When Will The Magicians Season 2 Be on Netflix? Netflix Release Date?

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When it comes to streaming television shows and movies online you have a number of different options to choose from. The most popular option for online movie and television show streaming has recently been Netflix. Netflix has become extremely popular with the younger generations and offers many different shows for its subscribers to stream right onto almost any device that can connect to the internet. Netflix’s massive collection of content is made up of shows and movies from third party producers as well as some shows created by Netflix. These shows are known as Netflix original shows. Netflix original shows are exclusive to Netflix subscribers. One show that is currently streaming on Netflix and is becoming increasingly popular is the show The Magicians.

The Magicians season 2 was released on Netflix on December 11th 2017. Check out the release date for The Magicians season 3 on Netflix!

When Will The Magicians Season 2 Be on Netflix? Netflix Release Date?
The Magicians is a great show for anyone who enjoys drama, science fiction, and of course magic. The Magicians is a show about a young student who enrolls in a school to learn more about magic. His expectations of magic are blown out of the water when he realizes that all of the magic he has ever read or heard about is actually real. The show follows the leaps he makes in the world of magic and how he handles the discovery of all of this magic. There is currently only one season of The Magicians streaming on Netflix. As subscribers finish up season one of The Magicians they will begin asking the question “when will The Magicians season 2 be on Netflix?”

When Will The Magicians Season 2 Be on Netflix? Netflix Release Date? 

There is currently only one season of The Magicians streaming on Netflix. As Netflix subscribers finish up the first season of the Magicians, they will begin asking the big question “when will The Magicians season 2 be available on Netflix?” To answer this question our team here at OTLSM has created a system that will give us a good approximate Netflix release date for The Magicians season 2, or any show for that matter. Season one of The Magicians premiered on Syfy in December 2015. This season was not released on Netflix until December 2016. This means there is a gap of about a year between the premier of a season and it’s release date on Netflix. The Magicians season 2 should be released on Netflix sooner than season one was released because the show is already on Netflix, this means that Netflix has a deal set up with Syfy to stream the show. The approximate Netflix release date for The Magicians season 2 is right around December 2017. Comment below if you want season 2 of The Magicians to be on Netflix ASAP!

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  1. Heck yeah i want it asap. I cant get enough of this show. Love it and cannot wait till season 2 comes out on Netflix!!

    1. Most definitely! This show has got me hooked and ive watched season 1 already in like 3 days so yes please air season 2 cause the suspense is killin me!

    2. This show is the only reason I wake up in the morning, if this isn’t on netflix the day after the tv premiere I will be so disappointed in netflix and the director of The Magicians. So please put season 2 on netflix asap because my cable is off and netflix is my only tv source. My phone is the only way I can watch it. Please I’m begging you put it on netflix asap I need this show, it’s the only way I can release my craziness without being embarrassed about it. So please release it on netflix asap.????????????????????

    3. I only have time for Netflix in my life. I’m into the show at the moment and looking forward to the next season, but will most likely loose interest in it if I’m waiting a year… Too many shows now, so keep us into it and let us become fans!

  2. Totally want the Season 2 of “The Magicians” to be released as quickly as the Netflix folks can work their magic…and get to those of us who are addicted to their ‘streaming drug’!

  3. One year?!!! No way I can wait that long for The Magicians. What incantations can we do to get this series back on Netflix asap?!

  4. Yes!!! I have watched the 1st episod of season 1 and already want the second season ready to watch when i finish the first. I cant wait !!!!

  5. I hate the way these new shows are released. Used to be one season then you would wait 2 or 3 months and the next season. Now it’s one or two years I hate it!! I could do a better job of scheduling.

  6. Yes IM AN ADDICT over this show and ABSOLUTELY CANNOT wait a WHOLE year.. thats INSANE i tell you

  7. YES … Season 2 ASAP — Dec 2017 is too long to wait, too long to waste the momentum that’s building. Keep the seasons coming on this terrific show. It’s got a great blend of elements to keep an audience, but if they tease us too long we’ll find something else … loads of talent out there 😉

  8. You can’t make me wait that long to find out what happens. This show had me hooked from the beginning. If you want more people to watch Netflix you would release them sooner because I could easily start watching them when they air on January 25. I like the ability to be able to watch one episode after another and not have to wait that’s the only reason why I use Netflix. If Netflix would get earlier release dates there number of people using there services would go up. I know a lot of people who quit using Netflix because they take forever to get new movies and show and they also have the most random movies no one has ever heard of. Please get magicians season 2 a lot sooner than you normally do.

  9. When I went on Netflix I watched the first episode to get a feel of the show and I watch every episode in one weekend. I can’t wait for it to come on Netflix it was so interesting and left so many unanswered questions. I need magicians in my life. Onword to Fillery. Asap

  10. Please release ‘The Magicians’ Seasons 2 ASAP?!!! My friend and I cannot get enough of this show!! Seriously think that December 2017 is too long of a wait….

  11. this is ridiculous I got into netflix because of a friend and it was great at first but every show i have watched and like only has one season and by the time season 2 comes out honestly you just dont want to deal with the fact that you’ll have to wait another year to continue so I’m saf to say if this doesnt change I wont be watching it anymore. 3 to 4 months is exceptable but not a year…..

  12. I would love to see the magicians season 2 on Netflix add episodes soon after they are aired. Why wait for the entire season to be done just to put them up all at once?

  13. The premier is Jan 25th 2017 for season 2, hopefully they get it on Netflix before Dec of 2017. Get a move in it Netflix

    Possibly BETTER than The Lion The Witch & The Wardrobe…
    I’m disturbingly enthralled with each character, but I cannot wait an entire year…!

  15. DEAR GOD PUT SEASON 2 PLEASE, PLEASE!!!! I just finished the first season of the magicians and it is so freakin good!

  16. Please don’t hesitate to. Thought it was corny at first but enjoyed it greatly please release asap

  17. Definitely ASAP!!!!! Waiting a year?!! Really??!! That’s just a bunch of BS, it should be way much quicker than that, so I and everyone else wants season 2 of magicians ASAP. It’s such an amazing show, so I beg you to listen to the comments

  18. YES! Please put Season 2 on Netflix before Dec. 2017!
    Why wait a year? Why not do what the CW is doing with Supernatural and making new episodes available up to 5 available to watch on Netflix before the new season is over.
    Season 1 isn’t availabe on demand anymore and HULU has no rights to this show. I checked!
    If a show is so popular why wait so long if getting more people to watch is the idea? Hopefully someone gets a clue and soon.
    I, for one, LOVE this show and am looking forward to what comes next! Thank you for listening?

  19. I’ve binge watched the whole season now Im lost I need this show ASAP hope for it sooner than a year

  20. Hell yeah I want it right now streaming Infront of me Netflix better get it ASAP they already have the deal so why not get it sooner than later.

  21. Hey guys, just wanted to let everyone know, Syfy has a free app you might be able to stream season 2 on. I’m hoping they put it on there, to hell with waiting until December

  22. Omg I have to see Season 2 just watching ge trailer I AM SO RELEIVED that Alice & Penny and everyone else come back!! Omgggggg PLEASE HURRY NETFLIX

  23. I need this in my life please
    I need to know what happens it’s like getting half way in then stopping ending with blue balls; it’s like a good dream that got stopped by a wake up call or alarm…… I just need it, please put season 2 on Netflix before I lose my fn mind

  24. I’m unable to get cable tv & would really appreciate this being released on Netflix as soon as possible PLEASE!! It is such an interesting and amazing show & I’m very anxious to watch what happens next!! Please help the fans be able to enjoy it that aren’t able to watch it other than on Netflix!!

  25. I want the magicians asap. I can’t wait, I just finished season one and am anxious to find out if his friends are gone for good or he finds a way to heal them.

  26. I finished these 13 episodes in one day! It’s like the adult version of Harry Potter! When can we expect the second season? Why isn’t it on Netflix already since it has already aired on the Syfy network??

  27. Please don’t make us wait!!! If we can get it released like now that would be amazing and appreciated.

  28. Please please bring it too us sooner.This show has really help me get through my father’s death and understand why he loves magic so much.my husband and I are highly addicted and would love our season 2 fix lol

  29. Please allow the show too be aired sooner I would rather not wait a year for a season that come out on television in 5 days from today, I personally do not have the time to do things such as record episodes on television to watch due too a crowded day therefore i only have time at night to watch my shows so Netflix is my source of entertainment so i’d very much enjoy the chance of continuing this series as that i’ve grown to like since being.

  30. You can get The Magicians Season 2 on Amazon Video (for $30). The episodes are typically available on Amazon the day after they air on cable TV.

  31. I have the worst time trying to find enough of an interesting show to watch, I don’t understand why it has to take sooo long for the next season of any show to come out, let alone on Netflix! The Magicians season 2 needs to be released on Netflix now! I have NOTHING else to watch right now! Thankyou!

  32. yes put it now. i hate it when they do this shit . have to go all year to see the other half of the movie why would you even put only one season on any way .we are paying to watch the whole movie not half and these should be up to date .so mad you get hook .on a movie only to be cut off for a whole year. sucks if The episodes are typically available on Amazon the day after they air on cable TV. and if netflix wants to keep their customers. then they better fix this kind of stuff. or they will lose money when we all move to Amazon .where you can watch your shows

  33. They should put the ‘uncensored’ (of course) version on Netflix ASAP. 24 hours after each episode airs!

  34. Just finished season 1 and Just found out season 2 is not available till December??? Our hands are learning spells to change this ludicrous time loop!!!

  35. That’s too long get it together OTLSM seriously slacking lol thought it’d be a Lil more professional than a whole year haha.

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