When Will The OA Season 2 Be on Netflix? Netflix Release Date?

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Netflix is a movie and television show streaming website that provides members with a massive collection of content ranging from movies to television shows to documentaries. Netflix does an amazing job expanding and maintaining their collection, constantly adding new content. New content will be in the form of movies and television shows from television channels. Not only does Netflix provide its members with great shows created by other producers, Netflix also produces and streams content that is exclusive to Netflix. This content is known as Netflix Original content. Popular Netflix originals include Luke Cage, Stranger Things, and The Ranch. One of the newest Netflix originals to be released on Netflix is The OA.

When Will The OA Season 2 Be on Netflix? Netflix Release Date?
The OA is a science fiction drama that is similar to the show Stranger Things released by Netflix earlier this year. The story behind The OA is very interesting. The show is about the life of a young girl who mysteriously goes missing. When she returns to her family she has trouble understanding who they are because she had poor eye sight when she went missing. Now she can see but that is not the only new ability she possesses. The young girl has many other abilities. In the show she has a secret mission that she recruits some others to help her with. This show is a great option for those who want an interesting watch that is very mysterious. If you enjoyed Stranger Things, I highly recommend The OA. As viewers finish up the first season of The OA, they will begin asking the question “when will The OA season 2 be on Netflix?”

How Much Did Brit Marling Get Paid To Be in The OA? 

The OA is one of the biggest Netflix releases of 2016. Coming in just in time for the holidays, The OA has raised a lot of questions. Many are comparing The OA to the Netflix Original Hit Stranger Things. Something that is actually ‘strange’ about The OA, is that the woman who plays the main character, Prairie, is also one of the creators. Brit Marling is both a creator and an actor in the hit show The OA. The question people are wondering, is how much did Brit Marling get paid for The OA. It is interesting enough to wonder what her salary is as the lead actor in the show, but also as a creator. She must be making big money right. Well television show writers, such as Brit Marling, make anywhere from around $50,000 to well over $200,000 depending on their experience and past successes. In Brit Marling’s case, she has produced a number of wonderful shows which would lead us to believe that she is making at least $100,000 from her role as a creator. However, this will not be her only source of income, she also acted in the show as the main character. Either she did this for fun as the creator or she amassed some extra income from the position. We suspect that she added another $75,000 or more. So all in all, Brit Marling more than likely brought in over $175,000 just from The OA season one. She will be able to make even more with the release of The OA season 2.

When Will The OA Season 2 Be on Netflix? Netflix Release Date? 

There is currently only one season of The OA streaming on Netflix. Season one was released just a few days ago and the show has already begun to draw a lot of attention to itself with its mysterious plot. As fans finish up the first season of The OA, they will begin asking the question “when will The OA season 2 be on Netflix?” To answer this big question we must take a look at how Netflix has handled releases of previous seasons of Netflix originals. Similar shows usually have a gap of about eleven months between the releases of seasons one and season 2. Being that The OA season one was released in December of 2016. It can be predicted that The OA season 2 will be released around November 2017. This cannot be certain however. It will depend on the success of season one of the OA as well as the demand that is heard for a second season of the show. The best approximate release date we can give is around November 2017 for season 2 of The OA. Comment Below if you are ready for The OA season 2 to be on Netflix ASAP!

Where Will The OA Season 2 Be Filmed?

The first season of The OA was very successful and entertained tens of thousands of Netflix subscribers. However, many of the viewers have already finished the first season of The OA. With season 2 looking like it will be a sure thing, fans will begin asking questions regarding the production of The OA seaoson 2. One of the biggest of these questions is “where will The OA season 2 be filmed. To answer this question we must take a look back at the production of The OA season one. Season one was filmed in the town of Groton, Connecticut. If season two intends to take place in the same area, it is very likely that they will be using the same setting and film the show in the same location as season one. So more than likely the second season of The OA will be filmed in Groton, Connecticut.

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    1. I watched the first episode … marathon on until the final episode. I could not stop watching. OA needs another season, no doubt about that. I can’t wait!

  1. I love this show! I stayed up till 3 in the morning one nigh watch it and I’m already watching it for the second time. Seaso. 2 needs to come faster.

  2. Yes season 2 is needed asap just seems like the one I’m so into leave you on the hang for the next season this is the 3rd it happened

  3. Endearing characters and a fantastic story line kept me binging until it was over. Thrilling and amazing and amazing. I can’t wait.

  4. I just finished my binge watching of all of season 1(just moments ago)… I can’t believe it might be 11 months before season 2!!!

  5. I keep on re watching the last episode of season 1 because it is so breathtaking and inspiring how those boys stood up to the shooters. I LOVE ITTT SEASON TWO BETTER COME FAST.


  7. I really hope there is a season two incredible makes you really think about life in heaven and angels incredible feel good movie

  8. I just finished watching season one… and I’m mind blown!!! ** in a good way** … I really need season 2 to answer all these questions!! Like I’m begging please don’t make me wait 1 whole year!!! This show is so awesome!!!

  9. without a doubt the best show I have watched in a very long time…..absolutely can not wait for the second season……amazing show…..really no words to express my wonder of the series…..great stuff…and we want more now…..

  10. Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    without a doubt the best show I have watched in a very long time…..absolutely can not wait for the second season……amazing show…..really no words to express my wonder of the series…..great stuff…and we want more now…..

  11. Binged watched the entire first season in a day! One of the most captivating shows I’ve seen in a long time! Season 2 please come soon!!!

  12. I loved this show!!!. Watched all eight episodes in one day and cried on the last one, just out of being so proud of the four that stood up to the threat in front of them!!! Can’t wait for season 2!!!!

  13. This is an amazing series and we need more shows like this on T.V. Please answer alot of unanswered questions that season one left. Season two is needed Asap. Thanks Netfix….

  14. Speechless, speechless and speechless……already addicted and need a fix NOW…hurry up and get season 2,3, 4 and 5 going ASAP!

  15. The OA has solidified NetFlix’s ability to produce a show that will NEVER be forgotten, like Twin Peaks. It touches on many important and controversial subjects and has a healing power to it. I watched the whole season Christmas day and I can’t wait for Season 2. Don’t dump this one NetFlix, it’s TOO GOOD.

  16. Very unique show. Couldn’t stop thinking about the episodes after watching the first 2 and then binge watched the rest. Love how the different groups all came together and the characters unfolded. Can’t wait for season 2 to start.

  17. OMG. LOVED IT. Need Season 2 to come before November of 2017. So tell me why I nearly know all the movements? The scene in the last episode at the school cafeteria, so breathtaking. How they got up and started doing the movements and then Prairie took the bullet….AHHHHHH. Please Season 2 come soon. I was on the edge of my seat every second of every episode. But really Netflix, best show yet, only 8 episodes in the first season…Why?

  18. I need there to be a season 2. To many questions left and I need to understand. I got chills from that last episode. Please hurry with season 2!!!

  19. The show I literally left me impressed I really enjoyed it and the Mystery behind the show has left me breathless and my mouth left open and my mind left curious please bring a second season and more I really love that!

  20. I started watching last night and didn’t even go to work today so I could finish. everything about this show is what I need it to be. PLEASE MAKE A SEASON TWO.. Please
    I have always loved sci-fi however this dabbles into things no other show has ever touched upon!

  21. I loved the OA…… the plot,storyline &charactersis draw you right in… I’m super excited for season 2….
    impatiently waiting

  22. Please don’t leave us hanging for too long waiting for season 2!!!!!!!!! This show held me right from the very beginning. We need more please and soon! Very soon!!!

  23. I am so into this show! Season 2 needed to be released yesterday……. I will have a really hard time if I Must wait nearly a year for the next season…. Netflix & Brit, Hurry Please!!!!

  24. I stayed up till 5:30am watching the show I am so upset and happy and sad all at once lol I loved it I don’t think I can wait a whole 11 months for a 2nd come on Netflix we all need you right now to get going on the 2nd season like ASAP

  25. So I just read a on a different link that there shouldn’t be a second season and the plot had ended in the finale and if there were to be a second then it would shatter everything well I disagree the plot didn’t end there is so many questions and who was running after her in the ambulance crying screaming take me with you he was shattered because she left so you can’t say that it would shatter everything it makes no sense you have to have an ending for a plot to end and that plot didn’t end so therefore you need to make a second season whether she goes back in get to her boyfriend or she goes there and gets him and brings him back or get him and bring all of them back and leave that jerk behind in the other dimension. So many possibilities.

  26. Really enjoyed Season 1 of The OA. I couldnt stop watching. Really need season 2. Hate to think of having to wait almost a year for it.

  27. It is now 330 am I am just finishing the last episode only to find out this show just came out and you don’t know if there is another season I swear it’s going to drive me crazy if I don’t find out what happened next like omg I will tell others to watch so that there will be a high demand and Netflix will hopefully make a new season I’ll be waiting I’m so anxious I love this show!!!!!

  28. This show is really amazing can’t wait until seasons 2 hopefully it comes out soon really really love this show kept rewind the end because it was oh so good please make a season 2

  29. Simply incredible. My wife whose not a big Si-Fi buff couldn’t stop watching and we finished in 2 days. Definitely need season 2… but don’t rush the writing. It NEEDS to be RIGHT to do season one justice.

  30. Loved every minute of season 1. The last episode had me on the edge of my seat. I am eagerly awaiting to see what happens in Season 2!

  31. Just finished the last episode and I don’t want to wait eleven months for more!!! So wonderful, beautiful, unpredictable, and touching. More, please, more.

  32. This was such an innovative and intriguing series with so many clever narrative threads. I can’t wait for Season Two.

  33. They canNOT make us wait until Nov 2017 before they release Season 2? Are you serious?? I watched all of season 1 in 24 hours. I absolutely loved it. Please bring Season 2 in soon!

  34. I NEED A SECOND SEASON ASAP!!! This is such an amazing show! I couldn’t look away from my tv for a minute! Watched the whole season in a day!

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