
    Please oh PLEASE brign it back?!? SEason Three <3!!!

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