When Will The Originals Season 4 Be on Netflix? Release Date?

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Netflix is an amazing resource that allows its users to access hours and hours of content from both television shows and movies. There are movies and shows from almost every genera you could imagine. Netflix even produces some shows of their own. However, most of the shows on Netflix are borrowed from shows that premiered on television. One of the most popular shows, especially for the younger demographic using Netflix, is The Originals.

When Will The Originals Season 4 Be on Netflix? Release Date?
The Originals is a fantasy spin off of the show The Vampire Diaries. The show is about the original family of vampires that actually founded New Orleans. The show shows how the family deals with the many different supernatural political happenings in the supernatural side of New Orleans. The show the Originals is very popular among college students as well as many other demographics. There are currently three seasons of The Originals on Netflix. Seasons one, two and three, are all streaming on Netflix. This provides fans of the series with plenty of content to binge watch for a day or two. However, once fans finish up the first three seasons, they want more episodes of The Originals to be on Netflix. Fortunately this may happen soon.

When Will The Originals Season 4 Be on Netflix? Release Date? 

The Originals is a television series about a family of vampires that return to New Orleans. There are currently three seasons of the Originals on Netflix. With season four on the horizon, the question is raised, “When will The Originals season 4 be on Netflix?” To answer this question, we must look at a few different factors. The first hint is the approximate time between the premier of older seasons of the show, compared to the release date on Netflix. The second factor is finding the release date of season four in order to approximate the release date for season four on Netflix. In the past it has been found that it takes Netflix about eleven months to release a new season of The Originals. There is still no word about the release date for season four of the Originals, all we know is that there will be a season four released sometime in mid 2017. I would predict that we will have a new season of The Originals on Netflix in October 2018. Comment below if you are ready for season four of The Originals to be on Netflix ASAP!

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  1. October 2018!!! That’s way to long . How ridiculous they are saying it will be coming out may 17th. So it should not take that long to come out .

  2. This is just stupid. Netflix gets you all wrapped up in the shows like The Originals which is my favorite along with Arrow. Then they say it will be October 2018 which is approx 2 years to watch the next season. That’s just negligence on Netflix. As many viewers as the show has why isn’t Netflix finding a way to just take over the contract since APPARANTLY the show is not wanted on the other broadcast since they have lowered their episodes.

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